Jan 3rd, 2011

Depending on which report and how you read it, Android has already begun to overtake the iPhone as the leader in smartphone market share. That isn’t quite the case yet in the latest report from Nielsen, one of the most trusted sources of consumer ratings, though Google’s open source OS is closer than ever. Despite Apple gains bringing iOS up to a 28.6 percent share, the gap is closing with Android seeing its own increase to 25.8 percent. Last month’s figures put apple at 27.9 percent and Android at 22.7 percent.

Stack up the same platforms with only the past 6 months of new users taken into consideration and Android holds a firm lead a 40.8 percent compared to the iPhone’s 26.9 percent. Considering how popular smartphones were this holiday season it seems likely that Android will come out on top of iOS very very shortly.

[via MobileBurn]