Samsung Galaxy S2 to Feature Super AMOLED Plus, to Be Unveiled at MWC 2011?


The only reason we might have questioned the presence of Samsung’s latest display technology, Super AMOLED Plus, from showing up in the next version of the Galaxy S is that there is a chance the manufacturer will have once again moved on to an even newer screen. It looks like that won’t be the case, and the latest whisperings indicate the even more brilliant version of the original Super AMOLED will be on board for the Galaxy S2. The S2 will also receive NFC support and most likely Android 2.3.

While very little is known at the current moment, word is we may not have to wait too long to get some first impressions of the follow-up to one of last year’s biggest phones. MWC 2011 in February should be the place where Samsung initially unveils their next generation of Galaxy Androids.

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  1. I thought there was a phone previewed at CES that showed Super AMOLED Plus. I just forget which phone it was.

    Am I crazy? Maybe I just like to dream about screens.

  2. I wonder if we can expect the next AMOLED to be called SAMOLED: Championship Edition HD

    I swear, it’s becoming like Street Fighter.

  3. I’ve been waiting for this. The 4.5 inch Infuse seems to excessive. Hopefully the new galaxy s line will have 4.3 or 4.1 inch screens.

  4. Nope, I’m not crazy. Samsung Infuse 4G has the SAMOLED+ screen.

    Yay. Now I can cancel my psychiatrist appointment.

  5. this should be a great phone. if only they would make it inductive, that would be sweet.

  6. Galaxy S already has a wonderful display . I wonder how better is this super amoled “plus” actually is ..

  7. I really hope the resolution is higher than WVGA. I would take the IPS-based Super PLS with HD resolution over a WVGA S-AMOLED+.

  8. @Khalood

    You just made my day with that comment.

  9. It’s bullet proof, literally. For all those ganstas in the hood slingin rock and duckin drive bys.

  10. After the frpyo debacle with the latest galaxy s US variants(pisses off owner) I WILL NEVER BUY A SASUNG AGAIN.

  11. While Samsung’s aspirations are impressive, their inability to update their current software has left a very sour taste in my mouth and I don’t even own a Samsung phone!! The fact that they have already launched other 2.3 and 2.2 devices while leaving all their US Galaxy S’s in the dark with 2.1 is just downright shameful and I for one REFUSE to purchase any Samsung device. Either go AOSP and simply release updated drivers or GTFO of the software side of business

  12. @moses
    The biggest improvement is a real 800×480. No more pentile bullshit.

  13. Why would anyone purchase a new Samsung anything? Being one of the many who purchased a Galaxy S and is now left with little to show for it, I won’t be giving Samsung any more money.
    No Froyo and their customer service now says there may never be an upgrade (from their email to me ‘when/if there will be an upgrade has not been decided’).

  14. You obviously don’t know what you’re talking about ksizzle, teleknesis and all you other samsung haters. If you did you homework instead of jumping on the bash samsung bandwagon, you’d know that Samsung released the 2.2 source code to the carriers over a month ago. It’s not Samsungs fault, it’s the carriers that are delaying this release. I’m so sick of people complaining about Samsung, get over it already.

  15. I own a Captivate and love it AFTER I put a custom Rom on it. But I will NEVER buy a Samsung phone again, and will steer everyone else away from them as well. The GPS never worked with the stock software, and they keep promising Froyo every month. They offer no solutions to either.

  16. …as long as they make a SLiDER VERSiON(epic 4g2?),im all aboard.

  17. At&t(and the other carriers) don’t write code for these phones. Samsung is responsible for making it work. If it’s a carrier issue, why are so many other phones on US carriers running Froyo?

  18. I played with the unnamed Samsung phone being released by Verizon this year that supposedly had the SAMOLED+. I didn’t see a huge difference between the + screen and the screen on the Nexus S. Do we know what carrier will be releasing the phone? All of them again? I hope it comes with gingerbread but I do know all 4 phones Verizon is releasing “by mid 2011” will be released with Froyo. The 4 phones are the Motorolla bionic (dual core), LG Revolution, HTC Thunderbolt and unnamed Samsung device (not the one in this article, or maybe it is).

