Pandigital Novel On AT&T Gets Barnes & Nobles Store, 9-Inch Screen


It looks like AT&T has snagged itself an interesting little eReader/Tablet combo with the 9-inch Pandigital Novel. The tablet is Android based, connects to both AT&T’s network (with contract) and Wi-Fi, and also has access to the Barnes & Nobles digital store. The cost will be $279.99 on contract.

This isn’t the first effort by Pandigital who in 2010 launched a 7-inch device. Reviews were varied and not overwhelmingly positive, but we’re hoping they’ve polished up the Novel and made it… well, a novel little device.

It will be available later in January 2011. One unfortunate detail? The Novel can’t connect to Android Market. Hopefully some helpful rooters will uncover that capability.

DUBLIN, Calif. & DALLAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Pandigital today announced the availability of the Pandigital Multimedia Novel 9-inch AndroidTM tablet and color eReader, the company’s first eReader device offering integrated wireless connectivity through AT&T* for accessing Barnes & Noble’s eBookstore.

“Our new 9-inch Android™ multimedia tablet and color eReader promises to move this experience ahead dramatically with its large touchscreen for enhanced viewing, versatile Android™ platform, and connected eBookstore with broad wireless coverage provided by AT&T.”

This Pandigital Multimedia Novel (model number R90A200) has a large 9-inch full-color LCD touch-screen display that is the ideal size for comfortably accessing and enjoying a number of applications. Plus, the larger display size gives customers an enhanced viewing experience when surfing the Internet through the integrated web browser, as well as when watching movies, playing games, or viewing photos, video and more. With this new Pandigital Multimedia Novel, customers have the ability to download and enjoy Android™ applications from their favorite sites.(1) As a result, customers can personalize their 9-inch Android™ multimedia tablet and color eReader by adding the applications that are the most interesting and increase daily use of the device.

In addition, this Pandigital Multimedia Novel is an excellent platform for comfortably reading digital books, browsing through periodicals, and enjoying children’s books with color photos and illustrations. Customers can use the integrated AT&T wireless network connection as well as Wi-Fi connectivity for quick and wide-reaching access to the Barnes & Noble eBookstore. They can then download their purchases instantly across AT&T’s wireless network without a contract.

“The Pandigital Multimedia Novel line became incredibly popular in 2010 thanks to its breadth of features, top-notch eReading experience, and affordability,” said John Clough, president, Pandigital. “Our new 9-inch Android™ multimedia tablet and color eReader promises to move this experience ahead dramatically with its large touchscreen for enhanced viewing, versatile Android™ platform, and connected eBookstore with broad wireless coverage provided by AT&T.”

“By introducing wireless capabilities to the Pandigital Multimedia Novel, AT&T is thrilled to connect consumers with easy access to their favorite books and periodicals while on the go,” said David Haight, vice president, business development for emerging devices, AT&T Mobility.

Availability, Price and Warranty

The Pandigital Multimedia Novel 9-inch Android™ tablet and color eReader (model number R90A200) has a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $279.99. It will be available at several national retailers beginning this month and is backed by a one year limited warranty.

Top-Notch eReading Experience

This Pandigital Multimedia Novel comes in a sleek black housing and has a matte touch-screen display with a 480 x 800 resolution that allows customers to use their fingertip to browse through and enjoy published materials. The 9-inch Android™ multimedia tablet and color eReader comes with 2GB of integrated memory for storing hundreds of books and periodicals. The device has an integrated SD, SDHC and MMC card reader that accepts up to 32GB memory cards as well as a mini-USB port that can be used to easily transfer eBooks and other files onto the device.

Like other eReaders in the Pandigital Multimedia Novel line, the new 9-inch model comes with usability features that make it convenient and enjoyable to use – including highlighting, variable font sizes, and creation of multiple bookmarks. Users can create personalized bookshelves to manage their library while utilizing the built-in dictionary and word/character search function to help them explore it. The orientation sensor automatically adjusts between portrait and landscape modes when the device is tilted, while night-read mode inverts the text and background colors for more discrete viewing.

Easy & Quick Access to Digital Content Through Barnes & Noble’s eBookstore

The integration of Barnes & Noble’s expansive digital content catalog – the NOOKbook™ Store – ensures that Pandigital Multimedia Novel customers have quick and convenient access to more than two million eBooks, newspapers and magazines, most available for $9.99 or less, and a million free classics. Customers will find it simple to browse the NOOKbook Store, sample, buy, and download content in seconds. Customers can use Barnes & Noble’s LendMe™ technology to share many eBooks with friends and family for 14 days.

Extra Functionality for Online Enjoyment and Entertainment

In addition to being great for reading digital content, the 9-inch Android™ multimedia tablet and color eReader lets consumers do so much more. Customers can enjoy websites, music, photos, and video thanks to the combination of an ARM 11 processor and Android™ operating system. Email support and internet access to popular social media sites like Twitter and Facebook help customers stay connected. The Pandigital Multimedia Novel also has additional convenience features including a built-in appointment calendar, address book, and alarm clock.

[Via BusinessWire]

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  1. 480×800 on a 9″ display? The same resolution as my 3.7″ Nexus One. Why not just get the NookColor? It is 1,024×600 with a 7″ screen. The NookColor will look much sharper and is $20 cheaper.

  2. Run. Run screaming, hide your kids, hide your wives, hide your husbands. I had the Pandigital ereader they sell at BBB – unless they did some SERIOUS work on the hardware in this thing, it’s not worth the money. Did a little detective work and, as it turns out, that one ran at 66mhz.

    Yes, you read that right. Lightning fast 15ish years ago.

    My money is on this being a terrible flop for them, for as much as a random opinion on an online message board is worth. :-)

  3. 66 mhz? You must have had a dud. I am on the 9 inch from bbb and this thing runs at 800mhz. Granted, it’s not a notebook killer, but it’s a good little web surfer.

  4. Run Run to get it. I am having so much fun with the 9″. I am truly glad I didn’t listen to those negative comments…Thanks Pandigital.

  5. I still can not figure out which is the latest 9″ model. I called Pandigital directly, to ask which model on QVC they contracted them to sell. I just heard that there’s a 3G version. I’m confused. Does QVC sell the latest Android or is it just one version of the 9″ since I see no firmware update? I was given a different model number?


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