AT&T Announces Samsung Infuse 4G with 4.5-inch Super AMOLED Plus Display


So here it is, folks: AT&T is jumping headfirst into 4G with the announcement of a slew of Android devices. OK, so they are taking cues from T-Mobile and simply labeling their HSPA+ 4G, but be that as it may the handsets to go along with it are quite simply amazing. The Samsung Infuse 4G is another in the growing line of Galaxy S phones touting the latest in Sammy’s display technology, the Super AMOLED Plus. The new display gets a 50 percent boost in sub-pixel count to improve contrast and outdoor visibility.

In terms of other specs, the handset holds a 1.2GHz single-core Hummingbird, an 8MP rear camera and 1.3MP front-facing camera. The Super AMOLED Plus comes in at a scale-tipping 4.5-inches. The phone is planned to launch with the TouchWiz interface atop Android 2.2, and given Samsung’s history with updates it might stay that way for a while.

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  1. looks like a nice phone at&t is stepping up maybe because they are losing exclusivity of the iphone

  2. Slightly bigger screen is nice, but why – oh – why didn’t Samsung put an FFC on the Vibrant?!?!

  3. 1.2Ghz?

    I guess there geos battery life.

  4. Glad to see AT&T offering some powerful android phones. But honestly it seems better to wait until the later half of the year to see what LTE devices they have to offer.

  5. damn…i think 4.5 inches might be as bit too big…

  6. Looks interesting. The super amoled plus screen looks pretty interesting. Samsung better make this device bug free this time around. None of this GPS and file system crap. I for one will probably stick with HTC as there build quality is far superior.

  7. @Michael
    They did. Only, not on the T-Mobile Vibrant. The Bell/Virgin/Sasktel Vibrant has it.

  8. This phone on Tmobile with a FFC is pure sex.

  9. nice screen BUT, how long will you have to wait for Android updates (assuming you will even get them from Samsung)?

  10. Holy Oversized Screens Batman…. that phone is DOPE

  11. It’s an oversized Galaxy S. The CPU in the SGS can be overclocked to 1.2GHz, so nothing new here. The 4.5″ display is WAY too big, and I suppose it will have the same WVGA resolution, so the pixel density will be worse than the SGS. The only improvement is the better material usage on the back.

    It will be a great phone for users with big hands, but still not worth to upgrade from an SGS.

  12. Oh, and still froyo? Fail.

  13. I wonder if GPS will actually work on this one.

    Magic 8-ball says: Not bloody likely.

  14. Anyone know if 1.2ghz Hummingbird is faster than 1ghz Tegra 2? The screen sounds sexy (though maybe 4.5 inches may be a bit over the top, I don’t know) but if its speed is not on par with dual-core phones, I’m definitely not getting one.

  15. @Álmos
    If you want higher pixel “density” just move the phone farther away from your eyes. Yes it is probably still 800×480 but a real 800×480 this time, so the sub-pixel count (who cares about pixel density???) will be effectively higher.

  16. I’ll bet that one wont get an update either. I really was counting on samsung upping their game for the Galaxy S series, but we got left behind again. I’m about to bail for htc.

  17. hehe. Increases sub-pixels by 50%! Sounds like a lot but Super AMOLED only has 2 sub-pixels.

    So Super AMOLED + will now have 3 sub pixels. RGB per/pixel.

    I’d say the resolution is the same but the “screen door” effect should be completely gone now that they are using all three subpixels

  18. Are people ever happy??? 4.5 isnt too big. 5″ is too big for a phone. 1.2 Ghz and battery concern? Get a set CPU app and clock it down to 200 Mhz. Stop complainting folks

  19. Meatcurtains….dont let the door hit you on the way out!
    running 2.2 on vibrant now and it rocks.

  20. The Droid 2 Global has a TI OMAP 1.2 GHz CPU. I believe this is the first Hummingbird that is clocked that high.

  21. I think 4.5 inch is pushing the ‘too big for a phone’ limit but that’s just me. I love my Captivate although TouchWiz does get glitchy at times.

  22. who cares samsung phones suck plus no dual core so fail

  23. vn but 2.2?
    Fool me once, shame on you.
    Fool me twice then shame on me.