  19. @toast, that software is obviously crap. Or it is a conspiracy amongst competitors (carriers) with absolutely no motive. Sorry if it looks like a duck, sounds like a duck, and tastes like a duck, it isn’t a chicken.

  20. @Nlsme Oh, so how do you explain that I have official Froyo 2.2.1 on my i9000? How do you explain that whole world except the USA has Froyo for the Galaxy S?

  21. zorxd, can you see the difference between Bayer matrix display and Pentile?
    I won´t buy another phone until Android 20.45 be available… GOSH!!!

  22. @Din: Do you know the release date for Android 20.45? Sounds awesome.

  23. im one of the 10 million who bought the galaxy s i dont think any body will buy the galaxy s2 because of samsung and there update problems and gps that cant be fixed+++samsung will not release ginger bread for the galaxy s instead bring a new phone out with it on like every phone manufacture does

  24. @17 the i900 is not available in the us. They might carry the same branding, but they are different phones. With added bloat. Sure, the bloat is there at the behest of the carriers, but it is on sammy to write the code. You really think the carriers WANT to anger their customers? You think they are in a conspiracy? Bottom line, samsung had yet to deliver. Period. You might be able to say that samsung/verizon, samsung/at&t, samsung/tmo has failed. But why hasn’t htc/carriers, moto/carriers, lg/carriers failed? Maybe because there, samsung isn’t involved!!!!

  25. No samsung,I’m not giving you any more money. update your current phones. Or get out of the phone buisness.

  26. I dont see the problem with samsung? okay, the gps doesnt work, but i dont care because i dont use the gps. buy a REAL gps instead. How do you people explain that the whole world other than usa has 2.2 and 2.2.1?? i really think its the carriers fault with all that bloatware :( The only problem with samsungs galaxy s is that crappy rfs filesystem..

  27. Now the only question worth asking is, will they ever update the new phone past 2.3? Or will we see endless dissapointment again?

  28. @andy, shows what you know… not much. i have every intention of getting the S2 with three simple conditions. 1) it’s on sprint, 2) the specs are what they have said they are(2GHz processor, 1GB RAM, 32GB storage, etc.) and 3) it does NOT have a physical keyboard. i may even consider letting #1 go if 2 and 3 are in tact.

  29. THE HELL WITH SAMSUNG!!! they can’t update the software. What makes you think they are gonna do it to the new phone? They are still adding media hub to 2.2…lmfao!!! sorry, but I’m moving on, i do love my VIBRANT but Samsung’s support sucks.

  30. please be this:

    Android 2.3
    4″ super amoled plus display
    Orion dual-core processor (each running at 1GHz)
    1GB Ram
    4GB Rom
    16GB internal storage
    8mp camera with dual led flash (or atleast a flash)
    1.3mp front facing camera
    NFC Chip
    1930MHz Battery

  31. I agree with the majority. Samsung sucks as far as support goes. If the devs at xda can make things work then maybe samsung needs to hire some of them and fire the ones they currently employ. My next phone will be an htc out moto. Samsung will no longer have a product in my home. Even getting rid of the samsung lcd tv.

  32. @ Everyone who is bitching and moaning, man up and just root the damn thing! I personally do not purchase a phone unless it has potential to be rooted and have alot of custom roms for it. Ive been with android even before the g1 came out. I got to test it out for awhile and I was able to see that it had potential. They make these phones easily rootable from the get go(some at least). nexus 1, hero, vibrant, my touch and a few otheres. so seriously why complain. Good…. samsung makes good phones. bad…… they dont update shit! medium… root the damn thing and enjoy all that android has to offer. Im currently running TW nero v3 rom on my vibrant. I also have CM6 running nand on my HD2. I personnaly love the availibity that I can change my rom at will. I flash at least 3 or four times a week. basicly what everyone needs to do is check out the modding community. There are some excellent chefs out there; think about it this way. If it werent for all the custom roms and openess, android would not be what it is today. And let the truth be known, some of you would not even have an android phone. You would have an ISHIT!

  33. Bah, it shouldn’t be up to the consumer to make their phones work correctly.it is up to the manufacturer. Samsung fails.

