Droid Incredible and OG Droid Next to Make the Gingerbread List


Not even a week after 2.3 was officially merged into the AOSP and we are on our second hand’s worth of Devices with Gingerbread. It’s shaping up to be quite the winter wonderland, after all!

Droid Life is bringing in the first reports of the OG Droid running Gingerbread. While the .zip file you’ll apply is without GApps (no Market etc), there is a nandroid version available that does have GApps preinstalled. Droid Life has more details for those of you that this pertains to.

Engadget brings us good tidings of the Droid Incredible, with all pertinent information to be had over at XDA(link fixed). This particular ROM, Oxygen, claims to be “99.9% bug free” and based purely off of 2.3 AOSP.

By my count of who’s doing what to support released phones with Gingerbread updates, that brings us to:

Modding Community: 7
Manufacturers/Carriers: 0

Who’s ready for some Gingerbeard?

[via Engadget & Droid Life]

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  1. Droid Incredible? What the fkkk are you smoking? You’ve confused Engadgets coverage of r2’s OMFGB4 with AdamG’s Oxygen for the Desire.

  2. The Incredible version is OMGB, pretty stable, almost everything working.

  3. They should make a new game called Angry Nerds.

  4. This topic is riddled with errors.

  5. why the crap is everyone always saying Gingerbeard? I’ve seen it several times now. is it that hard to get the “r” before the “ea”….

  6. Ok, I swear to God if I hear one more phone getting Gingerbread, and I can’t even get Froyo, fu@*ing Samsung you suck big holiday balls.

  7. What about the G2, I better get it soon or I will highly disappointed considering its stock android.

  8. why the hell dont they release it to all the android devices i hate this about android!!! this sucks!!! thats one thing i like about apple everyone gets there updates!

  9. I have the OG Droid, and at this point, I couldn’t care less about it receiving gingerbread. This thing is slower than a turtle walking in peanut butter.

  10. Can’t wait for a full working ROM

  11. There certainly is a lot of whining this morning…

  12. Everyone needs to quite their complaining about not getting Gingerbread or ‘Gingerbeard’.
    These are all ROMs for rooted phones and not a version coming from their carrier or phone manufacturer. Not the same!

    In the frenzy of the headline I almost got overly excited thinking this was an official update. Silly me, I know!

  13. @JR – Then go back into your walled garden, shut the gate, and stop reading/posing on Android sites.

  14. I am glad to hear that we are now getting Ginger Beard this is great my android device needed a beard! XD LOL The Evo with a beard now we are talking! (Gingerbread shall be great when we get that update.)

  15. I agree, enough of the whining already! It’s Christmas week….try being thankful for what you have for once in your spoiled life!

  16. Im using the “rebaked v2” for the OG droid and it was flawless at first but after about 24 hours it started to become extremely slow. Its annoyingly slow and the accelerometer didnt work from the beginning.

  17. Engadget brings us good tidings of the Droid Incredible, with all pertinent information to be had over at XDA. This particular ROM, Oxygen, claims to be “99.9% bug free” and based purely off of 2.3 AOSP.

    The link about this oxygen ROM is dead wrong, that’s for HTC Desire not Droid Incredible.

    Meanwhile, this is to the 99.9% working gingerbread, http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=865331

  18. not every android device will get gingerbread, some are just not powerful enough to run it. I’m just happy my phone is on the list :)

  19. I don’t get the whining. Why should manufacturers give away an update to an operating system for free? When a major update to computer operating systems come on the market, we pay for it or don’t get it. Does your phone work well with the current operating system? Then live with it. If it doesn’t, why did you buy the phone in the first place? I think it is great that the mod community is coming out with these upgrades for those who want (and should be willing to pay) to upgrade their system. I don’t understand expecting it for free.

  20. I was wondering what you meant by OG? If you are referencing it as original gangster, it seems misplaced and slightly offensive for a phone device, if it is in reference to MJ products, that would be incorrect also, as many folks assume it refers to “Original” OG as in OG Kush actualy indicates Ocean Grown. Not to be a stickler, but I am either offended by gang references or mis-used marijuana references.

  21. @MVTom

    Are you kidding me??? The operating system in question is OPEN SOURCE!

  22. I love the open soucre community! We get perpersonised updates constantly. If I don’t like my modem I just flash a new one. I want Froyo I pick which one I like and flash a new ROM. Speed inhancments, download and flash. All free thanks to the Dev community. Updates all the time. And we can buy from any store without feeding the beast, Apple. Great open economic capitalism. Add the high def screen and removable batterys and the ability to tether my Android Pad. The list goes on and on. I am very happy with the Android platform and the support. How can anyone complain?

  23. “When a major update to computer operating systems come on the market, we pay for it or don’t get it.”

    You mean like service packs? No, we don’t pay for them. Gingerbread isn’t a revamp. It isn’t XP -> Windows 7. It’s XP SP1 -> XP SP2.

    Also, as noted above, it’s open source – no reason at all for anyone to be left behind.

  24. Thank you all for you entertaining, bitching, referencing and just brilliant scripted commentary. Love the laughs and the thoughts. Merry Christmas….DROID!

  25. @John_M, I assumed ‘OG’ meant ‘Original Generation,’ or possibly ‘Old Guard.’

  26. @John_M, put your balls back in your wife’s purse and think before you write.

  27. There are also 3 working Gingerbread ROMs for the EVO over on XDA, all of which are mostly functional. In fact, SalvageMod .9.1, which I’m currently running, is fully functional except for GPS, HDMI and WiMax.

  28. The 2.3 build for the Incredible doesn’t have working GPS or a Camcorder….I’d hardly call the “99.9% bug free”….

  29. Michael, agreed… part of the fun is that we have personalized phones, different choice. If we all wanted to be exactly the same,controlled, and have to use a case to make our phone work correctly, we’d have an iphones. JR if the phone isn’t capable of handling the update, get a newer phone, its not android’s fault, its your fault for not choosing the right phone and doing your homework.

  30. Who would of thought that the HTC incredible would be getting gingerbread before the droid X and Droid 2

  31. they need to change the titles of these gingerbREAd updates!! i got overly excited when i saw the Original Gansta Droid in the list! Grrr..

  32. Tried installing Gingerbread /gapps on my OG Droid but got a MD5 mismatch and can’t install.

  33. @ToastnJam

    Hey now! Thankful was last month. This it the month for “I want my toys now!”

  34. I would love some Ginger beard. Weirdo. :)

  35. I want a team CoCo beard and hair for my X

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