Jan 5th, 2011

We just wrapped up our coverage of the LG Press Conference at CES 2011 and the main Android/Mobile announcement is something Phandroid leaked a couple weeks ago- the LG Optimus Black was made official. But what about the LG Optimus Tab we’ve heard so much about? And what about the LG Revolution? Both will likely be announced tomorrow.

Last night, Engadget got ahold of a promo picture of the LG Revolution that also staked the claim, “The Largest, Most Advanced 4G Network in the world”:

Sounds like Verizon to me, and considering Verizon has a Keynote presentation and a bunch of press conferences and events, something tells me they’ll be doing the announcement of the Revolution.

I didn’t personally hear a peep about the LG Optimus Tab at LG’s conference, but CrunchGear is saying that LG themselves announced that the announcement of the Tab would occur tomorrow at a seperate event. An announcement of an announcement- how dandy. Also last night, Engadget got their hands on a leaked pic of said Optimus Tab… those lucky ducks:

Regardless, our ears are still perked and we’ll be paying close attention.

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