  34. Especially if you have to void your warranty to do so.

  35. Sound good, but i would not get another samsung product. I currently own the epic 4g from sprint. It a great phone, only problem is that still runs on 2.1. Samsung is the worst when it come to updating the firmware. Before any one falls for samsung products make sure you google reviews. You will find that everyone tht owns a samsung galaxy s phone is frustaded and waiting for the updates.

  36. First of all I wanna apologize in advance to anyone that I may offend but WHO GIVES A FUCK ABOUT SAMSUNG?

  37. @nlsme…. pssssttttt i have a secret for you. it dosent void your warranty! Did you not see the law that congress passed about what you can and cant do to your phones? also just like one click root, theres one click unroot. You probably pay fpr mobile hotspot dont you? root it and you dont have to pay. You probably only have 2gs worth of space to use for apps, dont you? root it and you have 15 gigs of space to use for apps and media. Should I go on…… please dont take it personal. im just letting people know that they do have options.

  38. samsung haters and trolls,better shut up! you guys are so pathetic. I bet you don’t even have Galaxy S,just joining others who are afraid of Samsung’s rise. Galaxy S is fantastic and Galaxy S 2 will be mind-blowing.

  39. Thank you Droidking!
    As for voiding your warranty that isn’t even an issue. It takes very little time and brains to root your phone and everyone that roots their phone backs it up first so it can be easily put back to stock at anytime, making your warranty still valid.

  40. @ me you are so correct, what ever high end handset you have , root it. I have 2.2 on my g1. And it runs flawlessely.

  41. @toast, thankyou very much, lets help people realize thier phones potential.

  42. Samsung really dropped the ball with that crappy rfs file system. That alone completely cripples the great hardware that it has. Kies is also a failure. The gps.not working is a manufacturing fail because if you look at the fix for it in xda they show how it can be fixed.

  43. It most certainly does void your warranty. The law only states you can alter it to get it to work on other carriers, or to access features not intentionally blocked. As for mobile hot spot, to do that is a violation of your tos contract(and stealing). As for me not owning a galaxy s, spot on. I would never do that.

  44. I own a Samsung captivate. Here’s the breakdown. Samsung said we would get Froyo for the Samsung Galaxy S phones. . Samsung delays. . Samsung releases Galaxy Tab with Froyo. Samsung announces Nexus S with Gingerbread . Here’s how I see it, Samsung has released 2 NEW products (Tab with Froyo, Nexus S with Gingerbread), both with the newer versions of software and for some reason, fail to deliver the Froyo update even though they announced it BEFORE the two other products. Samsung is willing to sacrifice repeat customers to get new customers. I for one will not be buying a Samsung phone again. Don’t get me started on the GPS issues.

  45. Try this hardware GPS fix guys. It works great.

  46. Samsung and all the us carers….you suck soo bad and now you want to release another crappy samsung phone that you peobly won’t up date cuz you suck like that…so what dose the 2 stand for….suck a$$ twice as bad…?

  47. my gps works fine, especially now that i have the new 3d google maps.OK if it makes you guys happy i will find something really wrong with the galaxy s line phones. I need a flash. really why do other carriers have a flash and i dont. Why do i have more internal space and others dont. I understand why alot of people are mad, but like someone else said earlier. the source code was already realesed a few months ago. And as for the real galaxy s, getting it before the US line does. I have one word, subsidized. Acroos the pond they pretty much buy thier phones out right.They dont have to deal with carriers. The nexus 1 should of taught us all that. Vanilla android = faster updates. android with touch whiz, blur, aurora, sense and so fourth means the manufactures and the service providers have to come to a meeting of the minds and see how the update will be implimented. I know some of you will say BS. But thats what happens. its a shame what happend to the behold. But check this out, they have 4 phones on 4 diffrent carriers with diffrent specs, all of which cannot be updated at the same time.

  48. I do not understand how so many of you turn a blind eye to the FACT that other iterations of the same phone have android 2.2 or higher. You don’t believe the carriers are holding it up? Is there any logic in believing Samsung just does not want to support the american phones? The HTC Nexus, as well as the Samsung Nexus will get quick updates. You know why? They will not have carriers overriding the software interface.

