E*Trade Releases Mobile Investment and Banking App for Android



If you dabble in trading stocks or fancy yourself the next millionaire day trader, E*Trade has the android app for you The free application provides real-time stock updates, news, alerts, and quotes. You can’t do any actual trading, but if you love to watch as prices rise and fall, this might be the app for you. Get your little piece of the stock market right from the Android Market now.

[via AndroidGuys]

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  1. “Millionaire daytrader”- an oxymoron if I ever heard of one.

  2. I just love the “E*Trade Baby” commercials. Especially the latest one, where he’s in the sink cuz “APPARENTLY, riding the dog like a horse is FROWNED UPON in this ESTABLISHMENT!” Classic.

  3. awesome news, Ive been waiting a long time for this!!

  4. I am not sure what the reviewer is talking about but the description for Mobile Pro in the market starts with “Securely buy, sell and place orders …………..”

    It’s ETrade’s Mobile Pro app, I would expect it to do everything the iPhone Mobile Pro app does.

  5. Seriously dude. You would actually trust your bank a/c details using android. No thanks. I don’t even do internet banking using an android handset.

    Love the idea of live stock quotes but that’s where it ends.

  6. @rebel

    No joke…. That comercial is great. I saw that one followed by the NAPA commercial( were he gets hit by the football player) it was like the ultimate contrast OF awesome VS ultra stupid.

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