LG Optimus 2X Intro’d at NVIDIA’s 2011 CES Press Conference [VIDEO]


The LG Optimus 2X has already gotten several introductions, so what could one more hurt? During today’s 2011 CES press conference, NVIDIA highlighted the “super phone” and the use of the Tegra 2 processor within. Check out the below video for some friendly banter between two big wigs from their respective companies about the blazing fast Android handset.

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  1. the nvidia guys lack of asian accent freaked me out at first ha

  2. cant wait to play with this phone. it’s going to be a monter

  3. nice, but lets see what it can do!

  4. Iphone 5 DOA lol

  5. Any talk about carrier?

  6. Did you guys noticed him mention walking into a Verizon store and picking this out of the bunch. It’s official that Verizon will get it

  7. I was really hoping for T-mobile but I guess its not meant to be

  8. If you listen, he mentioned at 1:58 “when you walk into a VERIZON store..”

  9. If it has the Optimus name I’m pretty sure it will be released on all carriers like the original Optimus

  10. Verizon is getting the LG Revolution 4G which is pretty much the same as the LG Optimus 2X. The Optimus 2X itself is a GSM device, will be hitting Europe/Asia very soon.

  11. Damn I wish AT&T would pick up this instead of that Motorola locked bootloader bs.

  12. @ Ace Curry the LG Op 2X = Verizon and the LG B = T-mobile/ATT

  13. since its quadband GSM, I may just buy one unlocked from overseas and stick the sim from my att LG VU plus in it. The current LG phone I have has amazing construction quality.

  14. Isn’t the LG revolution rumored to the cdma version of the optimus 2x and maybe that was what the he was referring to

  15. @AndroidLuvR3R Optimus 2X is releasing in Korea/Europe/other parts of Asia- http://www.engadget.com/2010/12/15/lg-optimus-2x-first-dual-core-smartphone-launches-with-android/

    LG Revolution will be an Optimus 2X for Verizon- http://ces.cnet.com/8301-32254_1-20027262-283.html

    LG Black is unknown. Not many specs revealed about it except some tidbits that leaked onto facebook (which I can’t find atm). Best guess is T-Mobile

  16. Idc if the Nivida’s guy voice isn’t Asian, but the other dude doesn’t know English very well! That scares me. All of our phone manufacturer’s are Azn. This isn’t a bad thing, but! It seems to me like how some people state Asian’s will take over America, I think this is a good example of such things. Because think about it… Samsung, Korean. HTC, From Taiwan… LG is from somewhere over by Asia… ROFL.

  17. He almost said right from the fore skin of the device…hehe

  18. LG is from somewhere over by Asia…haha. It’s in Asia, LG is Korean.

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