fring Pulling in $10,000 Per Day with fringOut VoIP Calling



The makers of fring are doing a bit of gloating today, and with good reason. Their fringOut voice calling service has been live for the past couple of months. VoIP calls via fringOut cost a user as low as one cent per minute, but, in what the company is calling a “a big vote for mVoIP,” those pennies are adding up to the sum of $10,000 a day in revenue for fring.

It’s just another remarkable example of how a quality app can make big business in the Android Market. fring thinks it has a bit to do with the quality of their application, and we’d agree. It is potential like this that should see continued growth in terms of Android applications and the opportunities they afford.

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  1. You seriously consider Fring a “high-quality” application? I guess some people have different expectation for what high quality means.

    Also, $10k/day in revenue doesn’t mean anything without knowing their operating costs to run their VoIP network. When you add up all the operating costs, tariffs they have to pay to Bells, etc – they may well be in the red at the end.

  2. Does this use SIP?
    Do I have to use their client?
    When can I get a phone with data service only?

  3. @ctyrider
    Don’t you think that they wouldn’t be talking about their success if they were hurting from their own service. Not to mention at that rate they’re making 3.5 million+ a year. I find it hard to think that fring has too much to complain about.

  4. @Andrew please dont pay people like ctyrider who obviously have nothing better to do but think of dumb ways to down play others success

  5. I tried it and I think the quality sucks big time! and its not that cheap to call to most of the places….

    nothing for me at least!

  6. @aantoine87
    Andrew is right, there’s little point in giving gross sales numbers when we know there’s overhead. An example is that I sold $2 million worth of an online service this year (not Android related). I have over 2.7 million customers world-wide and have been doing this since 2002. So, I must be made of money, right? Shit, $2 million in sales per year since 2002 and 2.7 million customers, I must be frickin rich! Well, just my Google advertising costs alone are about $1.7, and that’s before the rest of my overhead is figured. In tlhe end, it’s very middle class, my wife who’s a nurse probably matched my net profit for 2010.

    Point is, they very well could be losing money with this app. I know some of you will see $10,000 per day and dream of it as winning the lottery. But, the reality is probably far more humble.

  7. @teckel
    You’re not made of money. Holy crap. LOL! But no in all seriousness I completely agree with you and people do not know facts and could care less to gather facts. But that is the world we live in right?

  8. I would appreciate if Fring had a Windows version of the app, so I could chat to a person which doesn’t have a mobile with the app, but a desktop instead…

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