Tablet Thursday: TPad-780 from Poland, Technicolor Tab Passes FCC



Because I take some sort of sick pleasure in reporting on the mounds of, shall we say, less than desirable Android tablets released around the globe, here are two more to peruse, scoff at, and profess an urge to never buy. The first should lose you right around 800×400 resistive touchscreen, but just for kick its include 256MB of RAM, 4GB flash storage, Android 2.1 (with Android Market!), and 1080p video playback via its HDMI output. That would all be the TPad-780 from Poland-based Trak Electronics. $299 you won’t need to spend.

Next up we have the Technicolor TVA200, no doubt another reminder of the money you will save by not buying one of the current generation of Android tablets. Seven inches of 800×480 resolution touchscreen, 800MHz of power. Speakers, camers, microphones, bells and whistles, and kind of fugly. You can see the FCC’s report if you want more.


[via AndroidCentral, AndroidCommunity]

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  1. its like they want to make identical $#%* tablets all the time now

  2. looks like that tycoon tablet from a few weeks ago. Too much damn bezel!

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