Samsung Galaxy Tab Just a Wee-Bit Cheaper on Verizon – $100 Price Drop


A lot of you didn’t agree with Samsung’s pricing for the Samsung Galaxy Tab when it debuted – $600 for most carriers if you didn’t want to deal with a data contract – but Verizon’s looking to help your pockets out if you just want a no-frills purchase option. You cannow buy the Samsung Galaxy Tab online and in-store for $499.99. The lack of promotional items on Verizon’s site announcing the new price suggests this may be a permanent move rather than a promotion. Don’t leave it up to chance, though: this may be your best chance to get a Galaxy Tab for cheaper than it retails if you’re not fond of eBay or Craigslist. We’d also recommended calling up your local Verizon store and asking about a complimentary $60 Media Hub or Blockbuster gift card for movie rentals to be thrown in with your purchase. [via DL, Android Community]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Too steep a price anyway now that some legitimate competition has arisen.. such as the elocity A7.. unknown brand, but sweet specs..

  2. Too Little too late…They better drop the price to 350 off contract if they want ppl to buy…CES is this week all new better Honeycomb tablets will be revealed why mess with this Touchwiz skinned samsung trash that will probably never receive honeycomb…

  3. Honeycomb tablets coming soon which will probably pressure Samsung to lower prices even more. And if history is any indicator, I would not expect a honeycomb upgrade on Galaxy Tab, even if it meets the requirements (whatever they are).Galaxy S phone users still waiting for Froyo.

  4. I was wondering where could I get a a good inexpensive tablet pc?

  5. Now it’s only $200 overpriced. lol

  6. Netbooks are $299, and far more functional. I’ll wait till tablets are $250, and not a penny more.

  7. I picked up the Tab at Costco for $499 and a month to month data plan. Would be an ok deal if there weren’t a b’zillion new tablets about to be released. Just glad that Costco has the 90 day return policy.

  8. Touchwiz bites!!!! I had aa Fascinate nd had to go back to using my incredible. Samsung can suck it!!

  9. Waited till Christmas for Galaxy Tab to have a lower price. On Christmas Day, I ordered an IPAD from the Apple online store. Glad I did. Here’s why.

    I transferred my IPOD Apps to my IPAD. Since the IPOD Apps were developed for the IPOD, here’s what happened. I got a small IPOD sized screen in the middle of my 9 inch IPAD screen. When I pressed the upsize button, the resolution became terrible, especially in text. My understanding is that the Tab apps, are primarily cell phone apps. That will mean small screens or poor resolution. They should have discounted the Tab, until Apps were available.

    Fortunately, I was able to purchase my favorite Apps, developed for the iPAD. I did have to pay for them again.

  10. @Jim: Yeah, I suspect you might want to consider a tablet that comes with the Android Honeycomb OS as that is the first one that Google supports for tablet sized screens. Since there will be many announcements coming, I hope that means the prices will be reasonable when they release. I suspect Galaxy Tab prices to plunge in the next few weeks and if not, sales will likely take a nose dive.

  11. @7 Did you use you’re Incredible to leave that comment? You’re a’s are out of place and you say you had to go back to you’re incredible not that you wanted to, doesen’t sound to promising. Touch wiz has sucked pretty bad in the past but, in my opinion, it’s very nice now. I personally am not a fan of sense but whatever floats you’re boat I guess.

  12. Look like they are dumping them cause in a few weeks time they will be next to worthless…no OS update and over priced (and crap battery life to boot).

  13. @Androidbiiatch, do you know the Incredible and EVO have crap GPU/graphic chip?

  14. @ACR haha I knew that. :D I gots an Epic over the Evo for realz

  15. I hate people that bash on a phone just because they have a different one. The incredible and evo are great phones. Get over it.

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