Samsung Wants To Be Number 1


Samsung LogoSamsung is growing weary of not carrying the title of number one mobile phone manufacturer in the world. This particular title is currently being held by Finnish Nokia, and by Samsung’s measure that will only last another three years. But Samsung isn’t just talking talk, they are also putting their money where their mouth is.

Samsung is intending to increase the amount of phones it produces in China and Vietnam next year to help increase their share in those particular countries. Samsung’s three Chinese factories will be responsible for 60% of Samsung’s worldwide production next year, Vietnam will account for 15%, Brazil takes the 6% claim and India will take home 5% of the manufacturing take. The homeland factories in South Korea will make up the standard 14%, but that 14% will account for its “higher end phones”.

Given what Nokia has to say about Android, I’ll admit that I’m ok with Samsung’s plans.

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  1. They know better than to put America as their main consumer because they know they treat their customers like crap and we are done with them.

  2. Yeah they definitely through us under the bus . I hope they are successful there and where ever else they go.

  3. Samsung is the worst. They will never be number 1 as long as they keep screwing over their customers

  4. My vibrant just slapped me in the face as I read that headline.

  5. I’m guessing the Galaxy S phones with defective GPS were produced in China.

  6. LOL . Maybe they could reach it. IF THEY RELEASED UDPATE TO THEIR ANDROID PHONES. Especially in the U.S.A, sofar they have dissapointed a lot of consumers and continue to do so.

  7. I’d rather have a dumb-phone than a phone made by samsung

  8. Samsung is Crap!
    They show lack of support towards their customers.
    I am still waiting for my 2.2 on my epic phone.

  9. They will hit number one for a single generation of devices, but then all of those people will see and learn what we have from the Galaxy S line (and should have from the Behold II), that you are buying a phone more-or-less as is. Then they willfall back to about third or fourth because they do put out amazing hardware that some people will just “have to have” but by then most of the world will have learned their lesson and will steer clear of Samsung for their renewals, I know I will…

  10. I love Samsung. My Galaxy S is still the best smartphone in the world, hands down. I’m sure they’ll be number one really soon.

  11. Lol, no way, I would never recommend or buy another Samsung product after this Galaxy S fiasco

  12. Yep, samnsung screws over their customers, only focus on new customers. I was on and for fun clicked on the nokia experts page, similar to the one for android, and I learned a lot about the Nokia N8. Without playing with the OS, I dont have much to say but the hardware specs were awesome. 12 mp camera, hdmi out, pretty much beat every android’s hardware specs hands down.

  13. Wanna rate higher …. make better phones with better parts… simple

  14. LOL thats why all their phones dont work, too busy on releasing quantity and not quality.

  15. I agree. Nokia has been doing right since day one and all smartphone producers could learn a bit from them

  16. Boy, so many Samsung haters.
    Reason 1-They haven’t updated my Galaxy S phone to FroYo.
    Answer-Yes they have. The carriers haven’t released it.
    Reason 2-The hardware of my Galaxy S phone is defective.
    Answer-Actually, it’s the software, which has been fixed (I get 3 second GPS locks and fully functional compass)
    Reason 3-They are copycats, making their hardware look like other successful phones.
    Answer-You actually have a close point on this one. However, emulation isn’t just flattery. Sometimes it’s smart business sense to go with what works, and not re-invent the wheel.

    Again, I have a Vibrant that has been hacked and modded, and it’s totally stable. I have a FFC (added on), a kickstand mod, Video Out cable, 200+ apps, and a quadrant benchmark score of 1,500 without overclocking. I’m running 2.2 w/ flash, and life is awesome. 16GB HD and 16 GB SD card means I have 10 movies and about 2,000 songs at my fingertips. My Samsung Galaxy S phone rocks.

    Does your phone look like mine? No. Can it work like mine? Yes.

  17. I’ve had the Moment then the EVO 4G and currently I tote an Epic 4G. Samsung has the worst support. They do not need to produce MORE phones. they need to support their current offerings. I will be getting the EVO Shift when it comes out.

