LIVE BLOG: Samsung Press Conference at CES 2011


Event starts at 2pm Pacific Time!
Refresh to update, new stuff on top!

2:50 – We’re out of here! We’ll have coverage from both Motorola and Sony coming up later in the afternoon. Be there!

2:47 – Samsung Mobile Print app got a brief mention. More details here.

2:45 – This tablet is a hybrid, definitely not unlike the ASUS Eee Pad Slider we saw yesterday.

2:44 – Samsung has a new tablet, but it’s not Android. Boooooo.

2:42 – Samsung shows off their new high-powered laptops. Smoking! Calling it the 9-series.

2:40 – We’re uploading video on the Infuse 4G now, for your pleasure. We’ll go more in depth with it tomorrow!

2:39 – Doug Albregts from Samsung’s Enterprise Business Division on stage. 100 different 46-inch monitors makes this the largest mass display unit on the market. Let’s get this into football stadiums.

2:37 – You heard about that camera before, too.

2:36 – On to Samsung’s camera business. If it doesn’t run Android, we aren’t that interested in it. No, I take that back. You can control these cameras remotely with your Android phone.

2:34 – Samsung’s all in with 4G. The Infuse 4G on Android is a great start. A 4.5-inch S-AMOLED+ touchscreen. You heard about this earlier.

2:33 – Samsung patting their own back for the Google Nexus S. Well done.

2:32 – The Samsung Galaxy Player has finally been formally announced. To the dismay of many Galaxy S owners, it will ship with Android 2.2.

2:31 – Samsung apps downloaded in 118 different countries. There’s also a WiFi-only version of the Galaxy Tab. FINALLY!

2:30 – Samsung has struck a deal with CBS to bring their most popular content to mobile devices everywhere. They’ll also be making new billing options available, including direct carrier billing through T-Mobile.

2:29 – Talking about their moves in the Android space. Media Hub is something they’re very proud of.

2:28 – Omar Khan from Samsung MOBILE takes the stage.

2:27 – Some audio stuff. Looks pretty cool. But bring on the Android!

2:25 – Samsung showing off their new ultra-lightweight and flexible 3D glasses, and a Skype camera to go on top of their LED TVs.

2:22 – Someone just got a fat $200,000 check for winning Samsung’s Smart TV app competition.

2:21 – You judge. Android?

2:20 – Samsung says it’s all about the developers when it comes to offering tons of apps for their Smart TVs. A quick nod to Steve Ballmer, surely.

2:19 – Samsung has their own Smart Appliances, too. But the difference between them and Samsung is that it looks like they’re running Android. That’s no confirmation, though.

2:18 – Samsung 1Foot Connection illustrated:

2:17 – Bring compatible devices within one foot of a Samsung 1Foot Connection television and it’ll automatically connect. This includes your DLNA Android-based tablets and handsets!

2:15 – Now talking about Smart Connections. Whatever that is.

2:13 – Samsung’s TVs have no bezels? Get on it, Sony!

2:12 – Samsung rep on stage talking about Smart TV. Sound like LG? You bet. Doesn’t look like they’re using Google either.

2:07 – Just some sights from the inside:

2:04 – We’re finally settled in. The conference has already started, but once again, Samsung’s just mulling over their accolades and numbers achieved in 2010. Nothing too exciting yet.

1:30 – Samsung is about to start their CES 2011 Press Conference and Phandroid is there live! Kevin and Quentyn will be reporting live from theevent while me (Rob J) cleans up from the Press Room!

12:55 – Standing in line for the Samsung event that starts at 2pm. This better be as good as a Kings Dominion roller coaster because the line is just as long!

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  1. If the line is anything like their update track record you guys should be leaving in about 8-11 months, or possibly never

  2. Epic 4g for sale, 100 bucks, need to get rid of this garbage non updated phone for an HTC device.

  3. ^^ thats what i like.

  4. S2 for tmob, please please please

  5. looks like there are some nice Motorola and HTC options coming to AT&T finally.

  6. They say it starts at 2:00 pm, but it will probably start tomorrow at 5:00 pm. Then the door to get the event wont work, so they’ll send out a team to “optimize” the door by cutting a hole in it for people to squeeze through.

  7. I really hope they announce the froyo update… I’m really tempted to root and install one myself if they don’t get it soon. Btw you guys are amazing :) I check your posts every day, thank you for always posting the latest in android news.

  8. Has phandroid become a Samsung sponsored site. Their devices suck and they only copy other companies.

  9. 2:04 Rob passes out in a chili dog.

  10. what are they going to tell use that the update for Galaxy S will be out “soon” again :-)

  11. Loving the play by play updates!!!

  12. apparently Samsung doesn’t have anything exciting for us this year.

  13. @craig if yore serious ill take it

  14. @Craig I’ll buy it, send me ur paypal info

  15. Thats about a slap in the face! Media player shipping with 2.2! Screw you Samsung and all your outdated galaxy s line of crap! Once again you lost a customer! Bring on the HTC phones!

  16. Someone yell at the Samsung rep.. WE WANT FROYO (errr Gingerbread) ALREADY!!

    so..Galaxy S2?? Vibrant Plus??

  17. Wow u guys are talking about crappy Samsung and engadget has press about honeycomb.

  18. Envy turns some people nasty, Samsung have fantastic products and innovations. I love my Galaxy S and Tab:)

  19. Guy! Someone please tell me that they are going to annoucing the S2 here soon… I want to that phone!!!!!

  20. Out of all that I wanna know more about the no bezel TV’s and light weight 3D glasses.

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