Unnamed Toshiba Tegra 2 Tablet Gets a Hands-On


If build quality and specs alone were the true measure of a mobile device, it sounds like Toshiba;s next stab at an Android tablet is doing a lot of things right. On paper the unnamed slate featuring the dual-core Tegra 2 processor from NVIDIA has what it takes to compete with the best of them. A high resolution 1280×800 10.1-inch screen, 2MP front-facing cam with 5MP rear camera, full-zised and mini USB, and HDMI output stack up in Toshiba’s favor, but the unit we see pictured courtesy of Engadget was non-functioning.

Perhaps that is for the best, as Toshiba is promising this thing will eventually run the next generation of Android. One could assume Honeycomb, and then realize it most definitely isn’t ready for prime time on the tab yet. Probably a good thing. We wouldn’t want what little hope the new device brings after the woes of the Toshiba Folio to be dashed by a shoddy implementation of Android.

[via Engadget]

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  1. at least we are now seeing higher quality hardware in tablets coming out soon. Hopefully they won’t junk up Android too much.

  2. How is this a ‘hands-on’? It’s just a picture and some secondary report of what’s ‘on paper’, even though the paper’s not published in this report.

  3. LOL @ Joshin – wonderin the same thing. And yeah its good to see this worthwild stuff vs the “goes for broke $200” crap

  4. It Says; Unnamed Toshiba Tegra 2 Tablet ‘GETS’ a Hands-On, Not Unnamed Toshiba Tegra 2 Tablet Hands-On. Think!

  5. It Say; Unnamed Toshiba Tegra 2 Tablet ‘GETS’ a Hands-On, Not Unnamed Toshiba Tegra 2 Tablet Hands-On.

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