    I’m not jumping to the newest phones for the sake of having the newest phone. I’m jumping from the Epic to the EVO Shift because i want a phone that is supported and has a keyboard. I purchased the Epic thinking it would get Android 2.2 not long after release. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

    Because of the bad rep of Samsung I don’t believe Sprint is going to be getting too many more customers by releasing the EVO Shift. I think they’ll have people jumping away from Sprints current Samsung offerings.(Transform, Intercept, Epic 4G).

    Samsung does a pretty good job with hardware but with their software and support they couldn’t do too much more wrong. I’m not going to be one of those people that says i will never purchase another Samsung device, but it will be several years before i give them another chance.

  18. @Kevin So Samsungs reputation is actually a conspiracy by the US carriers? That is actually pretty amusing. From your post you are saying that a product is only good when it is hacked/modded by the user and we shouldn’t expect to actually receive a good product from the manufacturer?

  19. Samsung wants redemption, skip Froyo and go directly to Gingerbread, that would restore my faith in them

  20. @Kevin

    I totally agree:

    I’m sporting a rooted stock 2.2.1 JPY ROM (not even ‘customized’), but it is modded to have the GT-i9000T’s HSPA Modem (850/1900/2100). The only major difference is that I’m running Hardcore’s ‘cool’ 256mhz K12F SpeedMod Kernel and hitting 2100+ QS scores.

    Samsung makes the best hardware, bar none. I’m so sick of hearing people belly ache about how Samsung screwed them by not providing them updates to there phones! It’s NOT Samsung! Samsung has been providing updates regularly! It IS the CARRIERS! I don’t understand how so many people in my country can NOT see that?! It’s no wonder that so many people around the world think we are ‘stupid Americans’!

    Complain to your carriers! Not Samsung! It’s a great phone and I’m grateful to Samsung and their support to the REAL Android community! Their support to the modding community has been fantastic!

  21. This will be my last Samsung phone….Samsung promised 2.2 since September and have yet to deliver. And then will someone explain to me how they got chosen to get the Nexus S. Probably the only way they will get updates on time is to put Google in charge.

  22. @Linc Kraker

    I know what you are saying Linc, but it’s not the same.

    Samsung does support their products that they sell. They provided the carriers with the latest updates to Android, but the carriers ‘mod’ the update to suit their needs, i.e., bloatware, etc.

    The mobile phone industry is a fickle thing in the USA. Most other electronics and mobile (GPS, etc) devices do not fall into this trap, it is primarily a ‘fault’ of the cellphone industry.

  23. @Kevin…How did your phone work before it was modded? Apparently not up to par or else you wouldn’t have gone that route…Just Sayin’

  24. Samsung needs to focus on customer service and software updates after the sale. The vibrant is not ithe first disaster that they’ve been part of remember the behold 2.And I managed to verizon retail location doing the. Omnia the 1 and 2 disaster. Rated the worst phone ever made.

  25. @ Chuck

    If you looked up the updates to 2.2 &2.2.1 at, you would see that Samsung has provided updates to:

    Since August 2010 (2.2)
    Since December 2010 (2.2.1)

    Since August 2010 (2.2)

    Since September 2010 (2.2)

    Since November 2010 (2.2)

    Various other ‘carriers’:
    Since October 2010 (2.2)

    I can’t express enough to folks that Samsung HAS been providing updates, you really need to chastise the carriers!

  26. Stop making excuses for bad products and poor or no support after sales. Get your s##t together samsung.

  27. Why should I have to Root/Mod/Hack/Break my phone to make it work as advertised. This is the point the majority of us on this forum are getting at. That is great that you can Mod your phone to make it perform better but how about those of us who would rather run stock from the manufacturer/carrier. Stock should work as advertised and and updates provided in a timeley manner when said given updates are advertised to be released. If issues are known with the device, the manufacturer and carrier need to work diligently to resolve these issues diligently. This will keep a happy customer and bring in new ones.

