Samsung Pulls Android 2.2 Update for Vibrant



Galaxy S users just can’t get a break. If it isn’t annoying GPS problems, its usually something to do with their insistence on using the shoddy at best Samsung Kies software to install software updates. Or it is complains about the actual update itself, as has been the case with the recently released Android 2.2 (Froyo) build for the Samsung Vibrant. Here is the word from the Samsung Facebook page:

“We are continuing to investigate issues that some users have reported while completing the upgrade to Android 2.2. In the interim, we are taking the extra precaution of temporarily suspending the upgrade as a download from Kies. We apologize for the inconvenience and ask that clients contact 1-800-751-4078 or [email protected] if they have any further questions.”

Right now this seems to be only affecting the Vibrant, no word any other versions of the Galaxy S. It’s a shame the road to Android 2.2 has been so rocky, because the hardware in question is quite top notch. At least the Nexus S will get its timely software upgrades, right?

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  1. Who cares, been running Froyo ROM’s from Eugene, Master and Team Wiskey for awhile now. Sucks for those that run stock though…Oh well, thanks for telling everyone they would get Froyo Samsung. Busted!

  2. i wouldn’t count on it; they are notorious for this

  3. Seriously, Samsung is now just as slow as Sony Ericsson now.

  4. It’s the Bell Canada Vibrant, not the T-Mobile Vibrant.

  5. Wish my GF could get the appropriate update as she wont let me “play” with her phone (root, rom, etc). All well…my toys has its 2.2 goodness!

  6. Feels like deja vu.

  7. Also…reading this would have been more obvious. The US carriers always release there own OTA updates which most people know as the only form of updating. Once Kies was mentioned I should have known it was not the US varients affected. Im sure TMo will have a 2.2 OTA update by….March!

  8. Frustrating to say the least. I don’t even want to use OEM Samsung software. I just want Samsung to put out a stable Froyo and source code to developers can build even better ROMs.

  9. It’s a shame Samsung is ruining the whole Galaxy experience with their software support..Impressive hardware, crappy updates

  10. Ironic how the article has 4.5/5 stars rating Ad right below it. lol

  11. Facepalm. I’ve been running leaks for a couple of months, but I’d love to see the the official drop for the sauce if for no reason.

  12. Hopefully this won’t affect the Captivate

  13. This is exactly what finally pushed me to just root my Vibrant. I’m tired of waiting for Samsung to push out their crappy 2.2 touchwhiz skin to my device

    Now I’m enjoying delicious stock 2.2 (with the Samsung Camera app, which is the only thing I like about their build).

    Not to mention, these custom roms run a lot faster than TouchWhiz ever did

  14. Whatevs I just got a Nexus S. Most stores in Houston were already sold out when I called this morning.

  15. I think having 15 different hardware versions of the Galaxy S is starting to really bite Samsung in the ass. Given their software track record, they would have been better off making only cosmetic changes for carriers and keeping the hardware more standard.

  16. @ Scblacksunshine – your right its a damned shame because if all the US carriers had the i9000 as with 4G(where applicable) and timely updates then the phone would be hands down the best selling(Android) phone(if it isnt already).

  17. This is actually becoming a bit of a joke for Galaxy S users here in the states. Samsung has no sense of the negative impact they are making with the way they have handled this update, and Tmobile is absolutely no different. The Vibrant has been out since July, and they are having trouble updating a phone that should have come loaded with Froyo in the first place. Even the Mytouch is rockin froyo, and that was months ago! No way I would pick up another phone if the carriers are going to be involved with the updates. There is no doubt that the Galaxy S line has the hardware capabilities that set it apart from others out there, but if you have to rely on Samsung and the carriers you are going to be SOL. While I have had a terrible experience as a vibrant owner with lack of updates, and a GPS that is worthless, I will be picking up a Nexus S solely because Google is involved with the support. After all, when was the last time you heard a Nexus One owner complaining about anything? That’s right, they don’t, because they get all updates first, and they have had a phone that has kept up with progress for a year now. The Nexus One still dominates speed and quadrant performance scores, and it is a year old! Shame on you Samsung and Tmobile! Give me some pure vanilla Google Android baby! Why do you think the iphone is so successful? Same reason the Nexus One is!

