Dec 22nd, 2010

nfcNear Field Communication is nothing new; the issue is the world just hasn’t caught on to it yet. Japan is way ahead of the game and you would be hard pressed to find something you couldn’t pay for by waiving your NFC device around, I’ve also heard Holland is big on NFC. As an American I feel behind the times when I see a vending machine that accepts credit/debit cards and think “Wow, we are really moving ahead”.

Hopefully we are seeing the beginning of the end to a world without NFC, beginning with the Nexus S. Now that, that device is semi-readily available iSuppli has made the bold prediction that by 2014, 220.1 million(13%) devices will ship NFC enabled. The numbers shipped this year were 52.6 million, an estimated 418% increase in a few short years.

The numbers may seem out of this world, but considering that three out of the four major US cellular providers, T-Mobile, AT&T and Verizon, have teamed up with Discover and Barclay’s to form Isis, that dream just may be lived. Android has built in NFC support starting with Gingerbread, as well.

The Mayans had it right. 2012 is the year the world will blow up…with NFC.

What countries are really taking advantage of this technology? Aside from the two mentioned.

[via Into Mobile]

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