  28. Samsung, go f**k yourself.

  29. Also, since December 2010 (yes, I know it still is), XDA developers have released pretty much every JPY variation that will work on just about any existing Galaxy S phone there is. I refer to GSM phones mainly, not sure about CDMA phones.

  30. Samsung is a waste of anyone’s time. I bought a nexus s thinking it would be better since they changed the radios and gps issue. Well, they did fix the gps, but the dumb phone dropped calls like a fat woman eating cheese cake! I returned the phone and won’t buy Samsung again. After my 52 in 2 yr old TV went bust last month over a known issue to everyone on the net but me, I have learned why everyone calls them crap sung!

  31. Samsung could be number one if they would hurry up and dish out upgrades to the Galaxy S phones in the U.S.

  32. @ MG

    Which brings me back to my previous point MG. Samsung has provided the carriers with updates, the carriers keep the updates from hitting the phones until they are satisfied with the final update so that it includes all their bloatware and any other functions they want to include. Samsung held up their end, it is the carriers that hold things up.

    And FYI, I can’t speak for Kevin, but my phone was great as a stock phone too. I’m a tinkerer and being able to mod my phone was a pleasant bonus that I wasn’t expecting.

  33. THIS VIBRANT WILL BE MY LAST Samsung phone!!!till they get an other out hahahha…best hardware even with 2.1 eclair no other phone come close to the galxy s phones..

  34. Wow, Samsung wants to be number one ehh? How about they deliver updates to their damn phones! They leave everyone in the dust to make their own Android updates, and they continualy put their effortonly in the hardware and not the software, We all know why Samsung isn’t number one, and I hope it stays that way till they learn to do updates to their phones.

  35. @samsung, hahahaha thats funny.

  36. If you say the Galaxy S phones are awesome because you’ve hacked/rooted and installed all kinds of custom shit on it, then you can go fuck yourself. The clear and simple truth is nobody should have to hack their phone to make it work properly. The fucking thing should work well the second you buy it. And if promised 2.2, then 2.2 should be given to you. Nobody should have to root their phone to get something that was promised to them months ago. So to all you nerds that think you’re cool for talking all techy on this forum, GO FUCK YOURSELVES!!!

  37. i had an omnia. never again.
    samsung promise much but dont deliver

  38. Your $500+ device should not be mod and hack to get it to work correctly. 99% of american are not geeks like the 1 % in xda forum. we just want a phone that works out of the box. And receive the proper support and update from manufacture.

    Its all samsungs fault for the delay on 2.2. they shipped the test rom later than all manfacture and it takes them forever to fix their build. They got all the shitty programers working for them. Only way for them to fix this is try to steal all the talented programmers from htc.

  39. *likes contraus’ comment*

  40. @ Contraus

    Reading must be a fundamental skill that you are lacking.

    If you looked at previous posts, Samsung has provided updates. It’s the carriers that choose to bend you over and stick it to you. Not Samsung.

    I don’t think I’m ‘cool’, but I am informed and make my decisions accordingly. If you get satisfaction out of telling informed people who take control of their devices to, and I quote, “GO FUCK YOURSELVES!!!”, then so be it.

    Go buy an iPhone or WP7 and complain about lack of updates and features in their forums.


  41. what a bunch of whiners…..BOO HOOOO my samsung owes me the world.
    First, crap happens, it’s life. My phone is in repairs because the internal sd memory failed.I paid full price for mine, over $500, It happens and I’ll get my phone back and life continues.
    The phone worked well, not fantastic on 2.1. Now with the 2.2 and it’s updates the phone will be a very smooth phone. My friends have no complaints with thier 2.2 galaxy phone. Some of you just have to get a life.

  42. Every one please, is not Samsung fault is the carriers holding the updates so they can put in their’s crapware.

  43. @ lbe

    “…Its all samsungs fault for the delay on 2.2. they shipped the test rom later than all manfacture and it takes them forever to fix their build…”

    Must not have read post number 25 or any other post explaining Carrier imposed penalties to updates that were provided so very long ago but never got out due to carriers having to mod it more to include more bloatware and other carrier specific ‘functions’…


  45. @Contraus, please name one phone that has come out of the box that is perfect? just name me one please.