  18. Wait… Everyone complaints about Samsung, but isnt the fact that they are pumping out updates via Kies, build after build, mean that they are working at it???

  19. I agree with Jon M; the Eugene ROM is awesome, therefore, Sammy or TMO can withhold all day and it won’t matter to me.

  20. samsung really need to stop being so f.o.s. with their upgrades. didn’t they say september for 2.2?

  21. The Vibrant is an epic failure. Plastic garbage, the nexus s will fair no better.

  22. Wait… Everyone complaints about Samsung, but isnt the fact that they are pumping out updates via Kies, build after build, mean that they are working at it???

    Not for the US. Kies is not a US thing. Samsung and all others need to just stop putting there junk on the phones and just give us stock. My next phone is going to be a google involved one as “Mobile Guy” has put it. I’m done with Samsung and the likes and moving on to the google phones.

  23. Samsung is the worst piece of shit corporation I have ever read about. PLEASE SAMSUNG STOP MAKING PHONES. YOU FUCKING PEOPLE ARE TERRIBLE AT IT. In my opinion Samsung should stick to making semi-conductors or what ever other bullshit products they make. For my phone it has to be htc, for other electronics I prefer SONY. YEAH, Japanese quality is what I prefer not Korean garbage!

  24. Samsung, seriously, put some damn effort into software updates that work and in a timely manner. Great hardware, horrible support and software upgrades. Mediocre. I am so upset my epic 4g still has 2.2 and evo has been on 2.2 for long time. FUCK U SAMSUNG

  25. This has nothing to do with US Tmo customers! From samsung:GalaxySsupport
    If you follow the sources back, it comes from Samsung Mobile Canada’s Facebook page. We only support US phones on this handle. ^Mary

  26. Is it “class-action” time yet?

  27. Hah….this is the same old story over and over.

    First it was Motorola and the Cliq, Cliq XT and all others stuck on Android 1.5 or 1.6 (i forget) until 2 months ago. NOW, the Cliq is ONLY on 2.1…not even 2.2

    Then came the Sony Ericson thing…which I dont know much about nor care about.

    Now…its almost the entire Galaxy S line…especially the whole US market. Cell manufacturers are failing and I hate hoe Google is allowing them to license this crap and sell it. It gives the whole “Google Experience” a bad name!

  28. Dear Tmobile… please reimburse me for my Vibrant and I will purchase the Nexus S… the phone the Vibrant should have been.

  29. If Google really cared about the “Google Experience” more than the “revenue” they would change the way their OS is handled by the carriers.

    They don’t, so it won’t.

  30. I went from the Cliq…to the Vibrant. I dont learn. Then again I dont keep stock software. Only the GF does and she loves her phone…so thats all that matters! Plus I got the phones for $75 each…so I dont care! :)

  31. @LaTuFu

    This is true. This is the only point where I agree with Mr Jobs…he said that the experience for the end-user is nt what it should be with phones having all different types and versions of the same OS. Android comes in so many flavors….its stupid.

    But there lies the solution as well. This is an open-source, easily modified OS. These phones are for those who want to make it there own. For everyone else, they complain…but its there own fault IMO!

  32. Can someone link me to a good 2.2 rom? Mine is supper laggy

  33. @jonpo, you’re not too bright, are you? HTC is also korean, so now what brilliant statement are you going to make? Yes, Samsung is way too slow with their software updates, but there’s a reason Google chose then over HTC for their newest Nexus platform–superior hardware. I just wish they’d offer the Nexus S on all the major US networks.

  34. Please edit this post. This is for the bell Vibrant in Canada for christ’s sake. A new leak for TMO vibrant came out yesterday and xda’ers are saying it’s good.

