Galaxy S Receives Gingerbread Courtesy of Nexus S


Galaxy S Gingerbread
We all knew the Galaxy S was super similar to the Nexus S. In fact they were similar enough that porting the Gingerbread ROM from the Nexus S to the Galaxy S took less than 48 hours.

XDA member supercurio got the first semi working version of Gingerbread up and running. While the port isn’t 100% perfect, WiFi and GPS are nowhere to be found, this is a great news for you Galaxy S and variant owners; because we all know how much Samsung loves to support their hardware. Cheap shot.

[via Engadget]

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  1. Lol it looks like the nexus s might actually save the galaxy s.

  2. Great news, just wish we’d get an official update that fast.

  3. No GPS? Sounds like it was a perfect port then. :P

  4. @Chimphappyhour: I was wondering how long that comment would take. Hah.

  5. His accent is terrible. (so is mine btw)

  6. Great news, although not at all shocking. ;)

  7. I thought that Galaxy S phones suffered from having bad GPS? I was using Google Maps yesterday on my Nexus S while on 2G and it was the most accurate of any of my previous Android phones, maybe its Google’s software or the new Google Maps. My Nexus One could never get my position right even while on 3G getting 5mbps, it would say I was 1 mile away. What I mean by accurate is that the Nexus S was probably off by 6 inches.

  8. @ LOL :)

  9. This is pretty cool. Wonder if it’ll ever make it down to the fascinate.

  10. There is hope!

  11. Stop saying the GPS on the Galaxy S is crap.

    Official firmware JPX Froyo 2.2.1 Fixed EVERYTHING.
    Inch-perfect so st*u please GPS is fine.

  12. Now samsung will finally see what the people want since they don’t provide updates the people will do the updates themselves. When that gingerbread rom is fully functional most people won’t go back to that stupid touch wiz ui.

  13. Running it on my EVO……….Sweet. Basic as of now, but CM7 is on its way.

  14. @jp: Nah, Samsung won’t see anything, they’ll continue pushing crapwiz and delaying their updates…. If Samsung were to change its ways and support their devices and just leave Android alone, I’d consider giving them another chance. Up until then, I’ll avoid them like the plague.

  15. I don’t think Samsung deserves the hate they get; at least not with the i9000. It just received the official 2.2.1 update and it’s GREAT, not only that it’s fast and the GPS works, but they also did something with the web browser (maybe HW acceleration?) and now, it’s buttery smooth. Smoothest of all Android phones I’ve ever seen, almost like an iPhone – but with flash.

  16. @jdog that’s because it’s technically not a galaxy s phone it’s a GOOGLE Nexus S. They contracted samsung to build it for them. Oh yeah it also has a completely different gps chip in it than the ones that are found in the galaxy s line.

  17. I have a Fascinate and the leaked DJ05 update on it. The GPS works perfectly now. So the GPS in the Galaxy S’s is definitely fixable. I just wish this would help with development. We don’t even have a 2.2 leak, while every other Galaxy S does. We’re just left in the cold.

  18. but does it zap annoying spammers? does anyone here rate the sony xperia well? i want a lower priced android until i figure out the right one. thanks

  19. yeah the low mental standard here is amazing. awesome, time to upgrade to gingerbread :)

  20. Samsung has a very special place in Hell for my Vibrant not having EVEN Froyo. It’s right next to the pedophiles and the people who answer their cell phones during movies.

  21. Wow nasty Vibrant and Samsung comments. ? I’ve always had an accurate GPS on my Vibrant and been running Froyo for weeks. Instead of whinning about it, I had fun learning & flashing custom roms.Why would you guys wait for Samsung? It’s open source for a reason and fun.

  22. Lmfao@Bubbles227

  23. Guys yes the nexus s might save the galaxy s phones…but what will save these phones from ANDROID? Hasnt everyuone realized that Android is horrible????

    I left the Iphone and have had 5 android phones since……..and there all the same. My HTC Eris and Samsung Galaxy S phone ….. whats the real difference… they both have a horrible market place with no applications……. cant wait for Iphone on verizon!!!

  24. @Blest


    But I don’t want to have to flash a rom on my phone. It’s not that I can’t, as I’ve hacked my Wii to play burned games, but it’s not worth the hastle of KNOWING mine is rooted. If there is a one click root and unroot, it would be cool. But I don’t see that being possible, as I would have to flahs the rom.

    I payed for a phone (well, technically Tmobile did, but nonetheless) that I expect support to come for. Especially if I’m trying to convince people not to get the EVO. Now, I kind of want the EVO simply for more support. My friends at work have the Intercept and got Froyo before me. They used to awe at its big SUPERAMOLED screen, but now they laugh!:P

    Imagine if Microsoft didn’t support the RROD at all. They’d be singing a different tune.

    I like offficial things because I like support. Not everyone has $400 to get a new phone if they brick it is my main problem. I’ll do that when my contract is near up (I have a BB 8900 for back up purposes).

