Android 3.0 Honeycomb Showcased at Verizon’s CES 2011 Keynote [VIDEO]


When Verizon took the stage today for their 2011 CES keynote, we honestly weren’t quite sure what to expect. Motorola already announced their upcoming 4G Android phone and tablet, and a press conference later today is expected to unveil even more LTE devices from various manufacturers. So the following fairly in depth look at what exactly is new with Gingerbread (and it’s a lot) was a pleasant surprise. Our initial hands-on with the Motorola XOOM didn’t seem to have Honeycomb running up to snuff, but here we see it on the tablet in all of it’s glory.

Some highlights include highly interactive widgets, new on-screen navigation controls, a revamped browser, and video chat via GTalk. You really have to see it for yourself, but we are salivating at just the thought of this latest version of Android.

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  1. Get me the G Slate ASAP

  2. Ipad just shit its pants

  3. press conference starts in 1 minute!!

  4. Man can’t wait til XDA gets a hold of these tablets.

  5. why don’t they let people use it then?

  6. I’ve never wanted a tablet. iPad- meh. Galaxy Tab- meh. Playbook- maybe. But something this beast- YES PLEASE

  7. I really had no interest in any tablet until just now. Can not wait for the tmo version! In the mean time…can my phone get google talk video chat please google?

  8. he call them little andys droids. wow.

  9. I hope every carrier gets at least one stock android tablet.
    Android FTW

  10. *called

  11. The ipad just got owned. Wow, that was really impressive. I think Mr Jobs is quaking in his boots. Android FTW!!!

  12. @Adrian
    When Andy Rubin briefly demoed it at D: Dive Into Mobile, he said there were still lots of serious bugs. Touch the wrong spot, and the whole thing comes crashing down. Probably that’s still the case. That said, I do find the February release plans quite suspicious.

  13. I want!

  14. Wow, I dig the 3D Maps view!
    Alomg with all the AWESOMENESS!!!!

  15. @Dave
    if that’s still the case how can they plan to release in a month? Betas last aaages to be done properly and they’re saying they haven’t even finished it yet!
    I think they might be trying to push it out ASAP, whether it goes well or not… I don’t know, I might buy one though either this or the Atrix

  16. Never mind the iPad, it is clear that Google has set their sights much higher: Mark my words, Android will replace Windows as the dominant home user operating system.

  17. I really liked the two finger swipe gestures. One used to rotate the map and another to go back to the home screen. I bet there are alot more.

  18. Wow, this really eased my worries and got me super excited. When nobody was willing to show an actual functioning device, I started to think that there are some serious issues that they’ve yet to work out, but this demo was fantastic. I’m sure there are still lots of bugs to fix, but this shows that it is an actual, super smooth, wonderfully capable system.

  19. Anyone know the make and model of the tablet being used in this video, since it was stated that it isn’t the Motorola Xoom (which didn’t seem to run Honeycome efficiently)? Thanks.

  20. Things are improving so fast, it is hard to know when to jump in. This looks like its time, glad we waited. Thanks Google.

  21. Absolutely a MUST have!!

  22. What an impressive surprise.

  23. Simply Epic. Now only if they would make a version with the same UI to support phones…

  24. Forget gPad, I so want a gSpot.

  25. Suddenly my Tab seems old. Besides the super cool customizations, what blew me away was the incredible speeds of the scrolling and apps functionality, and how professionally polished it is. When this hits the streets, the new phrase is going to be “iWhat?”

  26. That looks so awesome! I still don’t quite know what I’d do with a tablet though. :V

  27. If I had an iPad, I would be throwing it away right now!

  28. Damn it just wish I was on Verizon I would buy this baby!

  29. everything looks fuglier now…i vomit

  30. I think the new iPad 2 will blow this away easily. Android 3.0 looks very unorganized, clumsy and not ready for release. They should start from scratch and wait what Apple has to offer. Then copy it.

  31. @Inspector T-mobile is getting the G-slate that is also stock 3.0. I have feeling that all U.S. carriers will get at least one stock tablet.

  32. woooooow, this freakin looks awesome i cant wait to get an android tablet running honeycomb. I must say google really will soar with this one, am so glad i didnt buy the ipad over the christmas and i was planning on buying the the ipad 2 but i will def not after seeing this…freakin amazing

  33. I have been quite disappointed by Google’s efforts lately (Nexus S, Gingerbread, etc), but this looks fantastic.
    Finally, something that’s actually BETTER than the competition, not just “almost as good as”. Awesome.