  35. Stay away from sorry ass Samsung!
    I keep telling my friends that they stink! HTC

  36. I wonder if I can call the 800 number and request a refund so I can actually get a phone that already has Froyo. I will never get another Samsung!

  37. SCAMSUNG!!!

  38. @Ry Team Whiskey’s Nero V1, it’s their latest 2.2 rom with Gingerbread launcher and keyboard. It is fast and super stable

  39. Since i already have some other rom flashed do i need to reflash back to normal before i flash this one. Flashing to the rom i have now dramatically reduced the available space for downloading apps. i dont want my phone to crash due to low memory or anything.

  40. DAMN YOU SAMSUNG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    But I’ll still buy your TVs.;)

  41. No don’t flash back just wipe the phone and flash the desired rom. But check the Roms op for further instructions specific to that rom

  42. wipe it back to stock? i cant just flash over?

  43. My phone bricked last night after 1 glorious week of using the Bell 2.2 update. My vibrant is stuck in a loop with the Samsung Galaxy S startup screen. ETA is 4-6 weeks for repairs and not one single service center has android loaner phones because EVERYone is bring in their vibrants. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU@@

  44. @drizzo.

    I swear after this, ALL PHONES NEED TO BE STOCK ANDROID. They need to develop a beautiful UI and call it quits.

  45. Your average Galaxy S user is happy with what they have and isn’t going onto online forums to complain about updates and bash Samsung! There are maybe a couple hundred people this bothers and they all post the same tired complaints everytime 2.2 and Galaxy S are in the same sentence or story on this site. Hell, I personally know of at least a dozen smartphone users who never knew their phone updated its software and never heard of froyo, gingerbread or any other sweet dessert that developers/manufacturers use as code names for their updates. You people that continue to complain about the same thing each week will never be happy with what you have because once you get an update, you’ll be complaining because you don’t have the NEXT update. Sad!

  46. I AM SO ANGRY! I was having such a good day till I read this.

  47. Downloading mine right now =)

  48. What is the best and easy to install rom for the vibrant tmobile?

  49. I like turtles!

  50. I am upset about what HAS been and WAS promised by the carrier/manufacturer. The lack of updates to the current OS is, to an extent, unacceptable. Ignorance does not dismiss mismanaging software updates!

  51. What is the best rom for the vibrant tmobile. Easy to install

  52. well… looking at how fragmented android is, and how troublesome it is to update the phones, i will say that my next phone will not be an android phone. honestly, what is the point of having the firmware update option in the menu? it’s not like we’ll ever use it. i blame samsung for creating the touchwiz UI, which you figured they would’ve learned with the behold II was a mistake. sure, it’s improved, however it makes it extremely difficult, nearly impossible to work with when it comes to updating. i think they should just release either the froyo or gingerbread updates, stock. dump the touchwiz UI, seeing how much money it costs them to create the updates, updates that they need to make to keep up with cometition. i would be more than happy with vanilla froyo. it’d be alot easier on them, and make us happier. but, after seeing how the market is, and how google does not care about the forcing manufactures to keep their phones up to date, i don’t feel like supporting it. they don’t support their customers, why should we support them? i will go to windows next!

  53. I’ll agree with Shaggletooth on this one (albeit with a little less intensity). I know of seven other Galaxy S owners (three of them TMobile customers, two ATT, and two Sprint) and all thoroughly enjoy their phones. I fell into the mess of looking for Froyo a couple of times every day for a couple of months and was bummed every time. Sure, the update sounds good but I’m starting to think maybe just enjoying the phone as the best one many of us have ever used might be a more satisfying way to approach the whole ordeal.

  54. What’s the best rom for the vibrant? easy to install.

  55. THIS ONLY APPLIES TO BELL’S VIBRANT OF CANADA. TMO’s Vibrant-come on, Kevin Krause. Quentyn Kennemer-you not credible, “Mr. Sprint Epic failure.” Don’t post & please, don’t write, schmuck, Lmao.