    Not getting a samsung again.

  24. 4.3″ screens IMO are too big, but could fit into (most of)my pockets. A 4.5″ screen is just silly. I guess it is great for women that keep their phones in their purses.

    Not a Samsung guy, but still seems like a cool phone for people looking for a huge screen.

  25. RIP phone battery

  26. it’ll probably ship with 2.1,and be updated dec ,2014. sorry samsung,i
    will never buy one of your phones again.i don’t care how nice it is.

  27. Fix the AT&T and single core problems and I’ll buy it for sure!!! Love the display!

  28. Seriously screw Touch Wiz. It’s so cartoonish. Why Google, why? Yes, I know you can root it and load a custom ROM. I’ve successfully rooted a phone before, but it’s one major pain in the a**. Especially, when you’re dealing with nightly builds! Why didn’t this Hummingbird processor make it’s way into the Nexus S? Damn you Google!

  29. “so they are taking cues from T-Mobile and simply labeling their HSPA+ 4G,”

    Actually, Tmo, as well as At&t (props to them for getting back in the game, btw), are not just “labeling” their networks as 4G. They ARE 4G, just as much as WiMax and Verizon’s LTE are, per the ITU. I love this site, and its only a minor thing, but wow.

  30. This is just a overclocked hummingbird you tech idiots! All galaxy d phones can clock this high, even up to 1.4 ghz.

  31. This is just a overclocked hummingbird you tech idiots! All galaxy s phones can clock this high, even up to 1.4 ghz.

  32. A couple of friends and I all have the HTC Desire HD and reasonably large hands – we can just about manage everything one handed without having to juggle the phone too much – which suggests to me that the 4.5inch screen is just too large for one handed use.

    The HDH also fits my pocket nicely – but think if it was any larger it would just be too large for easy portability.

  33. I could cry right now with all these 4G phones AT&T coming out. Now Which one to get. And how come you guys hate MOTO BLUR?

  34. As much as I’d love this phone, I will probably pass on the Galaxy S series again.

    I love my captivate. I can’t say enough good things about it. it was my first android experience phone, and it has been awesome. I have the droid 2 as well, and when I really need to find something close by, it is that gps that I use. The Galaxy S gps “fix” was a joke, and people on xda did far more to make the gps worth something. Unfortunately, in a pinch, the captivate just doesn’t work when it needs to.

    Also, we were told by the end of the year all Galaxy S phones would have 2.2. I have 2.2 because of the Devs at XDA (DesignGears, Adamholden, Eugene, MikeyMike, and all the other ones who make great roms that I haven’t tried yet) and not because of samsung. I am not sure if it is an AT&T issue, or a samsung issue, but either way, not having a native stock build of 2.2 makes things difficult.

    The RFS file system makes developing roms from scratch a bit more difficult (IE Cyanogen).

    I always heard that Samsung support sucks, and that they often don’t care about their devices. I figured that they would be wrong with the Galaxy S Series here in the US, but alas, I was wrong. As much as i’d hate to give away my captivate, there are other phones out there that offer me a fully working phone. If they ever make a phone that is stellar, AND works exactly how it is supposed to, as well as stand by their word, I’ll be back with Samsung. Until then, they won’t have my continued phone-addiction money.

  35. The Korean SGS just got updated to 2.2.1 today. I don’t want to be the guy beating the dead horse but really, are all you people blaming Samsung for everything absolutely sure that the carriers aren’t to blame for the delay?

  36. Boyakasha, when they say it will be out before the end of the year, and it isn’t, you blame them. Even if it is the carriers fault. Samsung should not say something if they aren’t sure it will happen.

  37. @Jonathan:

    Sammy SUCKS at updates. We all know that. However, at a certain point, when the rest of the world is getting their Froyo, and the US cariers are not, then yes, one has to start to shift at least some of the blame away from Samsung.

    Having said that, it is still unforgivable how negligent Samsung is with their existing customers.

  38. why are you guys blaming samsung :| its the carriers fault theyve had the firmware for ages but they are too busy adding their bloatware

  39. Any idea when the infuse will be available for purchase?

  40. oh look, another Captivate…just on roids and includes the mythic “4G”

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