Dec 16th, 2010 publishUpdated   Sep 12th, 2021, 3:59 pm

Reports have flown in regarding the disappearance of the Motorola DROID Pro and the Motorola DROID 2 Global – two phones that are being heavily marketed toward business users for the holiday season – from Best Buy’s store shelves. Sold out? Nope. Manufacturing or software defect? Nuh uh. Rumor has it that Verizon’s a bit angry with Best Buy because of one heinous, treacherous act: they’ve priced the phones too low. Agreements for price floors are often made between manufacturers and retailers, and in the case of Verizon, their agreement is intended to keep the corporate locations hustling and bustling.


With Best Buy setting the prices of their phones so low, no one has a reason to go into a Verizon store: that means Verizon won’t be able to shove extra services down your throat and they won’t be able to go for the hard sale on accessories you’d otherwise buy. They make a lot of profit from those. Whatever the case is, you won’t be able to find these phones at Best Buy until whatever’s going on gets situated, if ever. [via Engadget]