Spider-man: Total Mayhem HD Now Available from Gameloft



Love ’em or hate ’em, Gameloft does offer some of the more intriguing and impressive gaming titles for Android. Because it’s Gameloft, you won’t find this one in the Android Market, but Spider-man: Total Mayhem. Battle some of Spidey’s biggest and baddest villains in 3D on your mobile handset. Twelve levels of mash ’em up action with the likes of Venom, the Green Goblin, Doc Ock, and more. Even unlock the sweet black symbiote suit Spider-man.

The game should be available soon through Gameloft’s mobile store for $4.99. Buy away if you want some web-slinging action.

[via DroidGamers]

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  1. Got this game and I have to say it’s pretty damn good. Love the action, and fighting the most.

  2. Not buying anything new from Gameloft till they fix their online store or bring these games to the Android Market.

  3. Reading that, i was like “wooohooo”
    Going to Gameloft website and don’t finding it, i was like “woho…:(“

  4. And then, i read on another site that you must going through mobile store, i was like “wooohoooo” again

  5. Screw Gamesoft.

  6. I’d buy nearly every game they have, if they’d just put them in the Android Market. /sigh


  8. I shot a video of the opening cinematic and some gameplay.

    This is the best game I have ever played on Android. I made a list of the top 10 games of 2010 for Android and 7 are from Gameloft. Anyone boycotting them is just shooting themselves in the foot.

    If you buy using your phone from the process is seamless. Set up an account pay by credit card or carrier billing I suggest credit. You get your download link click and install and play in less than a minute. If you need to re-download your game go back to and hit my downloads, put your email in and select your game and it will start downloading automatically. Easy and simple.


  10. Why is phandroid supporting a site that rips off customers???????? You guys such run for president.

  11. meant should not such.

  12. I wouldn’t call gameloft a rip off at all. after i got over charged they quickly corrected the problem and them some. They refunded all of my purchases even the ones i wasn’t double billed for and they gave me an additional free game. Granted i do wish they were on the market but i still wouldn’t call it a rip off. Additionally there customer service has been outstanding, they have been in contact with me daily making sure the return went smoothly and making sure i got my free game. In total i got like 5 free games out of a billing error.

  13. see only if they put this game on the market i would have brought this. oh well gameloft loses out with me once again on another game that gameloft refuses to drop in the android market.

  14. Anyone that buys from Gameloft deserve any problems they get. The entire Android community shouldn’t buy 1 Gameloft game until they get with the program.
    Sell it on your own site if you like but it should still be available in the Android Market. Until then the companies that support the Android market will get my money.

  15. When you post gaming news actual footage of the game or schnapps are a must phandroid!

  16. What’s with phandroid always advertising for gameloft games? Where’s the love for the other big players on the android market (the ones that actually USE the android market)?

  17. Not ever supporting gameloft till they support my market

  18. Can someone explain to me why Gameloft not posting their games in the Market is a problem? Seems like a lot of hate for something…educate me.

  19. Gameloft makes the best games on cell phones IMO but after buying two off of their website I won’t buy another one until they get on Marketplace even though their customer service with the current model has been stellar. I played Spiderman over the weekend though and Gameloft really out did themselves this time, it’s a phenomenal game.

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