Latest Handset to Receive Gingerbread is Not a Native Android Device


HTC_HD2_T8585What a lovely surprise to find that my personal weapon of choice, the HTC HD2, is next on the list of devices to receive Gingerbread love from the modding community. We’ve already seen the G2 and Nexus One as well as the Galaxy S. Now the device that was intended to run Windows 6.5 and nothing more has taken fourth place, by my count, in the line of devices upgraded to Gingerbread thanks to m-deejay from XDA. Those of us HD2 owners who are ready for a different spice in our life can get their hands on a ROM based on AOSP for the Nexus One.


  • 3G
  • Audio
  • Bluetooth
  • Wi-Fi
  • 720p PLAYBACK
  • Phone

Not Working:

  • Camera
  • GPS (?need test?)
  • Contacts sync (need fresh GAPPS)
  • Auto backlight

If you’re ready to make the dive, get on it. I’ll probably dip my toes in some time today; if for no other reason than to say I’ve used Gingerbread, then hop back.

[via Engadget]

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  1. First rom was gingerninja for desire.
    Had to make that clear ^^

  2. It’s the 19th today duh..

  3. LOL.. nice (Y)..
    that cracked me up..

    “19th today duh..”

  4. Wait a sec… are you saying that you don’t even use an android as your primary phone?
    Shouldn’t this have been in the requirements for becoming a writer for Phandroid? “Must actually use an Android device.”
    I gotta say, I’m feeling a little betrayed.

  5. “Ohhh… the deception!”(from White Chicks)

  6. HTC Desire also has Gingerbread with Oxygen 2.0.

  7. that’s great. a windows mobile phone device switched to run Android. Android is the future.

  8. Lmao iperez…
    I wouldn’t blame him…. he’s an Editor! He would need al of the business stuff windows has to offer.

  9. @Phydeaux The HD2 can run Android on it…

  10. I am pretty sure he is running a custom Android ROM ported to that device. I coauld be wrong but I thought I heard him say it in a podcast or article.

  11. Actually. He just said it in this article…that you apparently didn’t read. (Shaking head)

  12. John is correct. You guys are noobs

  13. That is a very well build phone. It should have had Android OS on it for TMobile. would have easily outsold the Galaxy S on that carrier. Too bad it was winblows OS

  14. Phydeaux, I do use Android. It’s just loaded on to an HD2. You aren’t as hardcore as me, don’t try. Keep being awesome, though. The HD2 is the perfect example of righteous hardware being powered by crap software, I couldn’t stand for the injustice.

  15. Add the og droid to the list as I have it working on mine. The only thing that didn’t work was the camera and a couple of stuff that I can’t remember b/c Im on a different build of GB now.

  16. ha, i had gingerbread running on my SE X10 on the 8th december thanks to zdzihu and jerpelea from XDA-Devs. wanna see a picture?

  17. I got everyone beat, I’ve got Gingerbread running on my Trakfone pay as you go….Gotta run to 7-11 and get some more minutes so I can continue my phandroid reading…

  18. Lol The HD2 is the bastard child of windows

  19. I will be the first to say, Google Dev devices are as follows:
    Nexus One, Nexus S, and HD2

  20. Gb has been porteed to the Droid 1. Check the Droid Rom forum on this site.

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