DROID Incredible Helps Stop a Bullet


If someone were to tell you that your cell phone could stop a speeding bullet from penetrating your skin, would you believe them? Yea, me neither. That’s probably what a valet for an Atlanta nightclub thought when purchasing his DROID Incredible. He probably didn’t even think he’d ever be put into a situation where his life would be at stake at the hand of a gun as a valet. Thankfully, whatever scumbag shot him didn’t know that he had one of the toughest Android phones in the market sitting in his pocket. (Remember the DROID Incredible that got burned alive and still lived to make phone calls?) Anyway, the battery is what ultimately did the trick in saving this man from what would  have otherwise been a very horrible tragedy. Video below if you’re interested.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. DROID DOES!!! lol…I had to sorry.

  2. U might want to get the sorry right it was an eve and sprint gave the guy a new phone.

  3. Ah I forgot the EVO also has a red battery. None of the reports I’ve seen regarding the story actually confirms which phone it is though.

  4. Steve jobs was the shooter!?

  5. Damn you Jobs! This is not the Droid you were looking for. It was an Evo… on Sprint for cripes sake. The guy probably didn’t even have service at that location.

  6. They want to get paid before they mention the phone type, lol

  7. As a evo owner and a gun owner/ live in a desert and shot quite a few things in my time I think the “helps” should be looked more. There is no way this phone would stopa direct shot from a normal even handgun, maybe a 22 or 25. But even then the shrapnel would cause serious damage, that battery based on the indent was facing the shot leaving the glass facing the victim. What’s the real story?

  8. Dude probably got so sick of his battery running low he shot it himself.

  9. Lol at comment number nine…lol…lol

  10. People getting shot outside Atlanta nightclubs? That’s news

  11. Man im from atlanta and posted this up in general section in EVO at xda. Its confirm its an Evo not droid incredible.

  12. Maybe I’m not interpreting his description of the shot correctly, but it seems as if he’s saying the shot went through his body from the back, and THEN hit the phone. If that’s true, how did it save his life?

  13. I just saw that on NBC earlier. so cell phone can save lives.

  14. @ WhoaManWtf

    Dude did you get a look at the evidence collected by police…they don’t look anything like a .22 caliber pistol. I’m guessing 9mm to .45 cal., also physics play a large roll here on how he stood, motion and so on. To many variables!!!

  15. well that would be the only thing the evo is good for :P

    The other is locking up in between finding 4g and 3g networks :P

    And living in Atlanta recently (thank God no longer) I can say that Club Halo is where the gangsters hang out. You can typically find the bass-booming, low-riding tinted window crowd around there so I’m not surprised at all at the shooting.

  16. o.O No freaking way! True story: Just the other day, getting out of my car to get to work, I was just thinking about if my phone’s battery would be able to stop a bullet if someone just happened to shoot me in the right spot. Now I just read about this? WTF? I realize this was an Evo that it happened to, but the Incredible has a similar sized battery. I wonder if mAh has anything to do with bullet stopping power… :P


  18. i’ll always keep my iphone in my jacket pocket the battery is like 80% of the phone!

  19. This is crap! Only chunk norris can stop a bullet.

  20. LMAO on comment 18

  21. Who the hell is Chunk Norris?

  22. The guy acts like a total faggot in the video. Faggots like him deserves to be shot!!!

  23. The fat brother of Chuck Norris

  24. Truely “Incredible”

  25. While the phone ultimately stopped the bullet. I wonder what they went through before hitting the phone? A 9mm or .45 caliber bullet will go straight through two car doors. That’s a hell of a lot more structure than a phone.

  26. its an evo according to engadget

  27. @joe, where exactly does he act like that in the video? i only hear a country tone to his voice, maybe a redneck of some sort but definitely not a queen.

  28. Ah Droid Does is motorola

  29. Dont know why anyone would want to live in that dump of a town anyways.

  30. My Samsung Galaxy S wouldn’t stop a spit-ball let alone a bullet.

  31. Score one for HTC, I’m sure they love seeing their name on the battery that saved a guy’s life.

  32. The phone was an HTC EVO from Sprint not a Droid

  33. Yea. Not a 22. Probably 9mm. Pistol on left looks like an hk uspc or p2000, and pistol on right looks like a Taurus maybe. Hard to tell… but probably 9 or .40. The jacket probably slowed the bullet down considerably, or it was a richochet to begin with, or both. But yes, a direct shot would have gone right through the phone.

  34. At least the HTC 1500mah battery is good for something :-/ Certainly not for powering my phone worth a flip.


  35. Too bad it never saved him from dropped calls….

  36. A JHP round would do this, FMJ would have blown right through.

    However, a *very* shallow angle with FMJ might have also done this. (similar to why sloped armor works)

    JHP is less prevalent though, as its nearly $1 a round.
    Time to call the mythbusters…

  37. It’s apparent that a lot of people don’t realize the fact that a full metal jacket piece of ammunition would of made a huge difference from a hollow pointed piece of ammo.

    If the round was FMJ it would have definitely penetrated directly through the phone and kept going quite a ways. However, It did have to pass through quite a thick coat as well. So with reviewing the videos of this shooting I would have to base my opinion more towards that of a hollow point round.

    With that being said, I wouldn’t shoot my evo nor my epic to find out lol

  38. Probably what happened is that the guy was tired on waiting “4g speeds” in Atlanta… Not to mention the 3g speed was really slow (Typical for Sprint) then he called Sprint requesting an explanation and all he got was the 10 dollars premium fee for “enhanced data”

    Man.. That’s is too much to handle!

    I will shot the damn phone as well.

  39. On mythbusters they tested various devices to stop a bullet including an ipod (it was nice to see that get shot) and it did a crummy job.

    IMHO if this phone was hit by a bullet it must have be a ricochet after a serious amount of velocity was lost.

  40. Just a glimpse of what is about to come in the future, bullet-proof phones..

  41. Showing mny brand loyalty too. This was an Evo, which is my phone. Come on Phandroid, fix the WEB banner line and article now that you have the correct information.

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