Jan 4th, 2011

A lot of you didn’t agree with Samsung’s pricing for the Samsung Galaxy Tab when it debuted – $600 for most carriers if you didn’t want to deal with a data contract – but Verizon’s looking to help your pockets out if you just want a no-frills purchase option. You cannow buy the Samsung Galaxy Tab online and in-store for $499.99. The lack of promotional items on Verizon’s site announcing the new price suggests this may be a permanent move rather than a promotion. Don’t leave it up to chance, though: this may be your best chance to get a Galaxy Tab for cheaper than it retails if you’re not fond of eBay or Craigslist. We’d also recommended calling up your local Verizon store and asking about a complimentary $60 Media Hub or Blockbuster gift card for movie rentals to be thrown in with your purchase. [via DL, Android Community]

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