  46. @Contraus….LOL you are such a moron.

  47. @jouten. i give you an example . take a look at how fast sprint and htc were able to get froyo on the evo. and evo has double the amount of crapware sprints put on than epic. and now all tier1 manufacture do get froyo source code at the same time. know your fact.

  48. I would personally still buy Samsung…I would trade my Droid for a Fascinate even now. Because it does have the best hardware of any verizon phone.

    You people just need to root. Unlike Motorola, Samsung has not put obnoxious roadblocks in your way. You can have 2.2 RIGHT NOW if you want it.

    Yes, their support is crap. But all of you already knew that before you bought Galaxy S phones. You should have bought it under the assumption that you would need to root and install custom ROMs. As long as you dont have to rely on Samsung for support, the Galaxy S phones are great.

  49. @ lbe

    Please give me more information (like time frame) on ‘how fast’ is?

    Please tell us, what are all these ‘tier1 manufacture’ are?

    Please provide us with sources for all these ‘facts’ you are spewing!

    I don’t see any ‘facts’ but only your own assumptions.

    At least provide a source of information that specifically point out these ‘facts’ you speak of. Other wise, it’s all BS. At least I provided sources for my info.

  50. Samsung will never be #1 because they have polluted their reputation when it comes to support. But so long as they dont tie my hands as an end user the way motorola does, I’d still buy their products if the hardware is good.

  51. @ JeffDenver

    Good point. When I watch videos or surf the net on the Galaxy S, it’s like having a pocket plasma tv! LOL!

  52. @ JeffDenver

    And I refer to the ‘if the hardware is good’ part of your comment.

  53. @ Jouten, i am 110% with you on this one, i love Samsung products, i know the are far from perfect when it comes to updating their software, but at least the make the best hardware and that for me is enough, god said my son go help your self and i will help you….

  54. Good luck with that, Samsung. I certainly won’t be buying another one of your non-supported phones.

  55. I don’t know why you guys are complaining about your vibrants.

    Mine is running half Froyo half Gingerbread and it is all Awesome!

    Just root your phone and install the Nero rom. T-Mobile wont release the update until they can strip everything good out of it, so don’t worry about it and just root your phone.

  56. just root your vibrant and install one of this roms, nero v3, ginger clone 2 or axura and talk to me later.

  57. wow. . . I’ve always had great success with Samsung products but it sounds like phones, at least Android phones, they aren’t doing as well as they could. . . I didn’t expect that.

  58. @Jouten
    Can you please show me where shows that the us phones have had 2.2 since the dates you specify. I specifically see no reference to epic (D700), I only see I9000 and it says this at the bottom of the page. “We see currently no market for USA models. But when we have new FW we update!”. I want this info so I can “discuss” this with my carrier. I am not trying to contradict you. I love the epic, but need 2.2 functionality such as install to SD and the ability to use the 2.2 specific apps from the market. I hope you can help me.

  59. NOKIA really? It as been 5 or 6 years since I have seen anyone using a Nokia phone. Back in The old ATT days before Cingular, they were everywhere. Blackberry took lead after that, then iPhone for a year or 2. Now HTC seems the most common. Samsung a strong 2nd, and iPhone in 3rd and dropping.

  60. Forgot the iPhone/Samsung hybrid…aka iPhone 4. Even though it possess the IPhone name, most of the components came from Samsung.

  61. My next phone will be a Samsung, because they have the best hardware out of all the manufacturers. Maybe they didn’t use aluminium on the Galaxy S, put at least the build quality is great, there’s no light leakage and stuff. And about the updates, you can blame your carrier if you don’t have Froyo. The i9000 has official 2.2.1 and it’s great.

