Samsung 4G LTE Smartphone Walkthrough at CES 2011


Verizon and Samsung might not be sure what to call the thing — hell, they might not even be sure enough to give it the Galaxy S label — but that doesn’t mean they didn’t want to show it off. The so-labeled Samsung 4G LTE Smartphone might have been previewed a bit prematurely at CES this year, but it still holds a lot of promise. Featuring the 4.3-inch Super AMOLED Plus display that you might recognize from the Samsung Infuse 4G (that one rocks a 4.5-inch display) for AT&T and a 1GHz processor combine with 4G LTE from Verizon would make it one of the most powerful Galaxy S offerings on the planet. And it is pretty impressive.

The Super AMOLED Plus easily bests what can now be considered the boring old regular Super AMOLED, but as always the size of the screen might be off-putting to some. For the big-handed it might be just right, but we tend to enjoy phones in that 4.0-inch goldilocks zone of screen real estate. But that’s a matter of personal taste. We are definitely interested in seeing more of this handset (and hopefully finding out its name).

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  1. This is also coming to tmobile as the vibrant plus

  2. are they deciding if its going to be called a droid phone or galaxy s phone?
    dual core should make it Droid capable.

  3. HTC Thunderbolt OWNS THIS!

  4. This woman is so stupid. She said a few things incorrectly. I hope she’s not paid too much.

  5. Clearly Going to Be a Galaxy S, based on the way the app drawer came up. Suppose i could be wrong…..nah im not. Also i have the feeling these demo people do know what kind of chipsets these things have but just arent saying for whatever reason.

  6. @go, are for real? where the you hear this?

  7. to bad you will be stuck with 2.2 or whatever version of android it come with since samsung doesnt give a shit about product support

  8. She doesn’t know whether it’s a dual or single core? What’s next? She doesn’t know the OS, the carrier, the brand??!

  9. “I don’t remember off the top of my head” When asked about Dual Processor. WTF? I would think that is something you could remember. I’ll take that answer as a bit NO. This is comparable to the TBolt, but without the dual processor it’ll be in a class below the Revolution and Bionic.

  10. Lets see how many suckers…. I mean people get this on day one. galaxy s owners here in the states. You can forget about 2.3 and beyond when this one takes the place of the current galaxy s .

  11. Joe, us Fascinate users on VZW will be getting Gingerbread soon. So that will be nice. jt1134, birdman, adrynalyne, are working their ass off and are awesome!

  12. wow…never imagine how android is making such a big impact onto the smartphone market….

  13. Current Epic owner, mark my words, will not ever, ever, ever buy another Samsung phone again (or recommend it). Even if it can clean my house.

  14. My Droid X seems small all of a sudden…

  15. @motoxer- haha i know right.

    So if the iphone 4 comes out this quarter on verizon, including the 3 new 4g phones, which one would be the best to grab up? I’m due for an upgrade and want to wait until all these come out as well as the iphone. I’ve always been partial to the iphone but would never switch to At&T. What do you all think?

  16. Sammy’s press release says 4,3 and not 4,5 for the size of the display :)

  17. Coming from a Fascinate owner, this phone looks interesting. I’m content with my Fascinate and I don’t even miss 2.2(which I had on my OG Droid).

  18. Me personally I’m happy with 2.2 on my on my Vibrant and if it had a bigger screen, front camera and HSPA+ then I would finally be settled on a phone. Anything after 2.2 is just a plus and the Hummingbird is PLENTY fast to do everything I need on a phone. Vibrant Plus for the win.

  19. Its fassssst

  20. Screen is just too big, it may as well be a tablet.

  21. Wow love that super “amulet” plus screen. You think samsung would hire reps who have even a slight clue as to what they’re talking about.

  22. @Juan…whats wrong little buddy? Samsung poop in your cereal? I got Epic and its rocking pretty hard. :D

  23. she knows what the processor is, they don’t have a name fo this phone so they aren’t giving away all the deets yet, but its not the phone for me. PS @ Sal the revolution isn’t dual core most likely, or they would have said that it is already

  24. All these new phones are great but who would pay 60 dollars more a month for lte on verizon?

  25. I need your help to help me organize a consumer boycott of Samsung mobile products. Until Samsung supports the mobile products that they presently have on the market we have to stop buying their products . Enough talking about what you’re going to do and as long as we keep spending our money they’ll keep giving us the middle finger . The only thing Samsung understand are numbers and if we take those numbers away from them they’ll know how upset we are . I will be posting this on every site that has any information about the Samsung products please help me to make them to stop not supporting their products via timely updates and product support.

  26. @Daryl – I agree!

  27. Great phone. My big hand is waiting to grasp it!

  28. I have the current line of galaxy s phone, which i loved until i found out it couldn’t do flash (which was the main reason i switch from windows mobile to android). The hardware is great, however the after purchase support from samsung is virtually non-existent.

    The only markets they seem to care about is the european and asian markets and everyone outside of that they get to at a much, much later time (if ever).

  29. Why hasn’t Verizon released a dual-core 1GHz 4G capable phone yet? The Bionic is dual core but no 4G, the Thunderbolt is 4G but not dual core, now this another 4G phone without dual core? Hmmm. Battery issues?

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