Ford Sync Now Talks to Google Maps



Ford just updated its Sync features to hookup to your Android device. You’ll now be able to plot your route from Google Maps on your Android handset and push it to any ’10 or ’11 Ford that supports Sync’s TDI.

With the app you’ll also be able to view traffic updates for your route and even let it predict traffic based on weather; now if it will only tell us when your teenage driver is out, we’d be set for life.

[Images and Source courtesy of Electronista]

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  1. Why are those iPhone screenshots?

  2. Isn’t the whole Sync thing a Micro$oft product though?

  3. I know, I lose.
    I’d look for something better, but I doubt I could get something Android and Sync related.
    In the end, I still lose.

  4. My next car will almost definitely be a Ford with Sync

  5. Actually they do have a similar program that let’s you control the speed, volume, and radio settings of a car called “mykey”, that let’s the parents control what they’re kids can/can’t do in the car.

  6. apologies for my grammar mistakes.

  7. My mom went out and got a 2008 Focus, and I learned how to use sync with it, so I got a 2009 Focus SES Coupe. Blacked out with the 17″ wheels…fun car. Too bad Ford upgraded Sync in the Focus from 2010 on. Does the early adopter rule apply here, making my complaint invalid?

  8. That’s another reason why I want a tablet with navigation.. so I can easily install it to the dashboard of my car and boom. :)

  9. Its about time. Now if they only made a reliable vehicle we’d be in good shape.

  10. HAHAHA, now every idiot will go out take a loan and buy a $15K car because it has $500 device with Sync? :))) only in America!
    I think my next car will still be repo’d Toyota and I’ll just reinstall my carPC with custom built wide range wifi antenna :)

  11. about the motorola tablet that is supposed to have a lte radio.
    check this link

  12. Aw, be fair, Snaggletooth. Ford’s been doing fantastic these last couple years – though before that, you’d be right.

  13. This functionality should become standard on more vehicles. I recently bought a 2010 Mazda 3 (which I named “Mrazda”), it has navigation. The car is great, but navigation SUCKS!!! And updating the map card is >$100. I would rather have my HTC incredible screen displayed on the navigation screen in my dash. I am sure most of this can be done aftermarket, but the carmakers who make it built in will win. Ford is looking better and better each day…

  14. I keed I keed! :) You’re absolutely right ManiacalShen: Ford, Chevy & Chrysler have ALL improved dramatically over the past few years.

  15. Alright Snaggle… now you’ve gone too far. Chrysler has only improved at the speed they are regressing.

  16. Note to Ford+Sync owners. This works only with the TDI-equipped Sync, which is negated by having factory nav. So if you have Sync and the factory nav system, this WILL NOT work for you.

  17. It’s nice to see the domestic automakers doing good these days. They’ve always been good at innovating, but lagged behind the Japanese and Euros in quality.
    Toyota on the otherhand is on the decline. For years they got by on reputation alone making bland boring reliable cars, but In their quest to overtake GM they became GM.
    The Koreans are going to do to the Japanese automakers what the Japanese did to the American automakers, but it’s going to be worse because the Japanese have a small home market to fall back on.
    If you don’t believe me just look what happend to the Japanese electronics industry. The Koreans and Chinese are killing them. There was a time when almost all electronic devices were built in Japan, that’s just not the case anymore.

  18. Ford sync is one of the only reasons I would consider getting a Ford at all. It is actually pretty nifty and is “learning to talk to” more and more devices and applications.

    For those touting domestic… have a look at where most Fords are built these days. That’s right! Mexica and Canada. Ironically the “Japanese” cars are the ones that are currently being assembled in the US, for the most part.

  19. I have a 2011 Mustang with Sync, and for the most part its pretty cool. the only problem is that the Bluetooth audio will just quit working (it is a Mickysoft product).

    I’ll have to check on the app and the Sync update sometime today. May have to take it to the dealer to fix the bluetooth audio issue.

  20. I have a 2011 Ford Edge and bought it because of the sync system. The first Android phone from sprint (Intercept) didn’t work with Sync but they replaced it with a Transform that works great.

    I also have a Touch Pro with Windows that works well.

    I am excited to see how Sync grows as we move forward.

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