Nexus S Delayed in the UK


To my friends sitting close to the Prime Meridian, I have this to say: Sorry, dudes.

The Nexus S for you all has been pushed back to the 22nd of this month; and even when it does launch it will only be available in “key stores”. How a low stock on hand of this device is possible, I’ll never know. The news is bitter sweet; while the date has been pushed, the price slash for the SIM free version has been confirmed to be sticking.

Recommendations are for customers to order online with “instant ship” to ensure the quickest possible delivery from warehouse to hand. But doing that may result in a missed December 25th delivery, for those of you hoping.

[via Engadget]

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  1. Mine shipped about 36 minutes ago. I ordered on-line and the transaction was completed only a few hours ago, so Carphone are being pretty efficient, even if they’re low on units.

  2. @Khalid, you’re lucky. Ordered mine on announcement day. They’ve already taken payment (the previous price I may add) and no sign yet.

  3. Hm. Typical. As soon as I posted that, the SMS came saying it was on it’s way :)

  4. @grimmy
    You should get a call, or call them after you receive you device to get it for the cheaper price. £120 is £120

  5. The Sorcerer’s Apprentice was awsome.

  6. as long as i can get it on my upgrade date which is the 24th then i’m happy!

    just on the phone now to find out which are the ‘key stores’ and to see if i can get one put aside for me. wish me luck lol

  7. maybe SuperAMOLED shortages again?

  8. wouldn’t surprise me if it was the snow – for the international readers (most of you lol), the uk has currently grinded to a halt practically because of the heavy snow we’re having.

  9. Just ordered mine, now the price has dropped. No shipment notification yet but my credit card company stopped the payment for an anti-fraud check and I only just got off the phone to CW to sort it out so no surprise there!

  10. Me too,

    got the text saying it had been dispatched about an hour ago. Hope it gets here tomorrow. Need my new toy!

  11. hardly surprising. nothing is shipping here because of the snow :|

  12. yeah its due to the snow over here….nothing is getting delivered.

  13. Got my CPW email last night with the tracking ID for DHL. Parcel is on it’s way and should be with me today!!!

  14. Got mine today. It feels snappy :)

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