Ubuntu, MeeGo Running on the Nexus S


What in the blue hell, Nokia? How do you let a group of hackers get MeeGo up and running on Google’s flagship Android phone before you can even introduce a MeeGo device to market? Sure, the port may not be as functional as anyone would like or need it to be, but dammit, it works. And you get a pass, Ubuntu – you hold no allegiance to any one device or manufacturer. For shame, Nokia. For shame. Steven Troughton Smith’s site to try both. [via Engadget]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. they just turned an ok (samsung) phone into a bad phone… nice haha

  2. The is about as useful as a cock flavored lolly pop. MeeGo? What the F***

  3. I don’t think it’s something special because there’s already a meego port for the Nexus One, HTC Desire, HTC HD2 and the Dell Streak:

  4. @moii You mean a Google phone, you must be new to Android.

  5. Meego does show a lot of potential though. Time will tell how it develops.

  6. why does it look as if somebody peed inside the phone.. i’m serious look at that screen! lol..

  7. Nope been with android since the g1 and the software is great but the hardware is bad… eh i guess bad hardware should go with bad software

  8. haha your kidding right @moii, what phone has better hardware specs than an android?!?!

  9. android is an os. Nothing to do with hardware. He was refereeing to a samsung phone (nexus s), and he was spot on.

  10. @NIsme, the Nexus S is currently the highest end Android phone you can get hardware-wise. Obviously that’s going to change as soon as these new monster phones are actually released. But to say that it is an “ok” phone is not exactly “spot on.”

  11. What in the blue hell, Quentyn Kennemer? Do you understand the first thing about Open Source? Any “hacker” can install MeeGo on any device they want to – I had it running on my laptop last year: http://meego.com/devices/netbook/installing-meego-your-netbook

    Nokia may sponsor its development, but they have no say over what people do with it.

  12. Yes it is spot on.even with google holding their hand, the phone is plagued with problems. I wouldn’t call a phone that has the problems the nexus s has anything more than”okay”.

  13. As far as”highest end”and hardware, it is lacking there as well. Pathetic amount of memory, no sd slot to expand on that pathetic memory. No hdmi. Same processor that had been seen. But man, that contoured display makes up for it all.

  14. You can even try Meego on your laptop with this openSUSE-based Meego distro: http://news.opensuse.org/2010/10/06/announcing-smeegol-1-0/

    I tried it on my Lenovo SL300 but it didn’t detect the Intel Wifi card :-/

  15. That makes no sense please fill me in on all the problems my nexus s has. I have not had one single problem with this phone. It’s absolutely amazing.

  16. try talking on it for 3 minutes ha and wifi sucks and the 3G is worst than my nexus one…. and hardware wise whats the difference between the nexus s and a samsung galaxy s? oh wait i forgot that amazingly curved display

  17. The Nexus S might be missing a few things but they can all be justified and balanced out. Id much rather have Google support and OTAs than 21mbps download speed. In most areas TMO tops out at about 10mbps anyways. Plus I have a NFC chip, wheres yours? In 6 months ill be using my phone as my credit card and youll still be writing checks at the supermarket. Nexus S rules, just missing a few things. As for the 16GB memory, its more then enough. Im not trying to carry around 2000 songs in my pocket. The only thing Im a little sad about is the Hummingbird processor, I heard Snapdragon works better with Android but so far this is the smoothest, fast phone Ive had and I buy alot of phones.

  18. Meego on a phone is exciting because it’s a full Linux OS, you can run stuff on it you could run in Linux but it’s portables-friendly. I’d love to run some Linux games and apps (Cave Story, console emulators) on a phone but still be able to browse, make calls, etc. and not have to install plain Ubuntu or Rhobuntu or anything on a phone. It’s a Linux OS that you can also use as a phone OS. As far as I understand, anyways.

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