AndFriends Tackles Social App Discovery by Gathering Suggestions from Friends



Yet another application is taking a stab at making app discovery easier by approaching recommendations as a new phone buyer would: by asking their friends which apps they use. Once signed up with your Google account, AndFriends trawls your contacts (it can link up via Twitter and Facebook, too) and creates a list of suggestions based on the info gathered. You can then download apps via the Android Market.

You can choose apps to share or keep private, review them, post them to Twitter and Facebook, sort them by a wide range of filters, and store your favorites in a widget. The app will even notify you when friends install new applications so you will never be the lame dude at the party saying “Wha? What’s Angry Birds?”

Oh, the app also implements a badge system similar to foursquare to encourage engagement and sharing. You can find it in the Android Market now.

[via TechCrunch]

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  1. It sounds so…. high school.

  2. This app is gonna be huge! Don’t care about badges but discovering new apps my friends use is awesome. I always wonder if there is a better app I could use…

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