HTC Readying 4G LTE Handsets for Launch in Second Half of 2011



Anyone holding out hope that an HTC-made 4G handset for LTE networks like the rumored Mecha wasn’t too far off might want to stop reading this article now. According to the handset manufacturer’s Peter Chou, HTC won’t have any 4G LTE handsets to offer until sometime during the second half of 2011. Given the quality of leaks surrounding the HTC Mecha — the LTE handset spied several times — we had hoped a release would come much sooner.

There is stil a chance that HTC is just watching their words. Better to deliver earlier that initially quoted rather than promise a date that can’t be met, right? Oh, and Chou also mentions these handsets will feature NFC technology, in case there was any doubt that Google (and others) are firm in making the near-field technology the next big thing in mobile.

[via AndroidCommunity]

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  1. I would be happy with an HTC dual core in q1. Current LTE prices arn’t worth the bother. 2 years from now, when the contract is up, LTE will drop in price and have better coverage.

  2. fiiiiiirst!!!!!

  3. daaaamn second place

  4. first it was Nov ’10, then Dec… then Feb ’11… NOW it’s 2nd half of 2011??? may as well just accept that vzw won’t have an LTE handset until 2012 at this rate…

  5. OMG. i just passed up a $50 discount on a DROID X and talked my way into a warranty replacement on my original droid almost a month past its date b/c i was goign to buy that phone when it came in feb/march….now its not coming? DAMNIT!!!

    hopefully it comes still. dual core, 4.3″, kickstand….i can do w/o 4g. won’t have it here for a while anyway.

  6. What is NFC technology?

  7. Oh well….too bad but that HTC dual core coming to sprint sure will be right on time. The EVO rocked, and this new beast will just pick up where the EVO left off. Sprint FTW.

  8. @AceoStar There are no current LTE HANDSET plans on VZW, their mobile internet plans have generally been more expensive than their handset data plans. It MIGHT not be that bad…

    @oh you know Near Field Communications…think a much easier to use QR code mixed with a credit card with paypass.

    I’m still hoping that someone else WILL come out with a LTE handset on Verizon. If not Q1, maybe Q2. I like my moto, and even LG & Samsung if the phone is OK.

  9. This is exciting and should bring a better experience for sure if it has a dual core. One thing that puzzles me across all handset makers that have custom UI is what will they do when Honeycomb comes? It will be a new UI and how do they expect to break that down and bring the features to their custom UI. Cause that’s all custom UI do is bring the next version of its features. They never actually change the UI to much. Eventually they have to makeover their own custom UI like usual and that’s fragmentation. Cause you have phones with the old blurr claimed to get the update, then you have new blurr trying to get the update, Touchwiz, and Sense. Now it’s kind of an exception with Sense. They actually get the updates out in a month it so. Ben they add more features to their custom UI to match others or better it for the feature.

  10. HTC rep said one new smartphone a month for the first 3 months of next year..wouldn’t say out loud that the Mecha was one of them. just throwing that out there

  11. great now they need to work on the screens they look so washed out.

  12. Thats alright with me. Get the phones situated the 4G network established and running. Why have something rushed when in actuality the time they are taking is for this devices to be optimal and ready for use. My incredible will still be revelant during this whole process. I am waiting out for 2 years while they situate this whole new network. Its not easy and it shouldn’t be rushed.

  13. The actual quote implies that the second half of 2011 is when LTE may be coming to markets outside of the U.S., not when HTC LTE handsets will be coming to the U.S.. I’m still banking on the Mecha coming out early next year.

  14. BEFORE YOU ALL GO NUTS AND ANGRY THAT THERE IS NO 4G LTE PHONES FOR VERIZON ANNOUCED YET WAIT TILL CES ON JAN 4TH!!!! That will be the time when I would assume that verizon would annouce there 4g phones, pricing, and release dates. I have been waiting for a good 2 years for 4G once I heard about it. I still have the LG Dare LOL. So if I can wait I think you all can too. Just be pacent and verizon will deliver for us.

  15. Mr. First, you sir are a douchebag. not only did you do the first thing, you didnt even get it right. major fail.

  16. @swazedahustla:

    You arent talking about the Knight/Speedy/Evo Shift, are you? If so, where did you see that it is going to be a “dual core beast?”

  17. And yet the Telcos STILL have the ignorant masses believing LTE is “just around the corner”. They will do and say ANYTHING to slow the adoption of WiMAX and people including many here CONTINUE to believe them!

  18. “What is NFC technology?”

    Seriously, I realize that googling an unfamiliar term is easy, but Phandroid really, really sucks at adding hyperlinks to their articles. This is an ongoing problem.

    Why isn’t NFC and LTE hyperlinked in the article above?

  19. @bmg314

    Nah the shift is just a smaller EVO type of phone, im talking about a dual core beast that will come out in the second half of 2011 for sprint.

  20. Mr. first is a fail and a faggit! Lololol

  21. I think the author made a huge mistake. Peter Chou, the
    CEO of HTC made the following quote, and I think it is the basis for this story: “We are working on an LTE device for next year, 2011. We think that the U.S. mobile operator will be taking some lead and pushing 4G in the U.S. market. But, however, we are seeing the rest of the world will be deploying LTE networks in 2011. Could be the second half of 2011.” This actually means that the REST OF THE WORLD will be deploying LTE in the 2nd half, but that U.S. Markets will be within the first half… No?

  22. leaving aside the veracity of Verizon calling this 4G (hey just like that T-Mobile post a ways back).. I’ll just point out that both AT&T and Verizon have these claims of faster 4G.. but no “phones” that run it.

  23. @swazedahustla: Ok, again, where did you hear about this? Are you talking about the T2/Olympus?

  24. if i get a 4g capable phone, will i have to change my plan because their current plans are up surd. I really want to know!

  25. LOOK! All of you asses calling the auther a retard should shut the heck up…look htc is making a 4g lte handset in the 2ND HALF OF 2011. So before you go complaing about the auther open your damn eyes and read the article again. And thats why i have the Evo =)

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