  56. If software updates are what drive your dissatisfaction then you will be forever dissatisfied as OS’s like Linux or Android update continuously and rapidly. It is the device hardware and proprietary software on the phones ( used as a marketing tool ) which prevent updating devices when new kernels are developed. This will be a constant continuous issue until the cellular marketplace finds a marketing solution that will allow for a true open source unified platform; there will always be a better OS/phone.

  57. Galaxy S was a definite fail. Mine died today as a result of SD card failure and it’s actually my 3rd SGS unit (4th time sending in for repairs). Stock Froyo, no lagfix.

  58. 14. Ian S.
    If you are running “stock” you are running TouchWiz, unless you are running ASOP? or you have a launcher on top maybe…….
    Crappy plastic? Maybe. We need to start understanding that heavier does not mean better. I have droped this phone so many times I would have squashed more than half the phones in the market. Plastic tends to absorb impact, affecting less the components than metal. And yo may have a little scratch and that’s it (and for starters the Vibrant TMo has 2 back cover to replace it. Metal phons bend forever when they hit the fround, and transfer most of the impact to the components……

  59. @nemesis06-So, WinMo will be your next phone?? Ok, Spanky…when does WinMo ever send updates-& besides that, they don’t truly, their next version isn’t the bigger jumps nor do they produce many phones w a new version-annually, at best.

    Android’s customization capability is one of It’s more remarkable features!! Don’t wanna wait for manufacturer to send an update? Then, you can ROOT it! I can see you’ve bought into WinMo’s latest advertising w all their new lineup-soo many did the same w the HD2 & ended up miserable w it, returned it or used dual boot & saved Android to the SD card.

    Google is into not being evil & isn’t going to force any manufacturer to update their legacy phones-some earli But, you go on w your uninformed, bad self, lol!

  60. happy w stock Android? Then buy a phone with stock Android & you won’t havta worry bought it. Problem solved.

  61. You guys are funny… so much rage! Dont you understand the complexities at work here??

    The only reason the nexus line is so quick to update is because google sponsors a vanillia build.

    Add to it, samsung’s tweaks which interact with whatever regional verison of android (2.1, 2.2, 2.2.1, etc.) With app interactions and other variables. THEN add the carriers to the mix which must adapt their own systems and make sure all their variables cooperate. THEN realize does have some growing to do in terms of software execution, but the hardware is top notch.

    Android marks really the first time hardware has been forced to adapt to such rapidly changing envionment. Take the examples of: iOS/Apple, Blackberry/RIM, Symbian/Nokia and see the hardware companies make the software.

    Talk trash all you want about Samsung’s software execution, but the hardware is unsurpassed and if you dont own their branded hardware, there is a very good chance at least one component is made by them.

    Android is rapidly evolving but right now there are some mutant abhoritions… at this point we will probably see gingerbread on galaxy s since samsung is reactive to the market.

  62. Ahh.. the buzzwords,, Android is “Fragmented”.. what does this mean anyway ? It means that not all Android phones are running the same version of the OS ?.. so ? Not all Android or any other manufacturer who makes phones has the same hardware.. that’s Fragmented.. unacceptable !.. Then there is the “intuitive” buzzword.. Android is not as intuitive.. it’s too “complicated”.. complicated how ?.. you have an icon, you launch a program by pushing the icon., like any other touchscreen phone.. “Google/manufacturer/carrier don’t care.. they are screwing me”.. sheesh.. It took a year to get Froyo on my phone, and it’s just enough to keep me till my next upgrade.. suck it up.. How long have you had your phone ?.. Are you willing to work the customer support lines if they rush an upgrade out and there are nothing but problems ?.. The people who seem to get the fast upgrades are the “Nexus” people., maybe that’s the train you should be riding, if having the “latest” that important to you.

