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Users of the Samsung EPIC 4G may be getting a Boxing Day treat. The real FroYo should be making its way to devices beginning December 26th and continuing over a four day period. Phone Arena was tipped off with a phone shot detailing what is going to go down while the rest of us are burning the wrapping paper in the fire place, because it’s good for the earth.
Froyo-update-Samsung-Epic-4G (1)

Show of hands: How many of you are going to wait until you get the official notification to update OTA, versus hunting around to find it OTW?

[via Phone Arena]

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  1. Can’t wait for the fascinate upgrade:)

  2. We will see. Samsung has a poor history with upgrades. I wouldn’t be surprised if this falls flat.

  3. I’m definitely going to get the OTA.

  4. And then it will get pulled due to bugs.

  5. Wow hey great! Now what about the Captivate and the Fascinate? Hell they should be the easiest to upgrade seeing as they are damned near exact knock offs of the original Galaxy S overseas.

  6. I’m wondering how this will effect those of us who installed the “wrong” version awhile back. Will the automatic update recognize that we need to upgrade?

  7. *gold claps* Finally. Now get to the other three carriers.

  8. Since im already running Eclair 2.1. I guess i am considered to be waiting. Not really counting on it though, not enough proof for me.

  9. I will wait for Sprint to issue the upgrade. By doing this I can simply take it to my Srint store for repair if it bricks my phone!

  10. Damn, I thought this phone launched with Froyo, but then I remembered it was a Samsung.

  11. Has anyone found a way to revert back to 2.1 for those of us who took the plunge on the earlier leak?

  12. Odin back to 2.1.

  13. After the fiasco that was the “official” update of a couple weeks ago (that thing was buggy as hell), I’m content to just wait for the official OTA.

  14. I just remembered Quentin had provided a link earlier: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=773032

  15. @JuAndroid Do a search in the forums here, there’s a couple different tutorials – and a couple of different methods.

  16. WTF! Last one released gets the first upgrades…. That’s BS Samsung!

    Not that I care… I’m running Custom ROMs anyway. :-P

  17. It’s about time, I guess continual emails to Sprint and Samsung, not to mention calls, might be paying off. I had sent an email to Sprint the other day and received a reply of instruction of how to get Froyo on my Epic, not very clear to say the least. I called tech support last night and was told they had no update, but they did say the store would have it before them (thought this was odd) either way, I’m taking my Epic into the store along with my rfeceived email and see what happens. Reading this article, things could look promising finally.

  18. —AT&T FREE MSG: AT&T is providing a free update for your phone. When asked to install the update, please select OK. Thank You.—
    Thats the message i just got from at&t

  19. No body cares anymore! I’m running chuck norris 2.6!

  20. Phandroid is always posting some bogus trash and the readers are even more stupid for actually believing them. When was the last time any article from this site was on ponit. Don’t always believe what you read.

  21. Damn, so much awful uber-nerdy pessimism about this update! It’s kind of disgusting. No one seems to understand the software development/testing life-cycle.

  22. This is true. Google epic 4g froyo. This is an actual memo to sprint support. For those (like me) who jumped the gun and flashed the leaked build known as DK28, you must revert back to DI18 to get the OTA update. If you have older versions, you will get the update later in the 4 days google servers are actively issuing froyo for our epics. Maybe knowing how buggy froyo has been on other galaxy phones sprint held off to make this update known as DL11 more stable which i greatly appreciate of them doing. Besides this info, i bet you guys wouldnt be satisfied with this. Stop your bitching and realize you bought your phone already knowing what it is capable of. If it gets updates or not is just an extra advantage. Merry christmas you filthy animals.

  23. Wow, it only took Samsung and Sprint four months to roll out an update that my Evo had on it before the Epic was released! This update should be to 2.3, not 2.2.
    I’m so not impressed.

  24. A cellphone pic of an “internal company memo”. Yeah, this seems legit. At least the last time Phandroid reported on the upgrade it came with a link to the Google code base.

  25. After phandroid’s last froyo leak rumor, I think ill wait for OTA instead of from the web

  26. Hopefully this is true, because it would get Froyo out by the end of the year, which is what GalaxySsupport on Twitter had been saying for a release schedule just a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find an official statement from either Samsung or Sprint on this, so it’s still just rumors/speculation right now. Let’s keep our fingers crossed, but not hold our breath. ;)

  27. search it man…no patience (i have this itch)

  28. @johnpo Android Central and Droidguys are also reporting this push of the ota. And phandroid’s frequently right. Remember who broke photos of the LG B? Phandroid. Tone down your bile, will you?

  29. Thats ridiculous. A new phone with android 2.1? Sheesh my EVO I just bought has 2.2. What a mess Samsung is!!

  30. Just talked to the Sprint store folks today. They said the push is suppose to start going out on the 26th, over the air. Fingers crossed, I too agree, Samsung does not have it together like HTC does.

  31. Said so long to my Vibrant, got a mytouch 4g, and opened a new line to get a free G2 on cyber Monday. Do not regret the decision. Bring on that 2.3.

  32. For those who downloaded the leaked version, you will not get the OTA. If you don’t know how to use ODIN, then take it to your local Sprint Tech and they can do it for you. They did mine for free.

  33. I’m waiting for the OTA. Just received my Epic… and soon to come update Hell Yea!!!

  34. Its 204 on dec 26 and still no froyo on the epic 4g. Tulsa,ok


  36. Wish I’d returned this Epic (fail) within the first 30 days, nothing but trouble.

  37. Any updates for anyone yet?

  38. FYI All……

    “According to an article over on Ubergizmo by way of Brief Mobile, the official word has come down that Samsung Epic owners won’t be getting the Android 2.2 Froyo update as expected in December but has been shoved over to January.”

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