HTC Thunderbolt Teased in Ads, Shows Up in Verizon Inventory


The “quietly brilliant” folks at HTC want to ramp up the excitement leading into this week’s announcement of their 4G LTE Thunderbolt (AKA Incredible HD) handset for Verizon. They have slyly been running banner ads across the web featuring the veiled handset and a teasing of specs covering its 8MP camera and video chat capabilities.

Even more, the model number ADR6400LVW has popped up in Verizon’s inventory. That is the model number now associated with the Thunderbolt, and could mean we will be seeing this handset sooner rather than later. Either way we can’t wait for this week’s announcement.

[via DroidLife]

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  1. I can’t wait either. HTC has a real chance of getting me away from Motorola. Especially if they have increased their battery out put. We will see.

  2. cant wait either but this is old news its been on other android sites for a few days. Lets hope to a bigger battery so it can last unlike the incredible and other htc phones.

  3. “Yawn”, I can’t believe the so called specs are so close to that of the Evo. HTC has got to have something else up its sleeve that they have kept a secret.

  4. @chogardjr
    how do you know this when the main specs(processor, ram, etc) havent even been officially announced??

  5. This will be the best phone if it comes with stock android…

  6. This will be the best phone if it comes with stock android…

  7. I have the evo, bought a 3500mah battery and back off eBay for $11 including shipping. No power problems, but the back occasionally partly openshate Verizon policies, but would like faster broadband and better coverage.

  8. It will be like the the Droid X but with HTC’s awesomness behind it. Woot!

  9. Anything is better than the crap Motorola puts out. Bring it on HTC!!

  10. S T O K E D ! ! ! !

  11. I have the Incredible right now and if they increased the battery output then this will be the awesome successor for the Droid Incredible. I’m sold :)

  12. Omg I can’t wait either I have the droid x and have been waiting for them to come out with a phone to compete better with the evo

  13. So the 8MP rear camera and a FFC is confirmed now. Good to ehar!

  14. Man, I don’t know what I’ll do…part of me really wants to try the iphone when it comes to Verizon, but I can’t say I’ve had an unpleasant experience with my original Moto Droid…and this bad boy (Thunderbolt) looks like original Moto Droid x10!

  15. I saw somewhere it was spec’d with a 1.2 dual core proc and a 1900 battery and a 4.3″ screen.. Sounds good to me!

  16. Yeah supposed to have 1.2 ghz dual core processor. In other words. Not quite an EVO. It should at least come with the second gen snapdragon. Which blows away the EVO and original dinc, but still isn’t up to par with the GPU IN THE SGS phones. I had one, they all suck except the screen

  17. still hope for GSM version :( I’m not about to double my monthly bill over a phone

  18. @jake
    yeah it was supposed to going by the german leak but the processor they said it was supposed to have isnt ready for mass production this early yet

  19. what is the type of the screen?SLCD?

  20. When is the release date! Hopefully around I phones date

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