  63. Im tired of samsung’s b.s. They are terrible a this google update stuff. I bought the epic the first day it came out thinking froyo was around the corner. I never felt so ripped off. I would suggest that they call off the froyo and go to gingerbread but it will take another year before they can put it out. This is really a fucked up situation!

  64. Update. Coffee creamer and ketchup packets make an ok tomato soup.

  65. Damn you guys are mad, I wonder how many people here talked down on the Nexus One when the Galaxy S phones came out. How about next you let Samsung know you mean business and let your wallet do the talking, buy a Google phones. I have been on Android since day one and this type of stuff happens all the time, the problem is that people keep thinking that hardware is more important than software but its not.

  66. The Samsung Galaxy S = EPIC FAILURE

    It is now officially “the phone that could of been…”

    Although Sammy has the potential to fix everything by creating a new 2.3 rom that is bare naked Android for all the Galaxy S phones and it variants (and wipe that crappy TouchWhiz off of it for good), they won’t out of pride. Sad.

  67. damn i got mine running the update. goddamn keys, samsung friggen keys

  68. Wow. I got my Vibrant because it had a great screen and did all I needed it to do. I enjoy my phone. My gps works. My gallery doesn’t lag. My apps don’t force close. I was expecting froyo in September, but it didn’t arrive. So what? A new grandson arrived instead. A friend’s daughter came home from Iraq instead. My cancer is in remission instead. I can wait for froyo. It’s just not worth getting all worked up about in the grand scheme

  69. Wouldn’t it be great if the XDA devs managed to get a hold of and create a Gingerbread ROM for the Vibrant if they haven’t already?

    Since the hardware is similar I would think that it would be a feasable task.

  70. These guys really suck at updates we must boycott ther phones do to lack of support on there end and they would have to listen. But at this point they can do whatever its crazy they sold so many of these galaxy s phones this just shows them that it dont matter if they update there product or not they will still roll in the big bucks something has to give hear. The Nexus S clearly runs gingerbread so why cant the galaxy? All I can say is they are wasting the full potiential of there devices and getting allot of money to do so Samsung you are simply pricks take of that TWUI and replace it with raw android and call it a day you made your money now invest it in keeping our beloved community happy pricks.

  71. Has anyone heard about updates for the continuum?

  72. I got rid of my Vibrant and bought the Samsung Nexus S which I’m sure I will be getting all the Google updates. Meaning there will be no wait with a developers phone on the latest releases.

  73. Hey dg411, enjoy. Hey everybody who, like me, bought in even after we saw the flags, relax and enjoy. To everybody else, this should be a learning experience and let it go at that. It’ll be alright.

  74. Sweats62~I will, you ,too. We already know it’s going to be alright!

  75. @ jc. I hope so. Lol. I don’t care anymore. Before I used to bad mouth samsung about slow ass update.

  76. I like my Vibrant after I rooted it, running onyx 4.2.. but I think I’ll heading back to htc for my future phones

  77. what they should “investigate” is why samsung devs can’t figure this out and a couple of underpaid devs have it released, revamped, re-released, updated every couple of weeks.. weak!

  78. I’m amazed to see all the negativity towards Bell Vibrant. Just what % of people are we talking about. Mine works fine…have over 40 apps…good speed! There was a small period of time (lasted a couple of days) where things were a little slow and acting wierd but it’s been working great since. Maybe patience is the key and all the whiners should go for a 2 weeks sabitical or something.

  79. boo boo ass upgrade – fuck this i’m getting an iphone

  80. The same story as the Behold 2, which never seen the promised 2.1. Samsung and T-Mobile are going by the wayside, T-mobile because of it’s shitty band-width/data-caps and Samsung with it’s poor product support. Both are guilty of exploiting consumers “to buy the next big thing” that will be updated with newest OS. These phones are $600.00 a piece! Don’t know how long they think they can keep extorting us…. As for me I’m thinking about HTC and Sprint. At least you get decent Bandwidth and OTA’s….

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