Nexus S Now Available in UK


Nexus S Carphone Warehouse
What a long road it has been. First you had the initial waiting leading up to your original launch date, only to have it delayed until today, then that’s pretty much it. Like Tom Petty said, “waiting is the hardest part”.

But now that all of that is over, it’s time to enjoy the fruits of your patience. If you’re ready to take the dive, or just need to browse a few more times before you make a final call, head over to Carphone Warehouse’s Nexus S page.

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  1. Hopefully Nexus One update starts trickling down soon!

  2. Picked mine up from the flagship store on Oxford Street – They had 19 in stock and they have all gone now…

  3. Picked mine up from one of the stores in Manchester, they had a grand total of 10. Seeing a massive difference over the Milestone I was using before, this thing is blisteringly fast…so far so good.

  4. already got one delivered from yesterday evening via carphonewarehouse pre-order

  5. I assume this piece is referring to physical outlet availability only, as I ordered mine on the 20th and received it yesterday.
    I upgraded from a Nexus One, so whilst it hasn’t blown me away, I’m still very impressed. From this point forward, I think it’s fair to say that I’ll be buying at least the next few of Google’s reference/Nexus devices.

  6. I saw the device here in the US, it’s great.

  7. First impressions are….

    I have to wait until Christmas :-(

  8. Well it seems that they have been selling out here in the U.S. and over in Europe, cool. I got mine but I still don’t expect them to sell that many. I don’t care I LMAO reading those were is my update comments.

  9. The fruits of my ‘patients’ have not been very tasty. I do not recommend you try them.

  10. Ordered this morning. Dispatched this afternoon. Due for delivery tomorrow (no snow here!).

    Seems like there are plenty if you want them…

  11. Doctor Who,
    Some may disagree. <3 and thanks.

  12. I’ll be shipping mine out from the US, given that even at £430, the price is fucking ridiculous.

  13. £430 for an unlocked device is fine.
    If memory serves, my Nexus One from Google was £380, but then the VAT was £40, making it £420. The VAT invoice will arrive about 2 weeks after your device does, so good luck thinking you’ve saved yourself tons of money.

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