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In a strategy similar to that of the Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble Nook, Chumby has released its own Android app that bucks the need for a standalone device and turns your smartphone into its own Chumby viewer. The app connects directly with you Chumby account and allows you to access the same Flash-based content found on devices such as the Chumby One. And yes, since it all runs on Flash you will need and Android 2.2 phone to use it.

The Chumby crew is suggesting the app is best suited for tablets and docked devices, even proving a setting to automatically display the application when your phone is in a docked state.  You can get in the Android Market now for $4.99.

[via Engadget]

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  1. 5 bucks for something I’ve never heard of, to just flip through stuff? Seems kinda steep.

  2. I bought it and tried it out for a few minutes and then refunded it. It seems like a neat idea to me if you have a dock for your phone and such but for me I have no use for it. Anything that I can do in the app I can do from my phone to begin with.

  3. I don’t get the chumby. I bought the sony on special two weeks ago, played with it, and within an hour knew it was total crap.

    Chumby has 1500 apps, or so they claim, and 200 of those apps are clocks. Ask yourself why the device is so crappy that it needs 200 clock apps. Reason three: while it has an alarm clock, it has no sleep timer to turn off in 20-30 minutes.

    The device is utter crap. It endless cycles through a “playlist” of flash apps showing you stock reports, tweets, your calendar, … each for 15 seconds at a time, none in great detail.

    It has not real browser of its own, each flash app is basically a special browser for one website offering.

    The Google Calendar app cannot save the actual current calendar, and each time it runs, spends 10 seconds getting the calendar from google.

    Really and truly, one completely horrible lousy worthless device.

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