After Seven Months, 10 Million Samsung Galaxy S Phones Sold


When Samsung launched the Galaxy S back in June of 2010, it’s goal was to create a global phenomenon. The handset was distributed via as many carrier outlets as possible and in nearly every corner of the globe. Sure, Samsung had to strike out some  exclusive deals and redesigned carrier-specific devices along the way, but it should come as no surprise to hear that in the seven month span since it first dropped, the Galaxy S has sold over 10 million handsets.

The biggest impact was in North America where Samsung pushed 4 million Galaxy S phones. Europe and Asia followed behind with 2.5 and 2 million units sold respectively. Throw in 1 million Galaxy Tabs sold worldwide and there is no denying that Samsung is a force to be reckoned with.

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  1. Shame it’s built like a cheap children’s toy.

  2. the galaxy tab is built well.

    extremely sturdy.

  3. To bad they can’t keep soft ware up to date

  4. Put a case on it ffs. My hacked/modded Vibrant is awsome and it was worth the money IMO. It’s just a shame that we have to deal with all this carrier update BS.

  5. I thought it was a good phone, but did not think it would do so well because they was a little late to the market finally releasing after some big phone buying event in the US and a bunch of other 1 Gig Android phones. It may have been father’s Day when the carriers all had a big sales. I think they pushed the Galaxy Tab out before Xmas to make sure they was in the game upfront and to take advantage of the Xmas buying event.

  6. too bad that they still have their attention divided between mobile operating systems. . .Android, Bada, WP7, and what else?

  7. Lol….a childrens toy. Just like the rest of their garbage. Stop trying to make smart phones, Samsung. Stop trying to make electronics for that matter. Why don’t you make something you’re good at. Like….oh…thats right. You make “live for the moment ” products. But as soon as someone has a problem with one, you have no clue how to remedy the problem! I want my money back!

  8. Still very pleased with my purchase of the Vibrant. Its modded to high heaven but that’s why I have chosen to stick with the OS. Android ftw

  9. i refered 10 of my friends to get galazy s base on its nice screen and thought they would keep their promise giving out froyo last year. now i have 10 angry friends asked me where is their flash support. I will never refer any friends and family to buy another samsung. The 4mil US galazy owner are not happy with samsung. Good luck selling the galazy2 in us

  10. I am selling mine and going back to iPhone. Thought Android would be good change but have more software problems then ever did with my iphone. Plus AT&T won’t release Froyo 6 months after it has been released…..my guess samsung will experience problems with next products due to the many unhappy customers like the ones I see here…

  11. Every version of the Galaxy S, even the Captivate have FroYo ROMs. I’ve ran them a couple months ago. It really is the carriers that are dragging their feet.

  12. Samsung tweeted recently:
    Samsungtweets Samsung USA by TMobile
    We are working to make the Android 2.2/Froyo upgrade available to all U.S. Galaxy S owners as soon as possible.

    Samsungtweets Samsung USA by TMobile
    We want Galaxy S owners to have simple/reliable upgrade. We r running tests due to complexity/unique functionality.

    Coming from Samsung, that means absolutely nothing.

  13. carrier not releasing it cause the rom has tons of bugs

  14. Yeah I tried out the Froyo roms and always had problems with them but frankly I have problems with 2.1. Email crashes constantly, plus won’t handle HTML. Bought other email software but just not up to par. Only redeeming application is google maps…it works like a charm which I wish Apple would adopt….

  15. Nice phones but Deplorable software support! Samsung = Fail!

  16. So negative. Froyo will come out when all the carriers in USA have it in place, then it’s Africa’s turn. I will wait I dont want buggy I want a proper upgrade. Gees, you guys are real moaners. I hear nothing of the bugs on Apple like the alarm problem but you pick ona good phone. Do you own on, if you do you will realise that besides it’s plastic case that it works I thought woman bitch but guys you bitch more. As if you are qualified lol.

  17. Agreed, I would have hoped that Samsung could have rolled some of that $800,000,000 (4,000,000 x $200 , lowball figure) into some software support, but I guss that’s too much to ask :/

  18. Please stop going on you whiney whingebags! There’s only so many times you can rephrase the same drivel and it’s getting VERY boring!

    If you wait on carriers to deploy new version you will be waiting a long time. They have no real incentive to commit to software updates. It’s a risk to them – if for some reason the updates goes wrong they’re the ones having to repair or replace the handsets!

    As with all smartphones I have ever owned, it is the custom ROMS that release their full potential. I’m running 2.2.1 on my Galaxy S and it’s amazingly fast, without any lagfix, and I haven’t noticed any bugs.

  19. Clara, you hear nothing of the Apple alarm bug here because this is an Android website.

    Yes, I own one (Vibrant) and I’m rather upset that the one reason I bought it was that it would soon be upgraded to Froyo with wireless tethering. “Soon” was in July, then August, then September, then October, then November, then December…

    I don’t even mind the plastic rear cover. Hardware wise, the only things I could ask for is a front facing camera (I’ll remedy that soon) and an LED flash (no possibility for that one).

