And Just Like That, Nexus S Rooted and Running Clockwork Recovery



The Nexus S and its Gingerbread install haven’t even been out for the better part of a day, but famed Android hacker koush dove right in. What has emerged mere hours later is a rooted device running Clockwork Recovery. Considering the clean install of Android 2.3, the sky is the limit with what developers and modders will be able to do with this device. Expect things to pick up pretty quickly.

[thanks, Joedon3!]

Kevin Krause
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  1. Crazy already thats awesome

  2. I don’t know why anyone’s surprised. You can unlock the bootloader with the Android SDK, so it isn’t like they’re trying to stop you.

  3. Won’t be long now before ports are made for other SGS devices, hopefully… Looking forward to Google releasing the source code!

  4. That Nexus looks huge

  5. YES!!!!!!!
    Hours… literally it took him less than a day. That’s amazing. Now all we need is the source code, and my Droid will have a ROM in no time! Plus, a gingerbread root is really uplifting for those who want to stay official with their updates.

  6. They’re slacking, the N1 was rooted before it became available lol. And I kid about slackerdom obviously lol.

  7. @people who are suprised…. this isn’t a locked down phone, google shipped it out pretty much already open. i’m sure there wasn’t that much “hacking” or anything involved really

  8. I gotta say….an unlocked bootloader wasnt a priority of mine so I got the X..
    That might be a factor for these future phones….I like the X and all, but still…once you run custom ROMs….it kinda gets embedded in you…lol

  9. I know the X has custom ROMS….but not fully custom ROMs cuz of the bootloader.

  10. Nice that it got rooted …. but why? It’s getting direct AOSP from Google. Why would you want to replace that?

  11. @justin.g11

    Cyanogen’s people really do wonders, even on developer phones. The phone might be awesome, and get tons of support from google, but there are alway features that google doesn’t include that cyanogen is able to incorporate into his roms.

  12. Somebody make an FPS unlocked ROM, so it can win every benchmark :)

  13. @ justin.g11 you would want to be rooted to make backups run things that require superuser permissions etc. thats kind of like saying you wouldn’t want to be an administrator on your computer just because you know it gets automatic updates.

  14. god i hate clockword recovery, it never works proper on my N1 Amon RA for me

  15. fix these damn banner adds phandroid… the sprint one about 10 comments down on the right side doesn’t work and it jumping out over the comments… FIX the CODING!!!

  16. i dont think its the website i think its your comp :O

  17. Banner ads? dude are you in 1998? ad block plus for firefox.

    i use clockwork on my nexus and it is just the same as amon ra really , koush also does rom manager

  18. Nice post. The phone might be awesome, and get tons of support from Google.

  19. Great work devs!! Now hopefully motorola will see the light and get rid of efuse and the locked bootloader.

  20. To bad he keeps releasing Rom Manager app updates that are no making flashing impossible and never resonds to emails when you are trying to let him know.

    Thank god he rooted the Nexus S, but nevermind the rest huh?

  21. Hopefully Google learned from marketing mistakes with Nexus N-1.
    I gave mine to my wife and she got me a Nexus S for Christmas! I already rooted it.
    Also to the guy having issues with Clockwork- the only issue I ever have is when ever they do an update, you have to update your backup or the nandroid wont work until you downgrade the recovery to the version you nandroided on. “nandroided?” lol

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