Samsung Hits 1 Million Galaxy Tabs Goal, Ups Ante to 1.5 Million



Earlier in November, Samsung set a goal: to sell 1 million Galaxy Tabs before the crystal ball drops. Then, they were at 600,000, and we believed they could reach 1 million, but we didn’t expect it to happen so soon. In fact, it sounds like they didn’t expect it to happen so soon – they’re now pushing for 1.5 million before the year’s out. [via Samsung Hub]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Woulda sold more if there was a WiFi only version.

  2. @Pimpstrong Yup

  3. Damn, I wasn’t even expecting them to hit that before New Years.

    Congrats Sammy. Can only begin to think of the success once Honeycomb is out.

  4. I third that comment

  5. Interesting. The iPad is on Verizon and the Tab is still beating expectations. Seems like the old iPhone locked to AT&T story has even less credibility now. Maybe that’s why Appleinsider posted an artcile about 85% of people preferring the iPad having only surveyed a whopping 65 people.

  6. They would have sold at least one more if they had kept their promise to upgrade the Galaxy S to Froyo. They don’t support their own flagship phone, why should I trust them to support their flagship tablet.

    When a car salesman sells you a lemon, do you go back the second time?

  7. Wi fi only and I will buy one

  8. It took Apple the same time to sell the first million iPads.

    The Galaxy Tab is selling just as fast, without the hype that the iPad received.

    Having bought one recently, I know why…. this thing is absolutely amazing!

  9. how are people liking it?

  10. Where are the “7 inch tablets are DOA” fanboys now?

  11. the iPad sold 3 million in it’s first 80 days

    if we go by the Galaxy Tab’s initial release date as Nov 10th (T-Mo’s version), including today would make 24 days of being on sale to the public

    doing the math, by the time 80 days rolls around we’ll be looking at Samsung selling a third of a million more tablets than Apple’s iPad did in the same time frame

  12. if they release a 10 inch wifi only tablet with a reasonable price then I will buy one!

  13. I have a Galaxy tab, I really enjoy using it. It does have a few issues such as when transferring large files to the SDCard thru USB it tends to lock up before the transfer is complete – BUT the fact that I don’t need to “sync” it with iTunes is the big plus. Also, it natively supports DivX and XVid so torrented TV shows work out of the box! The screen is gorgeous and games such as Angry birds, etc, look great and run great. I think it’s a great tablet.


  14. Oh and I want to also mention being Android 2.2 it can run Flash video. NOW before everyone says “ugh flash video sucks on android”, I’d like to tell you a story. Over the weekend I pulled out my old Pentium 4 2.4Ghz laptop to watch some StarCraft 2 tournaments (Day[9]) since the wife and a friend were using my primary PC to rip CD’s that day. Well, flash did not run very well on it! I was a little slow, and not a smooth framerate, etc. compared to my desktop system. The interesting thing is my Galaxy tab plays the flash video as well if not a little better than my Pentium 4 laptop did. I think that goes to show how much power the tablet has! It still doesn’t play it as fast as my core2duo desktop, but for a mobile device it still has some balls. Also I’ll mention that when playing the flash, my laptop’s fan cranked to full speed. So yes my opinion has changed in that flash overall is a resource hog if it can’t even run on a P4! But it does demonstrate the power of the Galaxy tab.


  15. If samsung just releases that wifi version itll skyrocket, in canada the wireless rates are ridiculous so wifi versions should make a much better run at the market

  16. I want an HTC Tablet I love HTC products and I think that HTC has way better devices than Samsung. So for now I will wate!!!

  17. I checked one out at a T-Mobile store the other day and it was actually pretty nice. I already own an iPad (and own a Galaxy S), and I don’t think I would buy a Galaxy Tab myself when I buy a new tablet. I own a Mac and using an iPad feels a lot more like using OSX than iOS sometimes to me and a lot of the apps I use aren’t available on Android.

    Still though, it looks really nice and I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before it gets apps that are comparable, tablet-wise.

  18. Got a few of these at work for development purposes. As nice as they are, it isn’t as refined as iPad. Just bring up any website on Tab and iPad, and notice how smooth it scrolls on iPad, while Tab stutters. Without making use of graphic acceleration, Android looks bad, especially on larger devices like these. I’m gonna wait to see if Honeycomb fixes this.

  19. Wifi model please!

  20. —- @ Pedro. I believe you are finding this. Because the iPad is not loading the flash, on those websites. Thus, making the less loaded pages scroll easier. Dragging flash around on the Sammy Tab, does slow things a bit. But I will take that any day. IMO, over a non-flash pad.

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