Jan 7th, 2011

Well this is just a tad bit su.rprising. Samsung has announced new blu-ray and TV offerings which utilize Google TV to give end-users the “Smart TV” that everyone thinks we need these days. We’ve heard the rumor before – and just the other day Samsung said they were only “looking into it” when I asked one of their reps about Google TV – but they were just trying to throw us off the trail.

Another reason it surprised me is because Samsung had just introduced their newer line of internet connected products the day before, which were running Samsung’s own proprietary system.

They’re the first company using Google TV alongside their own solution: these days, it’s either one or the other. (Blu-ray players not being counted here.) They join Sony, and now Vizio in the race to capture the “new age” of consumers who need to be able to use apps on anything they buy.  Anywho, we’ll be seeing if we can find these new products at CES this week, although I’m sure there’s not much more you can say about Google TV itself. Still, it’ll be worth seeing if Samsung has done anything to separate themselves from the rest of the pack. Press details straight ahead, nod goes to Android Central for the heads up.

New Blu-ray Player and Companion Box Enabling Google TV Unveiled at iCES 2011

LAS VEGAS, Jan 7, 2011—Today at the International Consumer Electronics Show, Samsung Electronics Co, Ltd. ., unveiled a new Blu-ray player and companion box enabling Google TV, as part of its ongoing smart TV product offerings.

As part of Samsung’s continued roll-out of smart TV products and services, Samsung’s new Blu-ray player and companion box enabling Google TV lets consumers surf the Internet on their TV screens just as they would on a computer including the ability to update social networks, track fantasy football scores, check e-mail and more.

Seamlessly integrating web content into a traditional TV watching experience, Samsung’s new Blu-ray player and companion box enabling Google TV feature an Android based platform, which will include a variety of Internet services for consumers. . In addition, a special Google TV remote control will provide users with a full QWERTY keypad and voice search supported through an internal microphone.

Sitting at the heart of Samsung’s smart TV home digital entertainment, the new Blu-ray player and companion box enabling Google TV will be on display at CES Booth #11033 throughout the show. The new devices are expected to be available at retail by 1st half, 2011.

For more information about Samsung’s technology lineup at CES 2011, and to track buzz during the show, visit www.samsungces2011.com.

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