  62. Yugo also made really great cars, you just had to upgrade the engine a little, the suspension, the tires, add a roll cage and do some rebadging and paint. :P

  63. “mber 30, 2010

    @jouten. i give you an example . take a look at how fast sprint and htc were able to get froyo on the evo.”

    Ill give you a counter example. I own an HTC desire and got froyo at the end of september. HTC released froyo months beforehand. Im an australian who uses Telstra, and Telstra just had to get their bloat into HTC’s rom. Then telstra had to ‘test’ it for network compatibility. Then HTC had to test it before finally google had to test it. Heres an important fact for you yanks, when your carriers are done bloating, they have to send it to google for approval before it can be released to you.
    Jouten isnt talking crap here, australian galaxy s phones on optus and vodafone both have 2.2. Telstra galaxy s, as they run on ‘next G’ (850mhz) and are at telzilla’s bloatware-ing mercy are still awaiting the update.

    Case in point:

  64. I900 and other high-end Samsung models are made in Korea, but most of their phones comes from China (check at

  65. Samsung should focus on being number 1 for software updates and should continue increasing capacity at its Super AMOLED production facilities.

  66. @SamBam

    I choose Door # 2 – even when the U.S. carriers finally release their 2.2 Galaxy S updates, the ROMs are still better and you can still do more with a rooted phone.

  67. To all the ones that think they are great hackers of crap!!! Are you telling me that my carrier sends updates through Samsung keys? Do not the carriers tell Samsung what apps to put on the phones so they will sell product for Samsung? Get your facts right!!! Why youtube videos on how to crack open your samsung so gps works a little better? I updated my phone to 2.2 Dec 10th went from a few problems to a lot of problems but no sd failure to date cross my fingers. Gps kept searching standing in an open field, bluetooth kept pausing then on again made music bad, lag was worse, phone calls droped to my swipe lock screen, Tv out was none. I updated from factory reset so there were no apps in the way of that update. Had a 2 way with bell and Samsung both cluless and unawere of any problems with these phones both lied dont have a clue that these phones have Tv out. Waited days for higher ups to call back guess they are out to lunch with the big boss. Called samsung again on the 23rd was emailed a shipping lable. Woke up Chrismas eve to see facebook post 3 hours old saying they where sorry and to update on kies. When I updated I was getting a crepto error. So I called 1800Samsung guess when they heard and didn’t know what to do the guy said there is no update I read word for word the facebook page told him even kies had a popup saying there was one. Asked to speak to his super was told there was no update read to her as well asked her to look she maybe was to busy crapping next to the other guy and yelled again “there is no update” and hungup. I called back same number someone other then the 2 wanted my info this time I cut him off and said ” I just want to know if this new update thats 3 hours old is okay to load heard others say it good” he said its good came out on the 23rd. I said what told him about my call minutes ago he said nothing. I told him about my error I was getting he was clueless on how to get around that? I fixed it after I had a smoke thinking maybe if I take the sd card out reset the phone. It worked. The phone is better but now wifi dont go from wifi spot to wifi spot with out turning on and off, phone after after other person hangs up goes to swip lock screen, gps still not good better b but not good. I will never buy Samsung again and bell just keeps on selling crap so call center is busy. Those are my facts even have all the ticket #s to prove it if you need when your hacked phones wont get warranty. Law firm will be will be getting this phone and copys of others that are pissed on the internet. I’ll say I just need a phone keep the cash you get oh and here is the tickets and recordings maybe then they well treat costumers happy on their path to fame. And to these proud hackers hope you can use your phone to hold paper down when the wind blows. So to those waiting for 2.2 hope Samsung don’t touch your code and give your network lots of calls. Maybe they can use some want to be hackers like yourselfs. Look around use google alerts then tell me your facts.

  68. Why even discuss this . It is a know fact that samsung plans to sell more phone but not updating their firmware so suckers will keep buying , newer phones like the galaxy 2 .come on people when are you going to open your eyes.

