“PlayStation Phone” (Xperia Play) Exhaustively Previewed, New Specs Confirmed


Chinese tech site IT168 has somehow gotten their hands on a “PlayStation Phone” – which we now believe to be named the Sony Ericsson Xpeeria Play – and decided to go in-depth with the thing on video. This is as good as it gets, I’d say, considering we’ve heard that the phone is nowhere near ready for retail. Still, what’s come out of the leak is interesting:

  • Adreno 205 GPU
  • 1GHz QSD8255 by Qualcomm
  • 512MB of RAM, ROM
  • 5 megapixel camera with HD video recording
  • Front-facing camera
  • 4-inch LCD
  • 1500 mAh battery
  • Custom skin on top of Gingerbread
  • Impressive new benchmark scores of 60 FPS in neocore and 1700 in Quadrant

It’s nice to read all of this, but there’s nothing like some good ol’ video to whet your appetite. You can find that below, courtesy of IT168. [via Android Community

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Still don’t see any appeal in this device.

  2. So basically the first phone made for gaming will not even be on bar with current phones for gaming. The SGX540 is a better GPU, and upcomming Tegra phones will be even better.

  3. So Qualcomm’s Adreno 205 performed well on QUALCOMM’s graphics benchmark…The 205 isn’t exactly the top performer in terms of real world graphics, which is odd considering the whole “Play” branding.

  4. bar=par

  5. i like the trash can animation though!

  6. instant fail. just dont even come out with the phone, stop all production, if at, any.

  7. Yeah I am not sure what they are thinking….maybe attempting to appeal to younger phone users possibly…

  8. This phone is even worse than the cliq.

    I’d never buy this phone and its way too thick.

  9. Fresh from CES. Droid Bionic sports a 2ghz duel core. Im going to pass on this.

  10. My wife is going yo be soooo pisses if she catches me on this playing Call of Duty lol she already thinks I have an addiction.

  11. 1700 in quadrant is impressive? my g2 gets 2500 when i have tons of stuff running in the bg.

  12. the bionic is going to pwn this thing hands down – that is if it doesn’t get fucked in the ass by motoBLUR.

  13. Agreed with above comments plus it only has a 1500 mAh battery so have fun playing those games for 1 hour.

  14. What are you guys smoking? This is going to dominate the 12-18 age group in smart phones. What is some kid going to say when choosing a phone: “durr a g2 can get 800 higher quadrant score” or “cool this can play video games”

  15. Wow so many complainers on a phone that has yet to be released. @Joe what are you a woman that can’t handle a little thickness? Droid Bionic (Verizon trash that will only last 6 months lol) I going to laugh when all this dual core crap backfires on everyone because its being rushed to quick into the market and every app fails. Ill stick to the Nexus line thank you

  16. @Mike,
    I am afraid you are mistaken. The bionic is a 1ghz dual core (and it’s dual, not duel, like so many idiots are posting… we are referring to double or two, not a fight), not 2ghz. While 2ghz would be impressive, I think it is far off. I actually would expect to see triple and quad cores before we see a huge jump in clock speed like that.

  17. to be honest I don’t think any potential young customers will care what quadrant score or the FPS. things look fine at 30.
    They may choose to give it dual core at some point, it’s clearly no where near production yet.
    I hope it’ll get dual core, more ROM and the gyros Gingerbread supports for gaming

  18. What you guys have to remember is that benchmark scores aren’t everything. Games will most likely be specifically created for this device. Which in most cases will provide graphics of higher quality then games you just get out of the market. Hardware specific programming and usage of the hardware may end up providing games with great graphics.

  19. @Bela I agree with everything, but please don’t be a grammar Nazi

  20. What carrier is this on?

  21. I hate new people that come to Phandroid. You all just spurt shit out your mouths without thinking…do you think some random 13 year old is gonna say, “ugh I don’t want this phone, it probable doesn’t score a 2000 on quadrant” the phone is fuckin good, the pap go only had a 333mhz processor now stfu

  22. The interface, despite being custom, looked rather smooth. Still not buying one unless there are incredible proprietary games.

