Google and NORAD Teaming Up Again to Track Santa!


It’s that time! As Santa gets ready to to lift off, delivering goodies to all the good little boys and girls, NORAD is ready to track his progress and bring him down if he mistakenly leaves a lump of coal in the wrong stocking (like mine), and this year is no different. Once again NORAD will receive some help from Google, which will also help you figure out where Jolly Ol’ Saint Nick is and if it’s time to get to bed.

Google and NORAD have provided the kids with a number of ways to see where he is at:

The tradition of stalking Santa started way back in 1955 when Sears had a misprint in their catalogue that sent callers looking for the Santa hotline to NORAD instead.

With that said, we’ll take this as my signing off until Sunday. This one man train is ready for a few days off. Happy holidays, my fellow Phandroidians; keep your cocoa, and coconuts, warm and stay safe out there!

[via Tech Crunch]

Tyler Miller

Pegman Getting a Santa Hat in Google Maps

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  1. good vid

  2. Why is the a WHAM. Video on this page?

  3. Sorry, was typing on my phone.

    Corrected: Why is there a WHAM video on this page?

  4. Great allocation of funds, etc in a time when we are all scaling back in REAL LIFE. Merry Christmas, Droidheads.

  5. Found a typo, I believe when you said ‘lump of goal’ you ment lump of coal :)

  6. Skunkpbguy, you need to get some Christmas Spirit, either that or take the piece of coal out of your, well, you know what.

  7. This is stupid, and christmas is stupid. Yal too grown up for this. Thats why i love the grinch, i wish he would stop christmas all together muhahahaha. And for anyone who is butt hurt by my comments too bad, because i dont believe in lying to kids about santa or christmas for jesus.

  8. Skunkbpguy, im not real thrilled about this use of tax payer money either. I work for the federal government and get chewed out about costing tax layers money if im 1 minute late clocking in, but somehow using norad employees time to track a mythical person is okay?

  9. Btw, props to tyler for being so devoted to bringing is our android news. Running a one man show and you still have no glaring errors in your articles. That’s more than quynten can pull off when you guys are fully staffed!

  10. Jrdroid & Skunkpbguy, someone writing a script in their spare time to execute on the 24th does not constitute a waste of taxpayers money.

    It’s not like 5 people are huddled in a room moving a pin on a map and uploading the co-ordinates every 10 minutes.

    Get a grip guys, it’s Christmas!

  11. @DC – you’re an idiot. That is all.

  12. I think there are some people who are jealous of santa. Sadness

  13. To DC.. Bet you lie to your kids about the mythical reason for xmas.. JESUS!!

    Ohh yea a jewish ZOMBIE is back from the dead to save your soul!!! DUMBA@@!!

    On that note. Merry X-mas to all.. And to all a good day!

  14. Thanks for waisting our taxes. Thank you from all the people that this Christmas has not money for celebrations, kids gifts… F..Y rich people.

  15. @damule6666 do some research idiot, if you read my comments you would no christmas has nothing to do jesus dummy. Pick up a britanica encyclopedia and read about the origins of christmas.

  16. Thanks for the Wham version of the song. I get sick of hearing that new version.

  17. FYI the Santa NORAD at Google Maps does not work. But in un-related news. The

    http://HDCell.ADWheelerPhotography.com link does work and it will net you some pretty cool HD Wallpapers for your Android. My Christmahanakwansika gift to you! Have a good one everybody!!

  18. Santa needs a GPS. His routing is terrible.

  19. Santa got shot down over Liechtenstein. Such an evil nation. We need to invade it.

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