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One of the most promising Android-related ventures for ASUS is no longer, as their joint venture with Garmin didn’t fare as well as intended. But the company is still a powerhouse outside the States and their potential to announce an exciting Android device or devices remains very possible.

2:14 – And the stage is taken… as usual talking about ASUS success in 2010 before we move onto 2011.

2:14 – We’re at the Aria Hotel/Casino for those wondering

2:15 – “Ranked by many 3rd party” as most reliable portable PC

2:16 – #1 Motherboard… not sure this is scientifically proven but hey, they claimed it

2:17 – Talking about Apple indirectly but with logo screen, but saying how they don’t provide enough choices. Talking about Acer and how they don’t have innovation. But saying ASUS will combine Apple/ACER to make Innovation + Choice.

2:18 – This guy totally sounds like the Asian Mr. Rogers. His voice is way too calming to create dramatic excitement.

2:19 – ROG Black Edition Motherboard/Thunderbolt for gamers immersed in experience with speed and sound

2:20 B Series of Business Notebooks announced named ASUSPRO Series

2:21 – Reliability, Gaming, Business… but Innovation in the Cloud is a focus of theirs.

2:22 – EEE Pad MeMO announced!

2:23 – ANDROID and Qualcomm Snapdragon processor!

2:24 – Eee Slate EP121 announced with Windows 7 Home Premium, Intel Core i5 and they’re saying it’s THE most powerful tablet in the world. The thing is freaking 12.1 inches. That’s pretty huge! Too bad this version isn’t running Android!

2:25 – They’re showing off the Windows-based slate but I’m focusing on uploading the Youtube video since Android is what we care about of course!

2:26 – Just announced Eee Pad Transformer which is a laptop where the screen detaches Pretty awesome looking and it’s thinner than an iPad. NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor announced with ANDROID!!!!

2:40 – Nother more to say except WOW! Eee Slider announced which runs Android 3.0 Honeycomb and has Tegra 2 processor

2:41 – MyWave Inteface is ASUS custom version of Android with a few nice added features

2:42 – VIDEOS added above!

2:48 – They’re talking about Triple-Play Digit-Net Web 2.0 something or other but the hardware and Android is what I’m most loving, so trying to get the video I have up ASAP. Stay tuned. Press conference still going on but it’s uploading now!

2:49 – They’re summing up all their “vision” as D.I.Y. 2.0

2:50 – I totally forgot to take our caching system off so I realize this article probably didn’t update too often. Dang. Yeah we definitely need a better live blogging solution.

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  1. You should really get a page that updates in realtime as opposed to actually having to refresh manually.

  2. 10 mins and no update. phail.

  3. Engadget is doing this one better

    10.1″ Android with a keyboard dock

  4. #1 motherboard….I dont know . I think Gigabyte might have something to say about that….lol

  5. Now that Windows tablet sounds better! Sadly :(

  6. Good job Rob!

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