Unrevoked Updates to Version 3.3, Supports SLCD Incredible and Newer EVOs


Unrevoked, the all-in-one tool to unlock your Android handset, has updated yet again this time settling at version 3.3. The new version brings along support for new HTC Droid Incredible units sporting an SLCD screen as opposed to the original AMOLED. It will also do a bang up job with newer builds of the HTC EVO 4G.

Head over to the Unrevoked site for the download.

[via DroidLife]

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  1. This is great news! :-)

    I rooted my HTC Desire without any problems what so ever using Unrevoked.

    After that I was albe to install the ShootMe screenshot app, which I use quit often.

    I will look forward to using it again on my next of three Android App reviews.
    The first two are and .

    Thanks again for a very usefull info.

    Will check back again for sure.. and follow you on Twitter:!/phandroid

    Best regards
    John Nielsen

  2. Used this last night to root my new evo. Worked like a charm. No problems at all and now I’ve got all of my root goodness! Thank you unrevoked!!!!


  4. Why is the DInc. in the pic the only one with a different time on the screen?

  5. Does this work on Samsung’s phones?

  6. I tried it last week for the EVO. It did not work. I will try again with new version that is suppose to be for the newer EVO builds.

  7. ok i have never rooted my evo before and i want to try this. If i root it with unrevoked will i loose any features? how do i un-root my phone if i dont want it rooted anymore?

  8. has all the answers you seek. Mount the EVO as a drive with USB debugging on. Root. Yes. You can unroot. Yes you now have free hotspot no 30 fee.

  9. it didn’t work for me, but i used zirconix from XDA’s version and it worked great!

  10. I tried yesterday and had mixed results. I got s-off from unrevoked but the clockwork mod recovery was giving me a hard time and would not flash. I never lost any functionality on my phone, just had incomplete root until I got some help.

  11. I used this on my Eris, worked perfect! I moved to the froyo tazz (cyanogen mod) ROM.

  12. I have tried several times to root my phone and it doesnt work, at least with unrevoked, could someone tell me what it is that im doing wrong. I have an evo htc software version 3.70 android 2.2 hardware version 0004

  13. I just tried it and it works perfectly.. One thing I had to do was reboot my phone at the end on my own (maybe its just my phone).

  14. What’s the difference between the newer EVO builds as opposed to the earlier ones? In other words I have an evo hardware version 3.0, how many versions are there after that and what are the changes/differences? I tried Googling this info but to no avail

  15. This is good news. I need to try it out for my phone. Peter, Founder

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