Explore the Curves of the Nexus S Inside-Out in this Teardown



For those with a teardown fetish, iFixit has your fix once again. The innards of the Nexus S have been laid out right before your lustful eyes. If the curves of the phone’s screen had you going gaga, though, you may want to look away. The rest of the components are on your standard flat motherboards, and all are pretty standard (especially if you have seen the Galaxy S torn down). Full teardown at the source link below.


[iFixit via Engadget]

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  1. I think it is pretty funny that everyone wants a dual core phone but only Honeycomb will support dual cores. Also if only Honeycomb will fully support dual cores imagine if you buy a new dual core phone next month, you will probably have to wait 6 months after Honeycomb comes out to get the update because almost all new Android phones have skins on top. That means if Honeycomb comes out in March you will have to wait until September to finally see the full potential of your phone. I think that manufacturers are rushing out dual core phones and will make them look bad just like they are doing with most Android tablets that have a version of Android that does not support tablets, they bit off more then they could chew. I foresee a lot of angry comments from customers in the future. If everyone had a Nexus device then the Android world would be a better place.

  2. Soooo when they tore it down. Was there a sd card in there? Like the window phones?

  3. @jdog25 – Um…excuse me? Android is based on Linux which has had support for multiple processors since nearly the beginning of its existence. Current versions of android could use both cores back to android 1.5

  4. Jdog… where u been? LG just announced their Dual Core Tegra 2 Android phone bro. lol… It’s runnin 2.1 right now. LG says it will get Gingerbread.

  5. @Blest, they did not find an SD card according to Androidcentral.com

  6. @Jdogg I think you need to do some research before you voice your opinion. The new Lg phone that has the dual core is running 2.2. And like Tim said Linux has had support for awhile now. You really think companys would come out with tegra 2 and not use a core you must be retarded or severly jealous cause you bought a phone recently lol.

  7. i really don’t see what the relevance is as to whether it supports dual core or not. even if what jdogg said bore out the difference would be between needing to buy a new phone when honeycomb comes out in order to have a dual core to take advantage of, or taking as much advantage as possible of a dual core till honeycomb hits then being ready when the upgrade gets thrown down. gee, i wonder which would be better.

  8. @jdogg25 good post

  9. @joker I haven’t bought a phone in 12 months.

    Anyways talk is cheap so time will tell if I was right or not and I’ve been right about android more times than I can remember. I never said that any phone can’t have a dual core just because it doesn’t have honeycomb. I use tablets as an example since many were made without the proper software and we all know the disastrous results. I worry about how the manufacturers make android look because all they care about is money.

  10. @Jdog25

    Man I couldn’t agree more.

  11. Everyone is talking about outdated this and that when optimization for what will supposedly make Nexus S “outdated” isn’t even going to be optimized for android until at least half way into next year. Of which by then everyone will be waiting for Nexus 3 to even get up to date. I can at least say this, I am content with my choice in buying the Nexus S online. Now hopefully best buy doesn’t screw me over. I had placed my order early yesterday morning and still haven’t gotten a confirmation of shipping although its “overnight.”

  12. As a Nexus One owner for the past year, I can’t see locking into 2 more years for this. I’ll upgrade when a better build comes along.

  13. I was wondering, since the NFC is on the battery cover of the phone, would it be possible for a company to release attachable NFC on to phones that don’t currently have them???

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