LG Optimus 2X Up for Pre-Order in the UK, £499 Unlocked


The LG Optimus 2X is starting to make its journey around the globe after a bit of an unveiling party at CES last week. UK phone seller Expansys has the dual-core Android handset up for pre-order, with February 21st pegged as when you can get your hands on one. The price is listed at £499.99 (about $779).

The Optimus 2X is a powerful handset limited slightly by LG’s poor track record with Android. While this one is fully deserving of lots of sales now, we get the feeling it will be the next generation of Android smartphones that will be truly desirable.

[via UnwiredView]

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  1. Damn Mad money

  2. if only i could use it on verizon…

  3. I hate the fact that you americans get it so fucking cheap

  4. Woot, hopefully it gets to the US soon, I’ve been waiting to see what the dual core tegra 2 beast can do!!!

  5. Expansys are a shaft for everything, the price will be a bit more sensible come release.

  6. Expansys always put up phones first so they don’t have any price competition, I expect it to drop as others put it up for sale/preorder.

  7. Double Woot – contract up …. 23rd Feb! Bring it on.

  8. It’s still cheaper than iP4 (unlocked) here in Poland. Maybe it will be better to fly to UK buy one and back, and get it cheaper (even including in price return-plane-ticked) than buying locally (like with iP4)?

  9. It is a misconception that Americans get smartphones cheaper. In fact, the opposite is true. It is actually more expensive. The reason why non-Americans think that Americans get these phones so cheap is because they see American ads for iPhones that are $99 without realizing that the mobile carrier is actually increasing the price of the monthly plan, and requiring people to sign up for 24 month contracts. Thus, the phone price is not as cheap as it appears.

  10. That’s a lot of friggin money for a crap phone. I’ll take the SE Arc thanks.

  11. This might be a stupid question, but would it work on T-mobile in the U.S. And if so would it work on 3G?

  12. This will be my next phone

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