Jan 11th, 2011

In a bizarre move , T-Mobile UK has announced the change of their “Fair Use” policy to limit all users to 500MB/month of data, after which the carrier will throttle back data usage to limit network strain.  This change affects existing and new subscribers, including those with 1GB and 3GB plans. Once 500MB has been reached — a number TMo UK thinks is fair, citing average use of 200MB per customer — data service will not  be shut off nor will users be charged extra, but it will be limited in terms of download speeds.

The change,  which takes place February 1st, isn’t necessarily bizarre due to the  data allotment of the    restriction, but because of its application to all users regardless of plan. It sort of eliminates the point of selling higher data caps altogether, which may be what T-Mobile UK is aiming for. They cleverly suggest that users wishing to avoid such restrictions invest in one of their mobile broadband plans…

[via Eurodroid]

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