  69. Jouten, Kevin!

    I would really like to know what steps you guys took to get your Galaxy S where it is at today. I have not seen anything in regards to a kickstand mod, or anything making the Vibrant HSPA+ compatible. Any advice from you guys would be greatly appreciated! I am a Vibrant owner, and clearly recognize how superior Samsung’s hardware is to other phones. I would not mind having to mod my Vibrant to get it to where yours is at. Especially your Kevin! Please respond!

  70. I really can’t understand the philosophy. Why should I have to work on my 500 dollar phone to make it work properly. And why would anyone on this site or any other site be upset with someone for wanting their phone to work as it should. I have no desire to work on my phone rooted modified or do anything of the sort I just wanted to work. And if you promise to update it should be delivered I don’t care who fault it is the manufacture are the carrier get your shit together. Because when its all said and done samsung’s reputation is what’s taking the beating

  71. Get Nero V3 ROM with Voodoo from XDA forum. It’s 2X faster than 2.1 with laggy Samsung RFS filesystem and better battery life.

  72. @ Keith Boykin

    Here is the link, but you have to sign in first:

    And yes Keith, I am referring to the Galaxy S i9000. I am not sure about the Epic.

    I would recommend doing a search at the XDA Developers Forum and see if there is anyone doing hacks for the Epic 4G.

    Good luck and speedy mods friend!

  73. @ Mobile Guy

    I have seen a few ROMs at XDA Developers site:

    Of course these links may/may not be deleted by the host of these comments of course! (Same goes for my previous posts)

    Good luck Mobile Guy!

  74. hey Daryl it could be worst, imagine owning an iphone where steve jobs tell you what you have to get on your 600.00 phone.

  75. @ ACR, you are right i been using it for two weeks and so far is a beast of a rom.

  76. @ Daryl

    “… Why should I have to work on my 500 dollar phone to make it work properly…”

    You shouldn’t, and Samsung already provided updates to remedy this.

    I feel like I’m baning my head against a wall here.

    Why is it so hard for people to understand that the carriers are by and large responsible for all these lack of updates? I know it’s a Samsung Product, but really, I kid you not, the carriers are to mainly blame here!

    I am tired of posting logical explanations on this anymore. It just seems to fall on deaf eyes…

  77. Thanks to all the readers who ‘get it’, btw.

    Have a great New Year!

  78. I sold my vibrant and I’m happy that updating the galaxy s line is no longer my problem. They might be number one but they will never get my support fo shizzle.

  79. @ You

    I am clearly disappointed in You. LOL!

  80. I’ll never touch Samsung until their notoriety on software support, or lack there off, is totally erased. As of now I’m sticking the HTC’s Desire line, even though they don’t advertise it they have a solid reputation of keeping their Desire line-up up to date with the latest android version; and that earns my loyalty.

  81. If You Guys want to be number one you should probably start with giving the galaxy s phones froyo or gingerbread.

  82. #1 in treating customers badly, that’s about all they can be number one with in my book.

  83. i had the g1 and then i got the vibrant some months ago and with the g1 i was so pleased with and with the vibrant its the total opposite im tired of not getting any updates or any concern from samsung….and honestly i am now sure they dont care about their customers at all…once my contract runs out im sprinting to a htc phone and maybe even a ….apple phonE….thats how angry samsung has gotten me….SAMSUNG YOU SUCK AND TREAT YOUR CUSTOMERS TERRIBLY