  49. Then where is the carrier interfaces for EVERY OTHER MANUFACTURER. Nobody else has this reputation.NOBODY. You kinda defeat your own point when you say”different iterations”.

  50. Hooray at this pace samsung will get andriod 3.0 when they release galaxy 3 then galaxy 4 will come out with 4.0 . In other words . am I the only one that see what’s going on .

  51. Yeah one-click rooting is great but with my luck the phone will crash while it’s rooted and therefore it will void the warranty. How do you suggest I get out of that? If I can’t power up the phone, how can I unroot it? LOL…
    The GPS was a selling point for me by the way. Free gps was enticing to me and many other buyers too, so just because you don’t use it, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t work. I do have a real gps, but I really liked how easy it was to fire it up right on the phone. I bought the phone with it, and it should work.
    Samsung just needs to deliver or at least give us an explanation. If I don’t get this update by February, I think I’m done with Samsung too!

  52. this is a cool thread lol

  53. @droidking…you are cool

  54. Pretty much everywhere has 2.2 except US and the haters will still complain. I doubt they own a Galaxy S. You can put 2.2 on Galaxy S in 15 minutes through flashing. Next time I buy a stock android though.

  55. SAMOLED+ needs to have full RGB matrix not pentile, and perhaps even a higher resolution (isn’t it about time they move on from 800×480?). If they have a 4.5″ screen, it might not be too excessive ONLY if they remove the physical buttons, and the phone becomes just one giant screen with tiny bezel. Then it should be about as big as a 4.3″ phone with physical buttons and slightly bigger bezel. A 1280×800 resolution would mean it would have about same PPI as the iPhone 4. Also, this better be a Tegra 2 phone, because if it’s just a 1.2 Ghz Hummingbird, then I wouldn’t consider it a true sequel to the Galaxy S.

  56. balls….samsung…..2.2

  57. Specially if you have to void your warranty to do so.

  58. But I bet still no Vital LED Notification Light so I dont care what other hardware/software it has, no LED notification Vital light then no Samsung for me.

  59. Maybe, just maybe, if we pray to the damn Koreans enough, they’ll release this with Vanilla Android.

  60. Those who defend Samsung by saying upgrade it yourself to 2.2 I say… That’s not my job to search websites fro ROMs and figuring installations, the phone’s warrantly is voided (not as if the warranty means anything anyway) and many of us are on corporate phones (I’m not installing an OS off a website and risking my job.
    Those same folks blame the carriers for the 2.2 upgrade delay. Again I say BS. How come Motorola’s and HTC’s updates went OTA months ago. Great software timely updated is as important as great hardware. Even more disconcerning is that thousands if not millions of phones have flawed GPS service. Shouldn’t that been enought to be ahead of the pack on the upgrade and a fix. A poorly written speech delivered by a great speaker, is still a bad speach given with more elegance. Average buyer of Galaxy S phones are normal people not techies or IT pros. To defend crap service and flawed GPS units by saying fix it yourself is BS.

  61. in sweden all sgs have 2.2 but now when LG optimus 2X comes it will pown the shit out of samsung

  62. BRIGHTER DISPLAY = FASTER BATTERY DRAIN = MORE WHINING. Sorry folks, but battery technology isn’t keeping up with the electronics side of the equation…unfortunately.

  63. There’s a rumor that Samsung will upgrade Galaxy S to Gingerbread directly skipping Froyo. Time will tell.

    Galaxy S2 will have(The president of the company confirmed):
    800×480 4.3″ sAmoled+
    1.2 GHz dualcore
    8MP AF camera with LED flash
    1.3MP front camera
    NFC chip
    and Gingerbread.

  64. There’s a rumor that Samsung will release the Froyo 2.2 update as soon as possible too! I don’t care about rumors, the only information available is rumors! It’s so difficult to get answers on this that I’m already leaving Samsung behind, if the carriers are the problem then why hasn’t Samsung said so? Or better yet ,do something to let us know they care! I think they just want to sell new phones and don’t give a sh1t! personally.

  65. i had a galaxy s and loved it!!! then saw the rumors about the S2,, lucky for me i was under 7 days old (contract phone)so i sent it back,,,,,, looks like the gamble is going to pay off,,,yeeeee heeeee role on S” release!!!!!!!

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