Dec 15th, 2010


As if all the talk of the Notion Ink Adam falling nothing short of a scam wasn’t enough, it appears the situation is getting worse. Originally quoted with a ship date of January 6th, at least one buyer has been notified that their device won’t ship until a few weeks later, between January 15th and 22nd. Now, we still want to believe that Notion Ink is a respectable company, but they are making it harder and harder for us every day. Take, for instance, the story one reader sent in:

“I’ve been trying to get [Notion Ink] to give me the 2100 mHz band model for the past week. They refuse. They keep changing their story about why also. They are now telling me they will send me the one “which we determine is appropriate for your region.” Before, they told me that the United States only uses the 1900 mHz band for 3g. I told them they were wrong on that. That was AT&T’s 3g band and that T-Mobile uses the 1700/2100 mHz bands. They told me I was confusing GSM with 3g.”

What followed was a series of back-and-forth emails with what could only be described as clueless customer support flat-out refusing to honor the customer by changing the order. It really shouldn’t matter what 3G bands are available in a region; if a customer pays for it they should get what they want. It isn’t up to the manufacturer to determine if a certain model is fit for your region.

Any other tales of woe from those waiting on order with Notion Ink? We get the feeling the above examples aren’t the only cases of miffed customers.

[thanks, Dee!]

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