  84. I am not american though lived in the US for 7 years. I think I understand the ‘who sucks will pay the consequences because of competition’ idea, really! But what I don’t understand is how comes american people don’t realize how much carriers screw them(you)! Because they do, screw you… with all those crapwares, and no tethering, and bing search that’s hard to take away… (when you don’t want it) and extra $10 for 4G that isn’t functional yet… I know that sometimes regulation can suck, but it can also help! I am European (French), and believe me the things the american carriers do to you would never happen in Europe, never! and because of regulations… crapwares, yes but you can take them off easily (w/o rooting…), no tethering, they would try, and after 2 weeks would be told they cannot do that… I live in Italy now, for 60 euros (75-80 dollars) you have telephone, cable, internet and cellphone with 800 minutes and 3G of data! This is real competition, that’s what good regulation is all about! making sure that companies compete! understand me well: not that competition, in general, doesn’t happen in the US, neither that regulation can’t be too much, but in the cable/internet/cellphone sector, in the US you really get screwed! Yes unchallenged competition works, but when there are so few companies to compete (for mobile:4 national-sized, for cable/internet, what 2/3 -at least in many area-: knology, comcast, who else?) It might not be a monopoly, but it is a oligopoly!
    I am really not trying to dismiss the functioning of things in the US as a general statement, but about that, believe me it could (should!!!) be better!

  85. You guys are a bunch of whiner babies. You have a phone as high end as a galaxy s and you just cry about software updates. You own a phone that’s higher end than 99% of the phones out there, problems and all, but then start sobbing endlessly about how horrible Samsung is. Yeah, Samsung is destroying your life by offering up a super high end phone and only giving you Android 2.1. Everyone who is complaining about Samsung just enjoys complaining and that is their only reason for continuing to cry. Yes, everyone.

  86. People who buy the best demand the best, and we’re not getting it — that’s the problem. I don’t think it’s too much to ask for timely software updates. The Epic at least was released with an outdated OS (2.1 when 2.2 was out) and, as I understand it, promised an update within 1-2 months. That passed and there was no update. Then it became the end of the year, and that’s not happening either. Now 2.3 is out, making us 2 OSes behind — that’s ridiculous for a high-end model. There’s nothing wrong with the phone as-is on 2.1, but it will be better with 2.2, a promised upgrade that has yet to be made. I think people are anxious to get what they were promised, and the lack of information about what’s causing the delays and how much longer we’ll have to wait is annoying people. If we got some clear communication, I think people would be less frustrated by the situation.

  87. I have the fascinate, and this will be my last Samsung phone I own!

  88. If Samsung went out of business, I would not shed a tear.

  89. Can someone please tell me if I can root my verizon fascinate and if so where do I go and how do I do it. Not a geek so I need straight forward directions.

  90. Also, once rooted will I be able to use my phone normally or will I be without some functionality it came with?

  91. Palease!!!!!

    Samsung better get their development/test team’s act together.

    How can they be number 1 if they cannot even get Froyo 2.2 for their Galaxy S line of phones out on time!

    I understand that sometimes ship dates slip as I have been in the business for going on 11 years now but you don’t slip your dates a third time in a row!

    How unprofessional is that? They must be hiring development from the bottom of the barrel!

    These problems have been going on before with their past models of mobile devices.

    Someone get some fresh management in the company who knows the development process!

  92. This is the first and LAST time I every own a samsung phone!!!

  93. There are 3 classes of cell phone users:

    1: Those who don’t know that Android OS can be upgraded on their phone. This accounts for over 95% of the market. These are your moms, dads, grandmothers, teenage children, etc… They don’t base their opinion of Samsung on whether Froyo is ever released for their Galaxy variant, because they don’t know know what it is.

    2: Those who know that Android OS can be upgraded on their phone, and do so via custom ROMS. This accounts for about 0.01% of the market. They think Samsung are idiots, but don’t really care since they can get Froyo by customizing anyway.

    3: Those who know they can upgrade Android, but for whatever reason, they don’t. Maybe they’re not adventurous enough, or they don’t know how, etc… This is less than 10% of the market, but they have almost no effect on Samsung’s sales figures.

    Almost everybody who posts on the internet is either in category 2 or 3. Samsung targets sales at category 1.