  25. @bugeyeblue same thing with me i would love 2.3 on the fascinate

  26. @bubbles227

    Froyo had been out for quite some time if your rooted. How exactly is not having official Froyo no support? There IS a one click root just not a 1 click rom, that requires 3 more clicks….

  27. Ill take two paper cups with string tied to either end before I go back to iphone

  28. android? hahahahahaha hahahahahahah android!!! hahahahahahahahahahahahaahhaa Absolutely no competition to Iphone!!

  29. @ Jay, haha.
    @DonnyD Why are you here? Android doesnt have apps… 0_o

  30. @donnyd- why do you waste your time on android forums then???

  31. The Vibrant is technically not brickable, and can be returned to the factory state at will.
    I love the open source Development Community. Sure I’m disappointed with the support by Samsung and Tmobile, but if I wanted my hand held through the land of technology like a child, I would have an iPhone. Flash away, flash away ROM. ’tis the season. :-)

  32. @donnyd so you are not up on the latest tech huh? Run the numbers and then try to say that. Simply goofy dude. I respect that you like your device but do your homwork. Better screens (arguably), GPUs, 2x CPUs, removable batterys & card memory, multiple stores or anywhere to by apps, any software modification you want any time etc. etc. Your iphone can’t even surf the full web and the plans are more money. My 70 yr old Mom loves her iPhone and I am happy for her too. This is an android site, study up dude.

  33. @227, I’m with you on not wanting to have to DIY any time I want an upgrade.

    @Don, I have production computers and hacking computers. On my hacking computers, I’ll try almost anything. After all, I’ve cobbled them But on my production machines it’s a different story. However, when it comes to my cell phone, I have only one, my production phone–a Samsung Captivate (you can quit laughing about my being held captive on ATT any time now). So “anything goes” is not as much of an option. Oh, sure, I’ve rooted it thanks to RyanZA. But to go for FroYo, I actually would like a step-by-step set of hand-holding directions.

  34. Oops, that should read “cobbled them together by cannibalizing other machines, visiting the local nerdy computer store, etc.” Sorry.

  35. thank you t-mobile ,and that great ins. company they use. got my nexus ripped off while shopping, yea Merry Christmas!!!!!! so I get a samuung vibrant as replacement great now what????? sounds like I will have to tweek it to death just to get it to be some what useable.

  36. @vnvace should have had lookout mobile installed and you would have retrieved it, too bad. But what does asurion says about replacing the nexus exactly.

  37. @donnyd lol, the android could just be a non functional piece of plastic and i still wouldnt buy an iPhone. Faggy traps and girly girls own iphones

  38. I’m a galaxy vibrant user. 2.2 upgrade (in canada) has nearly killed my phone. Totally unstable…Sure GPS locks on FAST now…but overall crap. Now Bell/Samsung has pulled the 2.2 update because of all the issues. Seriously, this is a joke.

    Get your sh*t together Samsung and Bell.

  39. @mark I actually feel for the telcos(the shock horror). Samsung carry 100% blame here. And re my Galaxy S, I am like you, has intoduced issues PLUS the GPS still doesnt work, and may be worse now.

  40. Every android phone should have the factory option to be vanilla, that’s my dream!

  41. ooor, we could just hope some wizards at XDA cook up something better than 2.3 even and make it available to us galaxy owners (and yes everyone else). Def replace the horrid BING with some google. get some serious tweaks. the works. since samsung apparently seems happier to watch us loathe them with every fiber of our being for not snapping out everyones smallest desire on our watch….(rolls eyes) seriously though, yes we still have 2.1….yes at times it sucks, but my fascinate with 2.1 and one click lag fix blows the crap out of my friends new “4g Mytouch”….my neighbors EVO, and my verizon reps droid x. so, either flash the rom you want (with all necessary risks included) or stfu and deal with it.

  42. my vibrant sucks ass. The gps always says I am about 70 miles away from where I actually am. It’s a joke. Cancelled the crapmobile account and picked up an Evo, so much better.

  43. Okay, am I the only one here that has NO EFFING IDEA what the hell you’re all talking about? I am not what you would call tech-savvy. More like technologically challenged, actually. A lot of us are, so there’s no need teasing & laughing. And like many other tech-challenged chickadees, I am currently a (highly dissatisfied) iPhone user. But as some of you have mentioned, the iPhone freaking sucks. If it freezes up one more time, I will chuck it down the stairs. I’ve heard the android phones have none of the problems of the iPhone though, which is why I’m looking to switch over to an android phone as soon as my contract is up. So help a lady out please: what the hell is “rooting” – is that essentially hacking? And is there idiot-proof, step-by-step directions somewhere on how to get Froyo or Gingerbread onto a Samsung Captivate? I can’t switch from AT&T to any other provider because I’m on a family plan, and the best android that AT&T’s got right now is the Captivate. So… Help, please?

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