  34. I dont know if people noticed but it didnt look really smooth. It kind of lags a little. Hope this gets fixed before release. Fingers crossed. Steve Jobs is sitting himself as of this moment.

  35. Apple shitting its pants? What a ridiculous statement and I am an Android fan. Just like Apple was shitting their pants when the Droid, Evo and Incredible were released right? Do you know that all 3 of those phones COMBINED have not even sold HALF of what just the iPhone 4 has? The iPhone is only on one shitty carrier too. Apple has sold nearly 14 million iPads is 9 months. How many people do you think will be lined up to buy a Motorola tablet running that POS Blur UI? Motorola will be VERY lucky to even do half the sales the iPad has done in its first year. When will these other companies realize specs mean NOTHING without function and form. The iPad and its OS is very simplistic compared to Android but guess what? Thats what the masses want! They dont want some complicated OS they have to sit down for an hour and figure out how to use. Apple are kings at creating simple, yet stylish products people want and they can market those products extremely well. As much as I love Android and want to see a great tablet, they have a long way to go before even coming close to what Apple is doing.

  36. Two processors = $1,000 device.
    Also. Why is no one building these things for business? People don’t take notes on a laptop at work because…
    1. You can hide your screen, making it seem like you’re shitting around
    2. You can’t take notes on a laptop like on a pad of paper. You can’t draw diagrams, etc.
    If they made a business application for a 7 inch tab, the tab would be business viable.
    I need a note-taking app where I can make bullet points, sub headings, action items, and insert diagrams. You give me that app and I will buy a tab tomorrow. 3.0 or not.

  37. Android really is going to take over the world. This OS is miles ahead of the current iOS, way more powerful and functional. To everyone, consumers included, I think they will prefer Android tablets because they make the iPads look like toys.

  38. I hope they have a wifi only version.

  39. I have been searching the last two days and have not seen a word of discussion on a wi-fi only version. I will not pick up a third data plan: phone, home internet and tablet

  40. Hello Mr. Xoom… so nice to meet you. Come to my house and stay a while, wont you? You will be used, A LOT, but I promise the touches will be gentle and all fingerprints will be wiped clean.

  41. honeycomb is a disaster

  42. @Andy

    Please name me one thing you saw in this video that cannot currently be done on an iPad. Before you see Flash, there are already a handful of emulators that allow flash to be viewed on an iPad. Besides, Flash on a mobile OS is crap anyways, just slows everything down. The app switcher on my iPad is much more useable than the function on my Evo where I can only get the last 5 apps used.

  43. Ummmm video chat…pwnd

  44. Looks great!
    But hey Google when do I get 2.3 on my Nexus One?
    What happened to Nexus devices getting quick updates?

  45. @MIKE simple a widget ding ding wow that was hard. If the Ipad was better than this people would say yeah its still better. But you would have to blind and dumb to entertain that idea. Honeycomb is a few steps above IOS thats just obvious.

  46. Will the 3.0 be available on mobiles or just tablets??

  47. does anyone have a price?!?!

  48. They show your ebooks in a “simple” horizontal thumbnail list — are you kidding me? I’ve got over 10,000 books here, I’m NOT going to swipe my finger bloody to find the one I want! Even with a minimalistic library of, say, 100 books it would be a total PITA to have them in a thumbnail list. It’s absolutely insane!

    And then they have recreated pretty much all limitations that pbooks suffer from, and even on purpose. Non-instant page turns, non-overlapping page breaks, page-turning that requires two hands, page numbers (as if they would be sensible for reflowable text that is shown as a different number of pages on pretty much every setup (page 80 on your tablet is page 140 on your phone, except in the summer when it’s page 160, because you’re using a larger font to more easily read outside)).

    That ebook app might be the worst application I’ve ever seen. I never, ever want to use any program made by the same people who made that ebook app. Why would they even display such utter garbage during a presentation watched by many thousands?

  49. @marcus are you some sort of iDrone or something? I mean for goodness sake, this is not even release software! And you don’t even know if there are other things that you don’t see right off the back that could solve the problems that you address. Also, you’re not taking into account that there will be competing ebook software available for Honeycomb, if not at release, very soon after. Google is just showing what is possible and developers will take care of the rest!

  50. @Techloaded, no, I hate Apple’s policies, I want nothing to do with them. Anyway, my question still stands — I’m totally bewildered that they would show off something so inherently horrible. (Now, having that software among a devkit’s example software would be totally OK.)

  51. I’m a big fan of all Android phones but now with Apple going super predatory with their policies, I’m only going to buy Android operated machines from now on.

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