SH100 Wi-Fi Camera with Galaxy S Remote Control App Launches from Samsung


We aren’t typically in the business of reporting on digital cameras here at Phandroid (unless of course they come attached to an Android phone), but the SH100 from Samsung gets special attention due to its remote Wi-Fi capabilities. Aside from being able to upload photos and videos directly from the camera, a remote control app for the Samsung Galaxy S line of phones will allow you to use the camera without actually touching it. Control zoom, snap shots, and preview the results all remotely.

Of course, the camera and phone would need to be on the same network, and the phone has a built in camera, so we will scratch our heads for a bit on this one. Samsung had the following to offer:

The Wi-Fi capability on the SH100 also allows you to use your smartphone as a remote control and viewing device for your camera. If you’re shooting over a crowd at a concert, you can enable the Remote Viewfinder function, meaning that you can hold your camera high over your head while you see a preview of the picture in real time on your phone screen. It’s also ideal for taking self shots as you can zoom in and out using the 5x optical zoom, and access basic menu functions including parameters and shooting modes. When you’re happy with the shot, you can operate the shutter remotely too, and the camera will record the GPS information for photo geo-tagging.

I’m sure someone in the comments will call me out as stupid and supply a perfectly logical application aside from the ones listed above, such as remotely spying on people or otherwise being a voyeuristic creeper.

[via MobileBurn]

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  1. It sounds great for taking pictures of yourself, except for the fact that every picture you take of yourself will show you playing with your phone.

  2. It’s not exactly a super useful feature but I can think of several applications, none of which would sway me to purchase this camera. The number one thing would be the remote shutter which is utilized a lot professionally, and this is not a professional camera. Added value I guess though.

  3. i dont see a good point on the remote abilities, but the wifi is pretty sweet… i have an eye-fi card and LOVE IT!! just turn on my camera and all my photos fly off of it and land on my nas box automatically organized into a dated folder… viewable from any connected device that will show them (xbox, roku, pc’s and laptops.. and of course my G2! (i use the WD photo/nas box app for android)… so if the sammy camera does the same thing, very nice feature to have!

  4. surely you can setup a wifi hotspot with your Galaxy phone and then connect to it via the camera? In that case, you could use this feature anywhere – very useful if you want to take night shots on a tripod and want to avoid shake.

  5. So this will double the number of annoying bright gadget screens at rock concerts? Perfect!

  6. Would be nice to get this into all DSLR could leave your camera on the tripod while you tinker the settings.

  7. Nature shots are what first comes to mind. You could leave the camera set up and let the wildlife just do its thing.
    I’m guessing you could get a lot closer than you ever could if you were holding the camera.
    Personally I think its a fantastic idea and am not one to nay say simply because I personally can’t come up with more than one idea on how to use it.

  8. If the phone app comes out for all phones, I would definitely buy the camera.

  9. Is this the camera for spies?

  10. Lee hit it on the head. The idea is that everywhere you go with your higher quality camera (not pro quality, but much better than a phone camera) and your WiFi hot spot Galaxy S phone you’ll be able to immediately upload geotagged pics without really having to do anything. The remote control features are more like the icing on the cake than the reason behind the marriage.

    I see frivolous lawsuits and lots of fear mongering news stories about the remote viewfinder feature, though.

  11. lemme guess…you need to be on Froyo for it to work…oh wait…

  12. If they get the app to work on all android phones, that would be a great idea. Relegating it to just Galaxy phones though makes it a no go for me.

  13. Actually I would use this as a remote monitor device. I have equipment that needs to be reviewed from time to time even it’s having problems. Rather than assign a PC with a webcam there, I could the digcam there and even capture some photos on the fly. I can see me using this.

  14. @charlotte:
    …oh wait… your us carrier hasn’t released 2.2 yet?
    …oh wait… you dont have a international I9000?
    …oh wait… you don’t know how to use KIES?
    …oh wait… you never heard of ?

  15. Hmmmm… camera in woman’s up the phone app and burn time at the airport waiting for that connecting flight. When can we get this thing?

  16. I like Lee’s idea of using the hotspot capability. That would result in an awesome remote, it that is what they do. I would like more specs on the camera, though.

  17. The first thing that comes to mind is all those family gatherings where one person (that one in-law nobody likes?) has to be out of the family shot to take the picture. This would be perfect for getting the whole family in the same shot.

    Second, I think the way the wifi hotspot works(at least on my N1) is that it takes over the wifi antenna and so your phone would not be able to connect to the network it created. You’d need two phones.

  18. Oh, I get it. Remote control camera.
    Just take this camera, a roomba and some duck tape…

  19. Not bad.. 14.2 Megapixel and $199 retail .. I’m no Ansel Adams, and I’m sure it would take the same crappy pics I would take if it was a $1999 camera.. My last real vacation, I brought my phone, and a somewhat pricey camera, and I’m sure people were confused with me switching between the two and taking pics with both.. Yes I got crappy pics with both, but the greater number of pics that were acceptable came from my phone (I’m sure in better hands things would be different).. Still I like the idea of having both.

  20. This would be amazing actually if a professional DSLR came with this functionality. Beats tethered palm/computer solutions. For a consumer level point and shoot camera, I see the remote control abilities as far less useful. For applications just google “remote shutter release”. The idea/concept behind this is very good, but more applicable for professional use than consumer.

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