  94. How can they be Number 1 when they haven’t even release Froyo or Gingerbread yet?

  95. InspectorGadget
    They have released Froyo, your provider hasn’t made it available to you.

  96. “#1 I’m #1” looks like E-bay is picking up with these #1 phones cheaper then at the stores! How can you root if sd screws up phone don’t boot up because I tried to root. I never bought a north amercan car new to screw it up. If Samsung made cars they would be a road hazared and made to fix(recall). Sounds like alot of complaints going to groups that protect consumers here in Canada. Mabe Samsung coders are working the line pushing out crap phones at the plant at China! anyone ever see where the phone distrect? I have seen for myself you can have 3 plants next to each other one makes the good phones other 2 use cheaper crap so phone price stays low. As long as they stay at under 5% defect all is well. But Samsung is going to get cought at screwing costumers. Whos phones are black dead after bad firmwear. Never heard of a bell coder putting out firmwear. Not long ago in the sat box coders where giving out code for dish and putting the bomb code so box would die. Why would they to sell more boxes to tv junkies. Root your phones how you going to call when you find out someone planted code to data mine your banking info?

  97. Again inspecter updates at least here are through Samsung kies not my provider!!! Do your homework.

  98. Sorry not to the inspecter but to the inspecter corman

  99. Samsung is junk! I will never spend another nickel on ANY Samsung product! Also for all you ROM flashing/hacking updaters on here good luck! Somtimes it just takes some people longer to realize they’ve been had. Samsung is just another Toyota, just deny the problems exist and they will go away!

  100. They make good hardware, but until they kepp their phones up to date they will always be a side show.

  101. I could never uy a Samnsung cause they only copy This adds nothing to Android IMHO. I cannot support any company that only copies the leader…its feels like that gumby in the classroom who gets as good as marks as you because all he does is copies all your work and pople like that just piss me off.

  102. Samsung needs to get its shit together if it wants to be number 1 which I doubt it will ever happen. They haven’t been able to upgrade the Galaxy S line of phones to Froyo is 4 months past due. I sold my GS and bought myself an iPhone….Fuck Samsung.

  103. @Chuckie

    Updates may come through samsung kies, but that doesnt mean samsung is responsible for lack of updates.

    Like i said earlier, YOUR carrier slows updates down by testing it within their mobile network, developing apps to cram into your rom. THEN they send the update to samsung, so samsung can ensure that your carrier didnt break anything (or, samsung develops the software on order from your carrier, your carreir tests). After this, it goes to Google for testing which takes around a week (My experience with 850 3G telstra HTC desire).

    All australian providers selling the Samsung galaxy s have 2.2 available save telstra (same reasons as above). Blame your slow carriers, which is pathetic considering they were beaten to Galaxy S 2.2 by OPTUS for crying out loud. SHOULD NOT HAPPEN (Also, we dont pay extra for tethering. you should fix that with your carriers.)

  104. I made a mistake, Samsung US has not yet released 2.2 in the US, regardless of what sites claim. It’s like Motorola delaying all their updates and still doing so…they post a road map of alleged future updates and we saw how that went.”Carriers” can’t do anything until Samsung releases it in the US. Those from other fortunate countries that have received it, are just that, fortunate but obviously, cannot speak to US updates, Jonathan.

  105. @ Grimis, go to the xda developers, there you will find what you need, from learning how to root your phone to installing roms.

  106. “”Carriers” can’t do anything until Samsung releases it in the US”

    Ok i apologise for my mistake :) I assumed samsung would release 2.2 globally and it would simply be customised by carriers.
    That is incredibly counter-intuitive for samsung to do. Seems they do deserver a bad rap then.

  107. Samsung will never be number one. To all you people claiming it’s because of the carriers who haven’t released FroYo I still blame Samsung. If they want to be number one in the US at least acknowledge we want the update and push the carriers to push out the updates if they supposedly released it to the carriers. To everyone in the US, Samsung should realize we see it that it’s their fault.

  108. I still have 2.1 on my Vibrant, Sammy is way behind, ….. again and again!!

  109. @ moises
    Thanks very much.

  110. They shouldn’t become number 1 with their horrid customer service. Telstra Galaxy S I9000T user, still no froyo, probably never will be. Their responses to the public when asked about this are nothing but rubbish.

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