Sleek Fossil Connected Watch Syncs with Android Handsets, Displays Caller ID Info, Weather, and More



Who knew something as geeky as a smartwatch that syncs with your Android handset could look so good? Fossil decided to go more James Bond than Revenge of the Nerds with their most technologically advanced watch. The Fossil Connected does a lot more than your standard timepiece, hooking up via Bluetooth to your smartphone to grab info ranging from weather and caller ID to SMS and email notifications.


And while it is a real beauty, there is no telling when we might be able to get our hands on the watch. Right now Fossil is shopping the watch around Silicon Valley and shoring up the design and implementation. When and if it does come to market, you can rock it on your wrist for $200.

[via Engadget]

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  1. My Sony Ericsson MBW-100 can do all that stuff on my Android phone with the help of OpenWatch

  2. They coulda went a little better on screen resolution. For $200 Im not sure I want to recieve a 5M5 message.

  3. first? thats really sweet.

  4. Ergghha – Fail

  5. Yeah… looks like a watch from the 80s/90s (remember those goofy calculator watches?). I agree about the terribly resolution. That screen probably costs them 5 cents a dozen. They surely could have gone a little nicer.

  6. Would never buy that, but its a start in the right direction

  7. This is just the beginning of devices like this…

  8. Works via bluetooth you say? So basically you have to have the phone pretty nearby for this to work. Why not just check the phone instead of pissing away 200 bucks?

  9. I would not pay $200 for a watch that looks like it’s from the stone age. They could make it color and a bit more appealing. Just my 2cents

  10. Just another device waiting to be charged. I’ll bet this battery won’t last long. This watch would be useful if it could be used as bluetooth.

  11. @Russ: Why not ditch your cellphone and just check your answering machine? Why use a dishwasher when you can use your hands? Why drive a car? your legs work just fine. Why have a watch? just find a clock or ask someone near you. Why why why why why why why why? Moron. Aside from being able to sync to your phone, it’s a GOD DAMNED WATCH. $200 is a day at the office. Get a job.

  12. @rob true dat. $200 bucks is an hour of lawyering work for people (im not a lawyer just saying)

  13. A step in the right direction, yes. I want one for caller id sms alerts. Just glance at your watch during a meeting…

  14. IF fossil would make a round screen color version with an actual clock as the main screen then this might be cool. Then when you get a message or call it could switch screens.

  15. If it just wasnt so ugly…

  16. @ 7. Al wrote on December 16, 2010 —-> This is just the beginning of devices like this…

    I’m sorry to break that to you guys… but “the beginning”, seriously ?
    Watches that plays music, do video and sync calendar and contacts are out in the market for the longest time folks, I’d say for ages now ! They may not look cool and be that cheat to the average joe to buy one, but they’ve definitely been around for awhile.

    I never own one, but I remember trying one, maybe like 6, 7 or more years ago. And I remember walking around with this digital mp3 players watch :-/ It wasn’t so fun walking around with a wire hanging from your ears to your wrist.

  17. yeah this is definitely FUGLY!!!

  18. And why don’t use the NFC so You can touch your pocket with the hands and update the clock ;-)

  19. @Rob, dude you got some anger issues brewing?

  20. @Ron: Nah boss, just tired of the bullshit comments on why NOT to use something. Everyone has to understand that personal taste and preference exists, and to say that buying this is pissing away $200 because you can just look at your phone is ludicrous. You can just answer your phone and hold it up to your head, but Bluetooths make a killing. Seriously? You can just watch TV with bunny ears and no fancy HDMI cables..but the option is there. Niche market is niche. For the record I’m not even getting one..It’s just retarded to see someone say “why not look at your phone” when there are 12 other devices that exist that you don’t NEED but you probably have/want.

  21. @russ: I’m nominating you for blog comment of the year.

    DM on Twitter @billg

    I’d like to send you one of these watches.

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