Nexus S Reaches Stable Overclock of 1.4GHz


Earlier this week the Nexus S was overclocked to 1.2GHz. Considering other Galaxy devices using the Hummingbird processor have hit as high as 1.6GHz, the news of the Nexus S reaching 1.4GHz isn’t all that extraordinary, but it brings yet another speed boost to the already zippy (partially thanks to Gingerbread) Google smartphone.

The new kernel tweaks some voltages from previous overclocking builds, but unlike those this new version incorporates functional Bluetooth capabilities. The advancements come courtesy of xda, and you can locate all the info you need to give it a shot at the source links below.

[xda via BriefMobile]

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  1. This is still nothing compared to the new dual-core phones coming out a CES.

  2. Can this play Flash contents at 30FPS like Tegra 2?

  3. Stable? Hardly. About as stable as the 1.3 kernel for me. TW, so it’s really just par for the course.

  4. android/googles/samsung will take over !

  5. Must … resist … trolls … gaah!

    Jeez people, use your brains. The Nexus S isn’t supposed to be better than the new phones coming out in 2011. It’s supposed to be the developer baseline … the “common denominator” for all phones that are in use during 2011. Most of which will be phones sold in 2010, since NO PHONES ARE ACTUALLY RELEASED DURING CES. They’re just announced then, and won’t be released for a few months still.

  6. With Gingerbread expect a dual core kernel. Eat that CES.

  7. thats like my net book i have.

  8. Its nice to know that our phones have advanced faster in time than desktop computers. At some point they will be water cooled phones running at quad 4ghz chips with blu ray like screens.

  9. Well it definitely cant tegra like the tegra 2

  10. Not a good idea think. Stable but for how long?

  11. So what my G2 runs 1.4Ghz constantly… nothing impressive about the Nexus S… its a big letdown, not that I had high hopes for Samsung.

  12. Considering I still have my original Droid running at 1.25ghz this really isn’t too much to fuss over.

  13. Haters gonna hate

  14. Not hating. Just not impressing.

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