  23. @paris Android needs a better CPU to function properly because of its software especially because it’s got a custom overlay, but I agree

  24. Who cares it’s Sony Ericsson, so you get 0 updates and left with a obsolete phone.

  25. Adrian,
    I am less grammar nazi and more anti idiot. Really isn’t hard at all. If a person wants to rip on a product, the least he can do is sound intelligent while he does it.

  26. What I believe this phone will be mainly for (in terms of gaming) is PSP minis and the like. The factory battery (1500mah supposedly) is too small for serious games and the GPU isn’t even touching the PSP GPU. I can also see this being able to play some of the iOS based games also.

    I’m not expecting anything revolutionary from the phone. I Truly expect Sony to stick with the minis for this phone. Which is fine with me. PSN + minis (which are REALLY good if you give some of them a try) + access to the PSN Video and comics store + Android (with all it’s glory). Plus the Interface they are showing seems to run smooth. (I actually hope they port that to the Evo or something)

    Will it be a seller on par with the Evos and the Galaxy S line? Not sure. But with the line up that is coming in terms of Android, this SINGLE phone will be hard pressed to find a singular audience outside of those who like gaming on the go.

  27. the saddest part might be that it will be way overpriced by sony for something that really isn’t too impressive at all. if it had some type of keyboard with that slide out, i could see there being a little more appeal but without one it’s kinda of just bleh.

  28. 1. Since when does the G2 get 2500 Qaudrant scores?
    2. It is DUAL
    3. Tegra 2 destroys the this device’s chipset
    4. Tegra 2 is the Android dev standard for Honeycomb
    5. This device is old out of the gate.
    6. I would pick an iPhone over this and I hate iPhones.
    7. It will be locked down -real good.
    8. If it did not have such a low Quadrant score, PSX emulated games would have been fun and ironic.

  29. It is QUADRANT

  30. I love when we all bash on each other!! : ]

  31. lol i get 2700 quadrant on my captivate..and my friend gets 3400 on his nexus s…1700=old news

  32. I’m still trying to figure out why everyone is so stuck on Quadrant scores? I got a rooted evo running Gingerbread and one test I can get a 1200 (stock numbers) and re run the test without changing settings and get a 1500.

    But if you want to throw quadrant scores out there, how does ANYONE know the exact quadrant scores for this phone?

  33. The way they moved the apps was stolen from apple.

  34. Awesome!!!!
    That cell phone Looks great
    But I have a question,
    I´m really thinking about change me to this plataform (From Symbian to Android)
    But I´ve already read that Android needs be permanently connected to internet, It´s that true?
    also Android dosen´t have multi tasking, is that true too?
    Please anwsere me

  35. anton: be sure to do your tests with quadrant pro.
    to be fair, the filesystem/IO scores should not be used in comparison.
    i’ve seen only 1 chipset get scores over 2000 without having 30-40% of it’s score in IO/filesystem related scores: tegra 2(which is 1300 in cpu alone, i believe more than N1 with official froyo rom total score)
    in game performance filesystem scores say nothing(well, except loading times) CPU and GPU performance are what matter the most.

  36. @Chris
    I can, and have been able to place apps and files in between each other like this on my PC for a looong time

  37. Are the specs good enough to play emulated NES, SNES, GB, GBA, and Genesis games? Yes.

    Can I play those games with what appears to be perfect (or at least as good as the original console) controls? Yes.

    Oh, and the phone itself runs some variant of a recent Android build? Yes.

    Who cares if the specs aren’t good enough to run the latest most graphically cutting edge cell phone games? Those games are terrible.

    I’d much rather play a perfectly controlled River City Ransom, Tecmo Bowl, Double Dragon, Super Mario, Altered Beast, Street Fighter II, Zelda: A Link to the Past, etc. etc. etc. than 99% of the current cell phone drek out there.

    A hardware gaming controller added to an Android touchscreen device is awesome. Could this be better? Yes. But no other company is giving us a choice, so this thing is the best thing going.

  38. S.E.X. Play huh? might need to rethink that sony. unless that’s what you’re going for, in which case i am totally behind this decision

  39. the psp phone will not be the first gaming phone attempt….the first to try was Nokia with the N-gage

  40. F*ck these specs! Forget this as a future upgrade

  41. So it’s just a G2 with playstation controls instead of a full keyboard?

    I think I’m going to pass.

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