CLIQ XT 2.1 Delayed, Again


File this in my “shocked” drawer. Motorola needs to do some “additional testing” before it can make its CLIQ XT users less outdated. And that’s not even the worst of it: For those of you suckered into buying this device through Walmart’s Straight Talk, you can simply forget dreams of Eclairs altogether.

But don’t take my word for it, pop over to Motorola’s Software Upgrade page and have a gander for yourself, lines three and four.

They might as well either release it OTW as is and say “take it, but it isn’t ready. And we’re done” or “We lied and had no intention of ever making Eclair, please don’t hate us. Look, Honeycomb!”.

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“Where’s the flashlight?” … “No, it has Flash LITE!”

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  1. Oh no!!! Screw u MOTO!

  2. That’s exactly why I sold mine for 180 on eBay.. I still have no clue how I did that too;) Samsung vibrant is Def.. better!!

  3. This is probably a direct result of the complaints made by Cliq users after they got 2.1 and it wasn’t the second coming they thought it would be.

  4. It’s a shame that a couple of people in Brazil, a handful of others around the world, who have lives outside of modding cell phones, can make this unit work with 2.1. Then a Chinese student can fix the speakerphone toggling issue. People from Motorola, who are paid big bucks, and doing this full time, and had a huge head start, can’t. Moto-fail indeed.

  5. I’m using the leaked stock 2.1 ROM for cliq xt (Quench outside US) since November, but it is not ready for general use. The speaker bug make the “phone” function almost unusable, but its 100 times better than Blur with android 1.5. Hope that at least they let “leak” another ROM without the bug in the audio driver even if its not final… I’ve lost faith in Motorola

  6. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA who would buy this phone in the first place?

  7. LOL nice post!

  8. Actually its not thru straight talk, its thru family mobile. But regardless yeah it sucks

  9. In third world countries like India, China, Brazil or Argentina (where I live) the Motorola Quench (CliqXT) its a mid/top of the line phone sold as new technology, with a cost of more than 250 US dollars with a 2 year contract… Hahahaha. The Galaxy S cost like US $650 with a 2 year contract…We are screwed!!!

  10. Root your phone! If you have to pay someone to do it then do it. Roms are available and the phone will be so much faster. I know I have an original Cliq & it has done me wonders. Head to XDA Developers website “www.xda-developers.com” and get to it. What are you still reading this for..GO!

  11. It’s unbelievable the lack of respect they are showing us to. I’m a cliq xt owner/victim. Got the phone in march with the promise of 2.1 within a week or 2. They pushed the update back repeatedly with sorry excuses of open gl and jit compiler, all b.s. lies. They deserve to go bankrupt.
    If any company wishes to give me a newer phone I will let them have this turd for skeet shooting

  12. Up until 2 years ago, I was a big Motorola fan. That’s is until I got my first Android (G1). I must say, everything I have been hearing about Motorola is quite disappointing. They used to be on top of their game and were big innovators is the mobile market. Now, they are becoming a joke. I hate it for them, but they brought this all on themselves. Whether they got lazy, stupid or just plain dont give shit about consumers anymore. It’s sad, really.

  13. worst then samsung, at least samsung updated their bh2 costumers to 1.6

  14. Got rid of mine, new phone, runnin’ 2.2, happy as can be!!!

  15. The Fail is strong with this one…

  16. @lilafc
    Yeah, I got rid of mine too. I got a samsung Vibrant. Rooted it and it has Nero V3. The cliq Xt in question was given to my 12 year old sister for her to use as a WiFI device.

  17. why is T-Mobile reinventing another phone…the worst thing is that it wasn’t a good phone to begin with…T-Mobile you can never move forward until you let go of the past…GET SOME NEW PHONES!

  18. I bet it doesn’t even have T-Mobile’s version of 4G???

  19. Wow I bet HTC is gaining new customers as a result of motofail

  20. @NowVoyager: Lmao! I enjoyed your video on my rooted Cliq. Thanks for the laugh buddy! (thumbs up) :D

  21. 4g or not to 4g-hey brilliant one…this article was so 2 weeks ago & if you knew anything, then you’d know that this is not the same version as T-Mobile sells, moron. Wal-Mart sold a Cliq XT that was a slightly watered version of the original XT. This does not apply to the XT sold by T-Mobile. If you knew better, you’d do better.

  22. @Manny: WRONG lmao! It applys to ALL CLIQ XT’S in the good ol US of A..here click on the linky.. https://supportforums.motorola.com/community/manager/softwareupgrades Enjoy.

  23. @frankless. You’re apparently dumb too
    Go to Motorola’s website, idiot

  24. Lmao at Frank. What an idiot!

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