    I experimented with custom ROMs over the holiday break, but I’m waiting for the Nexus S Gingerbread ROM work by supercurio to become stable before I commit.

  20. Samsung has a historical record of being extremely slow to upgrade operating systems. Samsung would rathet people buy a new handset rather than upgrade software. I have a Droid X, and I am very happy with it. I do have a few questions that perhaps others can answer: why is there no sd card slot on the nexus s? Why is there no wifi only version of the galaxy tab out? Is it me, or do people no longer want removeable and expandable storage? Do people want to pay an additional monthly bill for a tablet.

  21. How many of those 10 million Galaxy S phones had a working GPS?

    I would be happy to wait longer on Froyo for the Captivate if they’d just fix the damn GPS NOW.

  22. “The biggest impact was in North America where Samsung pushed 4 million Galaxy S phones. Europe and Asia followed behind with 2.5 and 2 million units sold respectively. ”

    I guess you guys didn’t know that Korea is in Asia and it sold 2M units there. Samsung might break things down to a finer level because it’s important to know specifics, but you guys as bloggers need to use correct terminology.

  23. @thecresta I would wager that the number of users who install custom ROM’s on their phones is incredibly small. Most people won’t touch the OS and rely on the carrier to provide updates, and Samsung has royally dropped the ball with the Vibrant.

    Samsung burned me on the Behold 2, which is why I decided to go with HTC for the next phone. Bought the G2 and couldn’t be happier. 4G, Vanilla Android (near as, anyway), capacitive buttons (the talk button on my BH2 would stick and jam), build quality that feels like a real phone and not a toy…

    If I plunked down $500 for the Vibrant (or any smartphone, really), I’d expect GPS to work. “How often do you really use GPS?” I’ve heard people say. Um, a lot when I’m in the car. And that’s besides the point. That’s like buying a car with A/C and learning that the A/C doesn’t work until the car company can come up with a software update. Fact is it’s a selling point and should work as advertised.

    I expect the HTC G2 to be updated to Gingerbread while the Galaxy S is still on Eclair.

    Samsung shifted a ton of phones with a snazzy ad campaign, but the Vibrant debacle and my experiences with the Behold 2 have shown that they just cannot be trusted to update their product in a decent time frame. They struck all kinds of deals with the different carriers and the OS is so bogged down because of it that these massive OS update delays should have been expected.

  24. @Ed, I expect the HTC H2 to be upgraded to Gingerbread before Galaxy S phones, there I fixed that for you, lol.

  25. 7 months and we’re still stuck on Eclair with GPS that doesn’t work.

  26. 10 million sold, but how many were resold or thrown away? My guess is “most”

  27. From my point of view 10 million unit in 7 months suggest the failure of this galaxy s. Because Samsung did lots of things to promote this device. I thought that it would the top 3 cell phones of 2010. But!!!!

  28. @Davis-
    Very interesting point. Is there any survey to count those numbers?

  29. actually the software is up-to-date…the US carriers arent releasing the updates thats all..2.2 has been out for all the devices for a while, ive had 2.2 on my captivate since it was leaked…and there is now a 2.2.1 update which was released a couple weeks ago for the galaxy s…samsung is doing just fine with the updates, blame the carriers guys

  30. Wow, feel the angst in the room! Please stop blaming the mfgs of average phones for all your problems. The OS is open source & Google just puts it out there. When the carriers decide to put on crapware & delete OS funtions like hotspot connection, this is the main problem. Yes, the mfg do put their “special user friendly” UI crap on the phones, so combined it ensures you won’t get your updates quickly & perhaps never some of the functions. Solutions:root & install custom roms or buy a pure OS!!

  31. @Michael – The Galaxy already has wireless tethering with 2.1. You don’t need Froyo for this. Use your Mobile AP in your settings (Vibrant owner).

  32. I wonder if the Galaxy S I had for 10 days before it died of the corrupt SD/2.2 issue is included in that 10 million.

    Proud to be a statistic!

  33. I wonder if this includes the nexus S or the continioum

  34. HD2 oops, brain fart

  35. Why should it be my job to hack my phone so i can be able to run what was promised to me when I purchased the dan f@@king phone. Hey if you can not delivere then dont promised it samung. Your trash period

  36. To a ron.
    I am from Korea and Samsung is from our country, KOREA.
    I think it is an abuse to say to stop making phones to Samsung. I would like you to stop to make an abuse to Samsung.

  37. Pimpweak, Stfu. Crap for brains.

  38. To julie chung. Are u Crazyyyyy?we are talk about phone,U talk about Korea???????? F . U if Galaxy come in android 2.2 maybe it will better but… Danial.iran

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