Motorola Quench XT5 Launches in India on Aircel



Yet another Android phone is making its way to India, this time the Motorola Quench XT5, not long after the very similar Quench XT3 landed in the country. The XT5 features the same Android 2.1, 3.2-inch display, and 600MHz process, but varies in the inclusion of a 5MP camera in contrast to the 3.2MP camera of the XT3.

The Quench XT5 is available on Aircel through Best Buy India for 13,990 INR (about $310).

[via UnwiredView]

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  1. Bah! That’s a Motorola Eris

  2. Stock FTW?

  3. bes moto phone released in a long time imo :P

  4. English much?

  5. Android 2.1?


  6. Plagues by more entry level devices… tisk tisk tisk

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