Dec 21st, 2010

Viewsonic G Tablet Pulled
At first Viewsonic claimed that pulling the G Tablet was due to a “manufacturing defect”. Turns out that was a load of bunk, and was really a “user experience issue”. An excuse that blows just as much wind; but whatever puts the proverbial wind in your sails, Viewsonic.

Basically what it boiled down to was Staples saw more returns on the G Tablet than Vegas has Elvis sightings. But don’t let that fool you, this wasn’t Viewsonic’s fault. Not in the least. Engadgeted ask “sup?” to the VP of Marketing Adam Hanin who responded while Android and Tegra are great platforms, Google’s lack of support for larger devices means that companies like Viewsonic have to “go out and put together their own software and app stores.”

First of all, what? Second, your company used an operating system that isn’t quite ready for tablets, but still blame the OS maker when you try it regardless. And third, someone else managed to successfully launch a tablet with the same base OS, your excuse is invalid.

Sorry, Mr. Hanin, you’ll need to do a little better.

Boiling it down, the Android tablet win to fail ratio is just dismal. We, as Phandroids, can only hope Motorola hit a homerun at CES.

[Story and Image via Engadget]